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We want to hear from you!

Why Write For Us?

  • Featured on our sites and across our social media sites
  • Boost your visibility, exposure and credibility
  • Include your own links to find potential new clients and
  • Gain powerful SEO links back to your site

What Are We Looking For?

We want to hear from women across all industries and levels of business. Whether you’re new to business, you’re still in part time in your day job, or whether you’re already successful and flourishing, we believe sharing our stories is what helps more than anything to educate and inspire others.

We are proud to support our community of women in business, and through your stories we all flourish together.

What Kind Of Content To Submit?

We are led by STORY. So if you have an interesting story to share – we want to hear it!

Possible examples / starting points

  • a transformational experience in business
  • someone in your life or you met who inspired and impacted you in some way (big or small)
  • a strategy or advice article or list of tips eg ten ways to outsource your business, ten tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant, how to write your first book fast, how to have your first 10k month in business, how to manifest your dream clients, etc! Of particular interest in this category are unique angles on an old story eg instead ofhow to make a vision board to help you achieve your goalsPerhaps insteadhow I threw away my vision board and got to my goals fasterfor example.

We also love stories on the wilder side, so share your brainwaves from your walks in the woods, your first experience as a digital nomad, what soulful sales really means, why balancing your feminine and masculine is important, mindfulness, creating a wilder business and life, etc!

Above all we want to know how your experiences feel and impacted you in some way. Write about the world that surrounded you, what moved you, how it felt, and what was the result. We value your authenticity and your journey – finding freedom and flourishing is, for us, about the imperfect journey we take.

We also want to interview you, so if you’d like to be interviewed and featured on our site together with your work, let us know! Note – you must have a professional image of yourself and/ or professional images of your work / or you at work – to be considered for a feature.

How to submit –

Please don’t send any full articles or posts – contact us first with your post idea and a little info about you and your business, and why you think your post would suit our community. Please also include a link to your site or social media profile of choice, and any other writing you may have had published that you wish to share.

Please contact us here using the submission form.

Photo Submissions

We also accept photography submissions on occasion – show us your wild places, your everyday reality, beautiful office/ work spaces or latest digital nomad location. Anything you feel would connect with our community and make them feel uplifted, encouraged, inspired, or joyful in some way.

Again – send us an outline to the link above, together with a link to a dropbox file where we can view some of the images.

Thank you for sharing your freedom + flourishing with us <3

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