Hi, I’m Charlie.


Five years ago I sold everything I owned and moved my little family to a Mediterranean island we had never even visited, with almost zero savings.

I had nothing but a dream of a business idea and two e-books I’d written. Within 12 months my business earned $160k, we’d rescued four stray dogs and three cats, travelled the world and moved into a dreamy, light-filled home. I was running an incredibly successful membership program, and had my first Amazon best-selling book.

But more than that. I’d stripped away the Busy from my business, healed my birth-induced PTSD, and started homeschooling my spirited kids.

It was a million miles away from the stressed professional 9-5 teaching job and busy lives my husband and I were previously living.

Strip away the busy. Heal. Focus on what matters. Follow your calling. Create the business and life you want.

Since then I’ve created multiple bestselling books, programs, and courses, as well as founding a startup alongside my coaching practice, lived in a chateau in France, moved to Thailand and then New Zealand, and we’re almost three years into the homeschool (well, unschool) journey.

I’ll help you get radically consistent so you can gain consistent results in your business, and create the life that you want.





Simple strategy, combined with freedom hacks and with bliss and RESULTS as priority. 
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The Full Story – I Counted Pieces Of Paper For A Living.

My first business was a failure, despite having everything I needed straight out of Uni. I had a great business partner, beautiful office space, and we’d even won funding from a dragons-den style panel of investors. 
But it just didn’t work. We lost motivation, every client seemed like we had to fight tooth and nail to win. However, I researched my ass off and learned a ton about marketing, presenting to clients, things I never learned at school.  Ultimately, when I became pregnant, I decided to leave the business I founded. It was hard, walking out of those offices. But I also felt free. 

I then took a soul-killing job where I counted pieces of paper for a living. Yep, here I was, only a few years earlier having been told by one of the partners at one of the ‘magic circle’ law firms that I MUST apply, with a wink face, over a champagne reception overlooking Canary Wharf. But I saw the sleeping pods on the top floor and my soul said nope, not this! to that too. 

This gets worse before it gets better. 

Then I miscarried. My partner asked me to leave his house on the second day of my miscarriage. I would have become homeless if it wasn’t for the parents of a friend, who I’d never met, offering me their spare room. For as long as I needed. My life was in ribbons – no business, baby, home or partner. And a job where I counted sheets of paper all day long. And it was long. 

This isn’t my ‘here’s my rags to riches’ tale either because really, I’m as bored of those as you are. But I share it because I want people to know that you can be in a really shit place and make a change, and if you’re not in a really shit place then that’s great because you’re at least 100 steps ahead of where I was then and so if I can create a life I’m entirely in love with and successful biz from there, then you most likely can too, whatever stage you’re at. 

Under God’s grace, I began to journal.  I began to look at my life and see where I’d felt I wasn’t worthy, and where I’d ultimately contributed to my victim-state. I began to understand that I had to take radical responsibility for my own life and future. I wrote in that book as if my life depended on it. 

I took a job as a teaching assistant, aiming to become a fully-qualified teacher. In the meantime, my partner and I found forgiveness, both for one another and for the things we’d experienced, and we got engaged (we’ve now been married for nine years). While planning my wedding, I handmade my wedding headband as I couldn’t find another accessory I liked. 

People loved it. So I decided to make some more. I started small, like, really small. $3 dollar rose hair clips small. But then I started to play with materials and wire and fell in love with creativity again and set up a shop on Etsy. After a while I couldn’t keep up with orders. I took on three people to help with packaging and making. 

We were stocked in boutiques across the globe and featured in so many blogs and magazines. I felt like I was flying, but I also felt like I was drowning in the workload and the constant juggle of a business owner. When I fell pregnant again, I had to ask – is this what I want, this time? the stress of a business while I grow a life? The fear of my last business + baby loomed large over me. 

I wanted time with my daughter, and I couldn’t see how this could be possible with my current company. Once again, I made the tough choice to quit, and return to the simpler world of my degree, photography. I thought I could do this on a part time basis and mainly at weekends but again, I got successful really quickly as I built on the lessons I’d learned in my previous businesses and ended up taking on more and more work. 

I was facing a lot of questions about my film photography work from other photographers, so I decided to write a post about it. 24,000 words later and I didn’t have a post, I had a book, which went on and sold all over the world. For the first time I saw the value in creating online digital products that went on and sold without me having to be there and produce the work, 24/7. And I LOVED it! I could help people, do work I was passionate about, and get paid! 

Then people started asking me to mentor them, which I did for almost a year before I built a membership site for photographers, which then went on to become a training site for creative business owners. Alongside this I wrote more books, enabled my husband to leave full time work, and we all moved to our little mediterranean island in the sunshine. I sold the site at the very end of 2016 – with the sale being finalised in January 2017. 

I remember looking at my bank account and feeling so incredibly proud that I’d built and sold something valuable enough that people wanted to pay tens of thousands for it. 

Of course in this, I haven’t included the trips around the globe with the kids, or how I started homeschooling / worldschooling, or how I manage both of those things WITH business, but that’s all in the posts! What mattered was that I found a way to create a business that I loved alongside time with my family, thanks to digital products. Thanks to all my years of experience. Thanks to taking the time to invest in my education and my business over and over and over again, even when at times it seemed like I was never getting anywhere except backwards. Thanks to making tough decisions, choosing to follow my joy, even when that felt hard too. 

The truth is I’m a visionary creative daydreamer who loves to write, build, and create – NOT an entrepreneur (definitely a boss babe though, obvs)! and it seemed almost impossible like me to gain the consistency and focus needed to create the future I imagined. But, I did it – and I’m sharing the lessons I learned – am still learning – along the way in my coaching practice and my books. Just as I journaled I would, over ten years ago. 

Right now I’m focussed on helping fellow daydreamers, artists, boss babes oh and mothers in biz to create simple, clear businesses and plans from SOUL – if you know you want more time and creativity in your life and biz, more ease and flow – 

And of course -consistent, increasing cashflow, in a way that doesn’t restrict who you are or make you follow ‘moneymaker webinar high end price point sales calls’ style systems – 

I made this for you. Check it out. 

Thanks for being here beautiful xo 


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