This is for those who have never been afraid to go their own way…

Hi, I’m Charlie.

Bestselling author,

female CEO who sold her previous business to Silicon Valley,


Complete free spirit. 

throw the expected out of the window…


The Story..

Five years ago I sold everything I owned and moved my little family to a Mediterranean island we had never even visited, with almost zero savings.

I had nothing but a dream of a business idea and two e-books I’d written. Within 12 months my business turned over $160k, we’d rescued four stray dogs and three cats, travelled the world and moved into a dreamy, light-filled home. I went on to fill another dream of becoming a bestselling author and became a global speaker. 

But more than that. I’d stripped away the Busy from my business, healed my birth-induced PTSD, and started homeschooling my spirited kids. It was a million miles away from the stressed professional 9-5 teaching job and busy lives my husband and I were previously living.

Strip away the busy. Heal. Focus on what matters. Follow your calling. Create the business and life you want.

Since then I’ve created multiple bestselling books, programs, and courses, as well as founding a startup alongside my coaching practice, lived in a chateau in France, moved to Thailand and then New Zealand, and we’re almost three years into the homeschool (well, unschool) journey.

Want to build your online empire, get your art + your message out to the world, step into deeper leadership? Want to get consistent, rapidly growing results, and to create the life that you want? You’re going to want to check out Consistency Queens. 





Simple strategy, combined with freedom hacks and with bliss and RESULTS as priority. 
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I’m also a PTSD survivor, at one point in my life I was homeless, and now I’m the breadwinner who retired her husband who now writes screenplays.

I worked in ‘professional’ creative environments and founded a lot of businesses which sure, which were successful, but never REALLY brought me massive joy – until I finally said ‘screw that’ and now run my business and life doing whatever the hell I feel like, which most of the time is writing inspiring messages which sometimes get a bit ranty, sometimes writing books, and most of the time it means hanging out with my kick-ass clients, people like you;

who also believe in creating their own reality and expect to get paid a ton of money all while having a ton of fun doing it. Because we know life is better in full colour. 

Also Me. 

I’m part hippie, part wild child, part homeschool mama, SLIGHTLY introvert not that you’d ever know, part spiritual, multipassionate, part marketing nerd, and part outspoken woman who really couldn’t care less about what people who don’t get this way of life have to say about it.

But what I DO really care about, is people like you being able to let go of struggle, because I’ve experienced enough of it myself, and move into the goddamn reality you deserve.

I don’t believe in being a starving artist, and I sure don’t believe in waiting for other people to give you permission to make more money doing things YOUR way.

Relate? Get that kind of excited feeling in your belly just reading? Welcome!

I Made This.

The works of my he/art. Expressions of soul. I will always be an artist, and now I am the artist of my life. I am an expert in lifestyle design, business design, and encouraging / deepening creativity, fueled by the discipline of consistency (even for those entirely non-consistent types).

Before I became a leadership coach, I made accessories that were stocked all over the world and featured everywhere, and from there I photographed brides. It was always, always about the bride.

It still is, about the bride. Only now, you are not the star of one day, but the star of your life. That’s what I do now – help you, become that. Becoming her…

My HAWT accessories brand, House of Istria! Photographed by Ali Lomas

Charlie Kingsland-Barrow, Photographer 🙂 A beautiful history…

The ‘Pro’ Bio. 

Charlie Kingsland-Barrow is a female leadership coach for women, helping them to discover their own leadership talents and become leaders in their field. She is a best-selling author and CEO whose education platform sold to a Silicon Valley tech company in 2016 – since then she has spoken at events around the world on female leadership fuelled by creativity and connection, lifestyle design, and freedom based living. She was recently profiled in Fabulous magazine, (UK National Weekly).


Charlie Kingsland-Barrow studied Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, where as part of her work she interviewed Hollywood A-listers such as Forest Whitaker and Tim Burton, and assisted in the Fashion Department at the UK’s leading national newspaper; followed by a short stint assisting world-renowned fashion /portrait photographer Rankin.

She then went on to create her own best-selling accessory line, which was stocked in boutiques globally, returning to photography when her first daughter arrived, shooting, amongst others, for leading New York financiers and stars of the West End. 

After building her education company to over six figures in revenue in it’s first 12 month period, Charlie focussed on helping other women to build their own successful brands – with many of her clients going on to build their own six figure businesses. She now concentrates on bringing her work to her books, programs and coaching support to driven women all around the world, helping them to connect to their purpose, uplevel their leadership, and connect to their soul to create the work + lifestyle they dream of. 

When she’s not traveling the world with her work, Charlie focusses on worldschooling her daughters, yoga, and finding peace in nature.

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