Calm Is Not The Answer

Coffee in my hand. I do up the girl’s zips, they scrawl maps with crayon and the sun warms the sky and the morning and gently laps on to my skin. The dog rests, the cat who has remained the size of a kitten found a place to sleep in the pushchair we no longer use.

We wander through the thistles and the dead grass made waste by the heat of summer. The burrs stick to our feet and the time is slow. Home again, and out and I am alone again, caffeine and clients my company and I labour over words then, after they have both gone.

A life silvered with calm and peace and quiet and ‘the dream’ and yet inside it’s not empty I feel, or the desire to burn with passion because that already holds me close like the morning, the passion is my ever-present, my ever constant, the one thing that never changes. Probably yours too.

Ironic then, how we spend our lives searching for money so we can aim for the calm of holidays and retirement yet when you have the calm you find out it’s probably not what you thought you wanted all along, because actually the moments of calm we have been taught to cherish and those we believe as so precious

Maybe actually

Are just another consumerist idea. Brand it Slow and then we can cultivate lifestyle brands and businesses and movements around that.

The goal isn’t slow, or calm, or passion and fire and success and rage and injustice either (although all of them come when you land on this)

It’s connection, and purpose. To live as though we mattered.

I watched Versailles last night (how did I not know Season II had arrived) and yes I broke my own No TV rules but I make an exception for Versailles because it’s where my ancestors come from and so basically I’m spending time with family by watching, right?

And one of the lines in last night’s episode was the King’s big goal, his dream – was to be remembered. 

To be remembered – surely we must first touch the hearts or minds or body or soul of others- to be connected…

And of course – we already are all connected, part of the vast and kaleidoscopic cosmos but why don’t we feel it? why is there so much sadness and heartache and depression and loneliness in a world when really, we are more ‘connected’ than ever?!

We were so busy being busy and now we are all so busy trying to be calm that we’ve lost the the only truth that remains

That it’s our purpose that matters to our heart and our soul. The imprint and legacy we were gifted with, the purpose we have to touch and lift the heart and soul and body and mind of others.

Maybe if we focussed on that more


We’d never want to retire, we’d never want to seek conscious pause, the work truly never would feel like work, and we’d be finding limitless opportunity in our creativity, purpose, and our connections with each other that the entire world would become a better place. Would change.

Not by slow moments inserted into an otherwise fast life but by a life lived on purpose as the ultimate satisfaction

Or maybe that’s the naive desires of a romantic hippy artistic dreamer

To cultivate a world where everyone desires connection with themselves first, not the screens, instead of the way in which we currently live plugged into everything BUT ourselves.

And how to do that then?

1. Seek greater purpose.

I used to think not everyone had a purpose or a bigger dream or vision, but now I think I was wrong back then. But the way some of us fall into businesses and hobbies which become businesses can leave us feeling burned out and disconnected because, great and creative though they might be, they simply were never our true purpose in the first place.

Your purpose is that thing you have always known, always done, always dreamed of and breathed for. I’ve known since childhood I was supposed to write and now I do. But not nearly enough. And so I disconnect, convince myself to seek the calm and switch off and kid myself that’s where I’ll find my joy.

But really

I find it in the absorption and flow of my writing.

2. Journal first

Everyone tells me they know the importance of journaling, but they put it off in favour of the busy work. Your journal is a mirror to your soul. It’s the mind’s eye, the soul seer, the reflection of you and the intentional map you carve out with your pen that leads you back to yourself.

Journal gratitude. Journal goals. Journal reflective questions and answers. Dream bigger in those pages and light the way back to you and to fire and to energy and to peace and to joy that comes when you find the route to connectivity, first.

3. Create as priority

Your creativity is your work. Creativity is joy and as my beautiful friend Marta said recently your prosperity is always equal to your pleasure. Put it before all things.

4. Heal 

You know those old unresolved wounds and issues and hurts and grievances? The BLOCK that everyone keeps on about? It’s something you can’t often feel, or touch, and you would never really know was impacting you at all save for the shadow of the devil that sits on your shoulder and you have SOMETHING holding you back but you can’t really tell what it is.

It’s a story you’ve been holding on to, that needs to be rewritten. And you can tell it’s there in one of two main ways – your reluctance to take action or change behaviours in a certain area, or how strongly you react to something- whether it’s a status update, a person, a news headline.

So have reiki, or counseling, both of which I have had in the past few months. Overdose on nature or crystals, take long meditative walks, journal. Connect your sacred organs to the ground in yoga or prayer or meditation. Choose horse therapy or light therapy and choose soups and nourishment and rich grounding herbs. Find fire with fiery spices and strength to sit in the darkness. Choose big ceremonies and the smallest rituals.

Choose it all, or choose one at a time. But choose to acknowledge the darkness, and sit within it for a while. It’s a process of rewriting and unfolding our selves into our stars and the future we always knew was meant as our heritage.

5. Choose purpose first. 

Really. Nothing else matters beyond that. Purpose isn’t the work that you do. It’s who you are. But you will need to work every day at finding it, and then finding the time to prioritise and protect it, and in finding the courage needed in a world where everyone else is so busy hustling and grinding and busy trying to be IG famous, and the work necessary to stay in faith and flow when it all seems pointless or like it’s not working.

Focus on purpose and the rest WILL all follow exactly as it’s meant to anyway.

That’s when we receive a life we truly no longer need to create an escape or a break from. When we feel the need to control or escape our selves.

Your wild life is calling. Your purpose is waiting for you to choose it. And we are all waiting for your connection and your deepest, greatest, truest work.

And in following it all you’ll always have the moments of beautiful tranquility and calm that you desired all along.


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