7 Truths You HAVE To Know About Success

2018 just about killed off every part of me that no longer needed to exist. I poured my energy into multiple channels, from new business ideas to new countries to live in, to things, courses, books, even relationships, that really,

I’d known all along
Were not

REALLY right for me.

Only to become like a comet who can look down now on it all now and realise

OH! So THAT’S what it was all for! 

I’d like to think that’s you too, that you have clearer purpose + vision for your business + life than ever, but MAYBE –

You’re still caught in the slipstream.

And so this is what you need to know, a few truths about business if you like, that I kinda learned after being in business for over a decade but really got cemented / burned into my brain last year like a permanent imprint!

Because the truth is I got fully distracted last year, not in that netflixy kinda way (ha, hubs is watching Game of Thrones next to me right now as I type this) and not really in a shiny objects kind of way, but where I got caught up in thinking there was something ELSE I needed to be doing!

And really, what else could there be?

But writing this to you now 🙂

And so then >

Business Truths!

1. No, you are not fearful about taking the action and doing the thing. So often I hear ‘I’m scared to do this – I must be, or I would have done it already?’ But the REALITY is, you’ve done far scarier things than the thing you say you want but keep putting off.

Being fearful is something we’ve learned from self-help gurus and the personal development industry, we aren’t necessarily fearful, and yet we hold on to that story like a shield even though it’s something we kinda grabbed on to one day and made the somewhat dubious link of – oh, I’m not doing this, therefore I must be fearful!’

Well, one simple way to write the book / create the course / run the retreat / invest in ads / mentoring / have massive impact / do something that FEELS scary

simply, by taking action. Action defeats inaction, every time. 

2. The voice inside you that says ‘what the funk are you PLAYING AT!?! Get over there, bum on the chair, and do the work!’ What that means is – whatever you are doing, I don’t even care what it is, from cleaning the house to ‘taking time off’ – and sometimes yes even spending time with our kids can be an excuse we hold on to for why we aren’t doing something-

well, that voice is telling you – this is not the work you are called to do. You’re not here to drown in any version of marketing, cleaning, creating a paint by numbers business, or admin, or launching or any of that. You were born to explode and drip full life, full-colour into the world and share THAT. Remember that. Keep listening.

And while we are on the subject, when people ask me well how do I make the money? 

I always say – by doing that. Purpose work first, always and forever, the end.

Everything else is just icing the cake.

3. YES, what you want – ALL of it, is entirely possible. I mean come on, some of you have seen my journey from painstakingly hand stitching $3 hair accessories in my squeeze of a three bedroom victorian semi RIGHT THROUGH TO living in a CASTLE!!!! AND THEN traveling around the world as a digital nomad family!


This could be suspending time, or money, or some other form of energy.

Three months after I’d given birth to my second daughter – the first one also only a year old at the time! I wrote my first book. In 48 hours. Most people would say that’s kinda impossible, but I simply decided to make it happen, and so I did!

And in the same way, when I made my first HUGE (then)! investment into a course that changed everything for me even though I ‘didn’t have’ (GENUINELY didn’t have)! the money at the time >> and of course I’ve gone on to spend many more thousands since –

At every level in business you want to leap through the ceiling of, you will have to be the energetic match for the leap you want to take.

You will know when that THING that appears, the thing that will take you to the next level, when people either tell you it’s ridiculous, simply not possible or available to you, or you simply feel a little bit sick at the thought of it.

That’s your cue, take it.

Or continue to hover on the edges of these leaps for a long time. Which is ok if you like a life that hovers in response. Things -money, following, impact, purpose and creativity even! – can only move as fast as you allow.

5. Stop wasting time wishing you were someone else. 

Yes, I thought we covered this at school, didn’t stop even ME – and I’m ALMOST 100% rock solid on who I am and who I work with now (NO if you want a to-do list, YES if your heart burns for things you cannot name)

Didn’t stop me getting sidetracked by all the things, from cryptocurrency (Still love it)! my spiritual side (still obviously spiritual but have less need to make it the core of my message)! and just a few! other distractions which I ALLOWED! I guess at the time these were entirely necessary, but NOW the difference is where I used to look at other people online and think

If only my message / business / ME, were more spiritual / more healer-y / more witchy / more creative / more practical / more kickass / more poetic

NOW I think

Well, thank funk I’m here. For everyone else who also isn’t JUST woo/healer/creative/badass but is a little bit of ALL of them – basically I’m for those of us who don’t really fit into categories 🙂 and for you –

Well, for you too. Bring all of who you are together if you want to attract a tribe but more than that, bring all of who you are together if you want to create a business that flows and is easy and brings freedom.

