Online Haters Part 2

I thought I was done with this topic. I burned at the time, in shame, in fury, in isolation, in grief, in the amazement at my own power – I burned in so many ways. And eventually, I talked about ... READ the POST

Calm Is Not The Answer

Coffee in my hand. I do up the girl’s zips, they scrawl maps with crayon and the sun warms the sky and the morning and gently laps on to my skin. The dog rests, the cat who has remained the size of a ... READ the POST

Italy + Why I Quit Social Media

People always ask how I start my day, and the answer is always the same. Three things, listed daily without fail. Gratitude. I list my gratitudes every morning with the sky and the sun or the rain ... READ the POST

Storytelling + Pleasure

I’ve emerged from being addicted to the scroll. If you read my recent post about how I quit social media, you’ll know I haven’t actually gone anywhere – it’s just I no longer spend anything longer ... READ the POST

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