How To Become A Life Coach With No Experience

Warning- this post might get a little ranty! So, you’re probably here because you want to know how to become a life coach with no experience.  I became a life coach with no experience, and have been a successful coach for the last 7 years, running a practice with clients I LOVE and who stay with me for years.

So it really frustrates me that people think they have to pay all their life savings to become a ‘certified coach’, or that you have to work for 100 hours for free, or that you can’t become a life coach with no experience!

So I’m sharing how to become a life coach with no experience, and why you should (or shouldn’t) and also how to decide whether or not you need that ‘certification’.

How To Become A Life Coach With No Experience!

  1. Make sure you’re becoming a life coach for the right reasons
  2. Understand what coaching really is
  3. Get coached yourself – say yes to yourself so you can help others say yes to themselves with authenticity
  4. Deep dive into your own experience so you understand why people will want to work with you
  5. Dedicate yourself to your own growth and expansion so you can show up authentically
  6. Learn a system, but know it’s not essential for success
  7. Pick a niche – but allow it to be big enough to remain exciting and expansive

1. Make sure you’re becoming a coach for the right reasons.

The amount of times I’ve had to talk to an excited client who has come to me because they’ve seen other coaches online make 100K, or 50K in a day, and they want the same.

If you’re being led by these massive numbers you see online coaches make – STOP!

Yes, coaching can be a massive financial blessing to you and your family. But if you’re doing it mostly for that reason – no matter how much you say you’re doing it to ‘help people’ – if the money is the REAL reason you’re being seduced into becoming a life coach, just stop right now, and find something else to do instead.

The Reality Of How Much You’ll Earn As A Coach

The reality is (especially if you’re following a ‘system’ of some kind) life coaching is not a business where you wake up one day to find 100k in your bank account.

It CAN be, but much more frequently what you’re not seeing behind the scenes is how much money that coach spent in marketing, their team, their own education and coaching, and the YEARS of experience / frustration / learning they’ve had in business / life / their niche in order to get there! By the time they’ve paid for all that, they damn well deserve that 100K launch!

(In fact many people reach a plateau in their coaching practice when they have worked so hard on ‘business’ and ‘marketing’ in the last few years that they forgot their personal growth and creativity and expansion)

Replace Following The Money With Understanding What It Takes To Become A Good, Successful Coach

Can you say you’re prepared to work for five or even ten years, investing in yourself over and over and over again, going through some really hard times personally and professionally, in order to get to that stage where you realise you actually ARE a damn good coach and you deserve every penny you charge?

Most people don’t start out like this. But that’s how you make the money. 

But the money isn’t likely enough to be a big enough driver for you to stay the course through all the harder times.  Most people aren’t actually money-motivated, when it comes down to it.

What will get you through the harder times ( and to the place where actually, you CAN have 100K launches, if you want, though you’ll most likely be spending at least half that on your team, ads, branding and whatever else ‘certified’ coaches spend money on)

is a bigger vision for your life and purpose, and working on your own mindset so that you can become entirely confident, purposeful and happy even throughout life’s biggest challenges.

That takes work, sometimes decades of work, but that’s what will eventually get you to the money goal you want. Are you prepared to do that, make that your focus, and not get seduced by the numbers?

2. Understand What Coaching Really Is.

When I first started coaching, I shared a lot about strategy. What clients needed to DO, in order to make it in their own business/es. (Not coaching)! 

But it was VERY frustrating to see that clients only got limited results. Or, they did get results, but then hit an income ceiling.  Or went backwards in other areas of their life.

Over time I started to notice and witness that the clients that achieved the most in their own lives and businesses were not clients asking me questions like ‘how to get better at Instagram’ but much bigger questions.

You know, the kind most cynics roll their eyes at and call coaches frauds for. Probably the kind of person most in need of a coach actually, but anyway!

Questions like ‘how can I reach another level’ and ‘how can I access more energy’ and ‘how can I become more confident in X’.

What I realised was my job was not to ‘teach’, but to reflect. And not only to reflect either (that’s coaching stage 1)!

But to have enough energy in my own being to be able to share it and for them to receive it.

The Hardest Part About Coaching Isn’t What You Might Think

That’s actually the hardest part about coaching – how to be able to realign your own energy so fast that even if you’re going through extreme heartache or grief or personal stuff – to be able to get on that call with your client and STILL, within a space of minutes, be able to so deeply access your highest self that your client leaves the call bouncing with energy, focus, and joy.

Most clients aren’t actually looking to be taught anything, but to unlock their greatest gifts, human potential, desire, and creativity within themselves. This could be anything on a superficial level from how to be more patient as a parent, how to nurture themselves with food, or how to earn more in their business.

But they don’t really want ‘strategy’ to get there, because the truth is there IS no blueprint to whole-life success. If there was, wouldn’t everyone be following the exact same route?

If you want to truly help people but at the same time build your own successful practice, with limited experience, you have to understand this first. Otherwise your clients will mostly achieve limited results. This means your practice will be limited. You will get frustrated. Your clients will too. Nobody wins. 

