Did You Forget The Magic!?

It should be you, on that stage, you know. 

I know, deep down, you want it. Oh sure, you can talk a good game just like I can!

the passive income streams, the hating social media, the way that those women, the coaches and the leaders and the gurus, oh, we’re just so tired of it all! everyone saying the same thing, everyone doing and being the same thing! 

Isn’t it enough to make you want to sidestep it all, opt out, slink back away to publishing virtually zero of anything that matters (stories by the way, are about the same level of disposability as toilet paper)

And instead you run back to consuming all the things, anything! which will tell you how to do it the right way

or worse

you do nothing (of any true meaning)

at all.

Instead convince yourself that all the running, all the talking, all the stories and posts you’re doing, all the consuming you’re doing, wah but it IS the work! I’m learning how to do the work! 

I’m journaling, Charlie! I’m on it, Charlie! Maybe I’ll join it, Charlie! Maybe I’m in, Charlie! Just this ONE thing, Charlie, and then I will…. 

Maybe you are. Maybe you will. Maybe you really are learning how to do the work.

Maybe you really DO need to fly thousands of miles to see how someone else does it, read a thousand emails and not click BUY even though you keep on clicking that damn checkout link, hesitating on the pull to your soul, as if there could ever be anything else? 

Maybe you really do need to read a million blog posts on how to, or take that umpteenth course on strategy or designing your life or your soul, (LOOOL as if your soul needs a design!? Like the design of the stars isn’t good enough, somehow)!? 

Or just maybe what you need is a big mirror, or a foghorn that screams in your ear each morning


Maybe it’s because I’m slight ranty this morning, maybe I just don’t give a damn what my haters think of my super long rambly sentences (kinda makes me wanna make them even LONGER and MORE RAMBLY, actually)!

But seriously

Aren’t you a little over being told what to do, and how to do it? Did you forget that your FREEDOM isn’t going to be looking at someone else to fill up your tank with their energy, their vibe, how they do things, or even their strategy?!

Didn’t you know that all that’s EVER going to create, is some weak and pale watered down version of you!? 

You’re letting your magic slip away, you know. Yet all you ever tell me is how you want to be creative, have more fun, fly, be the leader, BE the magic!

It’s quite simple, really! To get the results that you want

Drown out the noise
Stop buying things professing to tell you THE WAY and instead concentrate on uncovering more of your way-
(maybe stop looking for ‘the information’ altogether!?)
And the way you’re going to do that is NEVER by looking at what everyone else is doing, or saying, or creating, or being
It’s not going to be from that certificate, that course, that idea that came up from the soul of someone else, 
Piggybacking off the popular industry idea or anything else that simply isn’t from the very core of who you are

The only place that’s ever going to get you to, is a watered down version of the magic you truly want to create, share, and sprinkle everywhere.

Oh, that sounds like hard work?

Here’s what’s harder – being enslaved to the stuff you think you want and need, while the entire time wondering why it isn’t you up there on that stage.  

And you tell yourself it’s coming! It’s on it’s way! And I hate to tell you this but, no, it isn’t. Because you keep putting it off by telling yourself that very thing. 

The only way to get what you want is to believe it’s here, NOW, not at some point in the far off future after you’ve ‘just done this thing’ launched / branded / learned / got qualified / finished your homework.

I learned all this and keep relearning this lesson, you know. In the summer with my startup, following THEIR way, the LA way, the startup bootcamp way of the way things must be done! Showing up to all the lessons, tongue hanging out panting and if they told me to roll over by God I would! I would do whatever it takes to get the results!

Except I was doing what THEY wanted me to. Following the modules! Doing the work! Showing up! Being visible! 

Drowning out the call of my soul that said, screw this, go swim in the ocean and remember who you are.

Nope, I was even figuring out ways to have a play area in my startup office to so my kids could ‘come to work with me’. LOOOOOOOL like they don’t already have that every day, they’re playing happily right next to me right now.

So why the funk did I think I needed something else?

Because, just for a fraction of a second there, I stopped believing in myself. Stopped believing in who I am, what I do, what I love, and what my heart sings for.

Became like the rest of the goddamn world, believing in ‘well, just work hard, put off what you really want for the next week / month / 25 years of your life and THEN you will have it all’

When of course the ‘secret’ to having what you really want,

Is knowing that you already do, and acting like it. 

You want to buy a course, do a program, change your life, feel the absolute bliss of complete freedom and exhilaration like an ocean wave smacking you full force in the face?

Then get your hands on something, or someone, who reminds you who you really are.

And, for a change, just listen in to what your soul is telling you.

Trust in what SHE (or he) tells you-

That’s all you’ve ever needed anyway.



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