And stop looking at what everyone else is doing and wondering how YOU can be more THAT. It’s just wasting your precious energy.

6. Your income will be inconsistent if YOU are inconsistent. It’s that simple and a lesson learned the hard way!

My income plummeted last year, while I ploughed my money, time, and attention into building NEW businesses – and taking my eye away from the quite frankly amazing thing I already had!

NOT that you can’t take time ‘off’ if you like (though why you’d want to take time ‘off’ from your purpose and reason for LIVING is a question for another day)!

I took practically the whole year off last year while I played around, and while I had to die to all of those things in order to come full circle into this place where I’m at now, full certainty of purpose that I AM the absolute FREEDOM COACH bringing my clients into THEIR full freedom, whatever that means for you, from income to time to location and even relationship freedom!

But despite taking the whole year off practically, STILL my true tribe are here

Because it’s not like your mere
mortal choices
can ever really stop


BUT – you might be making it far harder than it needs to be.

What if your full abundance – the income, and more, that you want and desire – was sat in a field opposite,

and what you were saying was no to
purpose work

And with every NO you gave to those things (and every yes you gave to distraction and rule following and shiny objects and the constant switching of coaches like a yo yo)

What if every NO meant you were building a gate, between you and that field?

So it’s not like you always have to be ON, but maybe what needs to shift is your perspective of what being ON all the time and what that means?

7. Discipline and restriction will keep YOU locked down and restricted.

So many will disagree with me on this I’m sure, but how can you truly expect energy, income, time, and creativity to flow whilst at the same time putting a lid on other areas and giving them your absolute refusal?

I feel the same about BOUNDARIES actually! a few years ago I became almost anal about boundary setting, clients could only contact me via XYZ  channel, only at certain times, NO I would never negotiate, my phone would ALWAYS be off at such and such times, my assistant HAD to reply to all message responses to my emails, and so on, and the world could wait.

Is it any wonder why the world we want is still waiting!?

and no wonder, when I allowed FLOW, everything responded accordingly!

What if you replaced

*restriction with replenishing + releasing
*discipline with devotion (comes from the word disciple after all, not self-*punishment but love and reverence)!
*routine with rhythm

*boundaries with seamless flow!?

Journal time! 😉

And I guess the question is

If you fully trusted that simply by showing up and doing whatever felt good that day

(Don’t even ask if that means netflix because I’m talking about the things that feed your soul, not the things you distract yourself with)

You could have whatever you wanted?

And move much quicker into the destiny that you’ve always known that really,

Is meant for you

what would change for you then?! Because you could do that now, you know. Right now, today.


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Ready To Receive What You Deserve?!

I don’t believe it’s an accident you ended up here on my site. 

You believe in the same things that I do – unlimited income, following a purpose, making a difference in the world, and being free to travel or live life however you please. 

You’re probably some sort of free spirit, you want to break free of systems and programs that leave you feeling restricted and with limited results,

and you want to know how to show up with nothing less than blissful confidence every single day, in every situation.

But for some reason, instead

*you find yourself frequently procrastinating,
*your results are slowly growing but nothing really extraordinary,
*and you wish you had more direction and courage in really following through on the things you want to make happen.

That’s where I step in. I’m an amazon bestselling author, successful blogger, coach, and business owner (yep, multipassionate enterpreneur over here) and I’m also a big introvert. I’m also a mama of 2 who homeschools her kids all over the world on our global family adventures, horse lover and an ex-feminist turned deep feminine. I ditched my teaching job and since then we’ve travelled all over the world, spoken on stages from the US to the UK to NZ, and coached thousands of women to help them meet their income and lifestyle goals.

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