3. Get Coached

I’ve had about five coaches, maybe more. Each of them helped me unlock another layer of myself – my inner strength, my business capabilities, my confidence, my money mindset and ability to receive, my creativity and so much more.

When I first paid for a coaching program, it felt to me like an insane amount of money at the time. It was $375, and because of course there was no ‘guarantee of results ‘ – something people very new to coaching look for – it felt terrifying, like I might be throwing money away. I had very little money coming in at the time and I mean was living a very minimal, hand-to-mouth existence.

What I didn’t realise was that when I said yes, pressed buy – I was actually saying yes and investing in myself. My own growth, knowledge and expansion.

So when you invest in coaching for yourself, you’re not saying yes to ‘learning’ or ‘see how someone else does it’.

You’re simply saying yes to your own growth, and commitment to that.

If you can’t say yes to that, to investing in yourself even when it feels scary –

How can you expect anybody to say yes to you?

That’s why you get coached.

Getting Coached Yourself Helps You Understand How Truly Help A Client

You need to be able to understand what is going through your client’s mind when receiving your offer.

You need to feel that so deeply and understand it, because that’s how you get to help people, when you can truly feel and experience as they do. Like a mirror, which is why I tell people my job is to mirror. Not so I can parrot back questions I learned on a coaching program to help people ‘self reflect’,

but so I can understand deeply on a soul level their experiences and energetic space and then guide them through it using reflection!

And like the saying – if you say yes to yourself, the universe says yes to you. You’re much more likely to attract clients who want to pay for your services, if you have been happy to pay for someone elses.

That’s also how we as coaches can help create a better world for artists, creators, other coaches, entrepreneurs and just about anybody else really –

By saying yes and becoming more open. But you have to lead and go first. Because that’s your job as a coach.

4. Deep Dive Into Your Experience, Skills And Joy

People won’t come to you because they think you have a piece of paper that says coach on it. People come to you because they think you can help them. There are SO many ways you can do that, because people buy from people.

So what you need to do is show you are a person!  Instagram has made that super simple for you.

I tell clients quite happily about my kids, global travels, that I like old buildings and things with history, that I love to horse ride and my photography background and that I love God.

As a result I attract some clients who are parents who love old buildings and photography. But I also attract some clients who love animals and art. And I have other clients who have deep faith in God and others who have none but just love photography. And I have some clients who are just brave and courageous and love good coffee and travel and food but dislike kids.

All of my clients in part, are attracted to me because I am like them. (and vice versa, I love my clients – this is how you get dream clients)!

The Two Most Important Things That Help Get You Coaching Clients

Your clients will be attracted to you for the following reasons. 

    • the energy which you present, whether on social media or in your emails or on a stage, whichever feels good for you –
    • And how much of yourself you can bring to share with them.

I have one coach who legitimately makes millions every year online, and in a relatively ‘quiet’ way – she doesn’t do tik tok, her youtube videos get low views, and she never does ads.  However she does write, and in her writing she never talks about ‘coaching’ but she does talk a LOT about stuff most of us would never dream about writing or talking about in public.

The reason she makes so much money is because she is wildly unafraid to give herself away online.

She gives everything, and so of course she receives everything, including the money she always sets her intention for.

Write A List Of What You’re Great At

Writing out a list of what you’re great at (including personal skills, passions) and what you would do if money really was no object.  Not so you can pick a niche, necessarily, but so you can remind yourself of what your experiences really are, how important they are, and what you’re great at.

You are a life coach remember, your life experiences are the most important thing!

One client of mine healed her disease through food, so she talks a lot about food and her programs are about food!

Another one is passionate about decorating and interiors, so she started a side project about interiors. Her coaching retreats are ALWAYS sold out; even though they aren’t anything to do with interiors!

What comes so naturally and easy to you you’d be doing it even if you weren’t paid for it? And writing out your passions, interests, experiences will help you understand what makes YOU great and understand what to talk more about online – which is what people will come to you for!

NOT because you ‘got a certificate’ but because you can show them you are a legitimate human.

And because you are an energetic whirlwind and force and passionate individual devoted to your OWN expansion –

I’d buy that every day vs someone showing up following someone following a prescribed ‘how to coach’ system! And people can ALWAYS tell, which is why coaches struggle to make money following some kind of coaching system!

Devote Yourself To Your Own Expansion

If you’re not constantly expanding, growing, and challenging yourself, how can you expect your clients to? How do you expect to even find clients, if you can’t tell them you’re continually growing yourself? You’d end up feeling fraudy!

The truth is you always have to be challenging yourself if you want to be in a role where you are challenging others.

That means doing scary things, investing your time, money, and attention when it feels hard, learning new things, and being unafraid to go down rabbit holes even when it doesn’t seem as though it will ‘make you money’.

Follow What Feels Fun And Easy!

When I started my new website (about growing flowers)! It felt so totally unrelated to coaching and my business that of course there were moments when I was like uh, shouldn’t I be devoting this time to growing my current business!?

But it felt so fun and freeing and energisng learning something new, that I felt as though I was growing through that – and I know the more I grow personally, the more my coaching practice expands anyway.

I used to beat myself up for continually starting new projects (and sometimes closing them when they no longer felt good) now I know they are essential for my joy.

Why Do You Think Everybody Knows More Than You About What Is Best For You?

Ignore people who tell you ‘well, that won’t make money, will it?’ because actually what doesn’t make money is you following a system and exhausting yourself trying to be on all of the socials all of the time when what you really want is to go paint a watercolor or go find out about the art of coffee or whatever it is you love and find absorbing and a challenge.

For me personally, the things I really love most are business and personal development, but actually sometimes I wish it wasn’t because it’s MUCH easier to share a pretty watercolor or coffee art online and attract people through that.

The point being – you have to keep growing yourself, if you want to help others. And yes, sometimes that’s going to feel unnerving.

But that’s how you can show up and coach others without feeling like a fraud – when you are dedicated to your own journey of growth and expansion (whatever that looks like for you.

Growth and expansion doesn’t have to be about marketing and business, unless like me you truly love that stuff and that’s where you want to coach within).

6. Learn A System, If You Want!

When you first start out, you might find it useful to learn some sort of basic system or program that includes the basics like ‘how to get your first clients’ or ‘10 surprising places to find clients’ or ‘what to ask your clients’ or whatever it is you think you need. 

Learning is not a bad thing, and we all start somewhere. However, we frequently are sold things we don’t necessarily need.  Sales energy is powerful!

The quicker you realise you don’t actually NEED, expensive branding, a 15K certification program, a ‘proven step by step system’, or anything like that to get started doing what you dream of, the easier you’re going to make it on yourself.

However if you’re going to stay up late debating with yourself whether that program or this logo will make a difference then buy the damn thing and be done with it, rather than keep yourself stuck and not moving forward.

We all do it.

7. Pick a niche, maybe!

Honestly, if you look around at anybody successful in the world of business you’ll see you can make it whether you have a niche, or not!

HOWEVER in the short term it can pay to start within a niche. Pick something you love and have experience in and help people doing that.

This works because it enables you to reach people in an area you’re confident in and about – your coaching practice will naturally expand here as people ask you more challenging questions and your own development grows.

Pick A Niche If You Already Have One!

Over time and coaching over a thousand people via my books and programs and courses, I’ve witnessed that most people following a system eventually end up feeling stuck and frustrated. UNLESS, they are following the one thing they would talk about all the time, naturally, anyway.

Eg if you LOVE food and cooking, naturally this will be all you talk about on your food blog, on your socials, on your Pinterest etc. Naturally, you’ll look to teach others about healthy eating, or mindful eating, or conscious eating or whatever because this is what you naturally do and love and share about.

IF you just pick ‘I’ll teach people about quitting sugar’ or ‘I’ll set up this program about how to be a better photographer’ because you got told ‘you have to pick a niche’ or ‘pick a specific person you can help’,

Why Picking A Niche Can Leave You And Your Business Stuck

but you don’t naturally talk and eat and sleep and breathe that all day anyway, you’ll get bored. Not to mention you’ll also feel stuck and frustrated and wondering why this or that system doesn’t work for you.

You’ll most likely blame the coach! Rather than take accountability for the fact you shouldn’t even be guiding others in an area you aren’t devoted to in the first place.

The reason most people get stuck following a system or picking a ‘niche’ is that most of us are entirely multi faceted with many, many interests and loves.

So pick a ‘loose’ niche, that is vast, or pick a niche if that feels good understanding that you will expand later into other areas.

Or, start as you mean to go on and don’t pick a niche at all.

I started somewhere inbetween – I was a photographer who loved writing so I wrote a book and from there I became a photography coach. But then other creatives started asking for business help (because I love business)! From there I eventually attracted other coaches (which is how I got to here)!

Really, you just need to pick a place to begin from which feels good to you. Don’t waste forever picking the perfect place. 

Most importantly, understand that you can change and expand or even change niche whenever you feel like.

Just start.

Honestly. Don’t wait for the perfect niche, or brand, or idea, or client, or social media tech set up, to fall into your lap. Again, you can’t teach others to not procrastinate or fall into perfectionism if this whole time you’re doing the opposite!

Write the blog post. Press record. Start the podcast.

These things are EASY to find out how to do. And you can now find people on who will set up your wordpress theme, set up your podcast account (and clean up your audio), and SEO your youtube video. Buy a logo on Etsy, nobody cares.

People care about you showing up, in all your gifts and glory, raw as you are. Your intention is a great place to start and don’t let people convince you otherwise.

The rest will naturally unfold and grow as you keep challenging yourself to get better, learn more, dive into creativity and your own natural passions.

Start. Show up. Share. Grow.

That’s how you make the commitment to get started, no certificate or experience required.

I’ll talk about what you really need to have a successful business in another post!


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