Do You Have A Million (or Billion)! Dollar Idea?

Can you trust that these ideas
The wave that comes to you in the middle of the night (or maybe in the bathroom, hiding out from the kids is always prime idea time! for me anyway)! 🙂
They’re not just a by-product of an overtired mind,
Something for ‘one day, in the future maybe…’.

Can you trust
They were given to you, for a reason, a purpose?
Can you even trust, in trust itself – enough to follow them?

Of course, you won’t follow or create ALL the things!
(or maybe you will)?
But you can’t dismiss thuse that seem wild, random, so out of reach, purely because they appear this way!

In fact
Have you questioned – why you? why you, were given this idea, why you, why now, why is it landing on your shoulder and refusing to leave you alone?

Here’s something I do know about ideas, as someone who has many.
Most of them are NOT one million dollar ideas.
You don’t follow the ideas because you THINK it’s the thing that’s going to get you to X place, to the million dollars!
You follow it because of

Just to see… what if?
And to finally become ok with…
Well, what if… it all leads to nothing.

Of course, there are very few ideas that result in NOTHING – most lead to learning far more valuable than what you thought it was you wanted-
But each and every idea you follow –
With every YES you give to the calling of your soul
You are conditioning the muscles of joy, pleasure, vibrancy, connection, creativity, to say YES
To you.

With every yes, those muscles don’t become weaker (and YES they are muscles, I know you’re not so basic as to suggest that simply because they are not described as such in your school textbooks therefore they aren’t! A muscle gets stronger when it is used, yes? and how do you think you experience more joy, more creativity!?)

With every ‘ok, I’ll try’
with every submittal you make to your idea – to your desire, to your dream, to your soul
With every ok, i’ll do it and AM doing it, today, right now!
You are saying Yes to opportunity
And giving opportunity a chance to say Yes
To you.

Simply by following even the kernel of a whisper that calls to you
Sure! none of them might ever bring you millions (though they definitely won’t if you ignore them)!
But they can deliver something even more valuable!
If you can trust in them enough
a lifetime, or however long you can stand it
Allowing the ideas to flow to and through you!

Of joy
A life fully lived.
(Even the hard times will light you up, if you allow them to! Because once you’re on the path, you know there is no other way than this, no more following THEIR way, their set rules for living, for you! And even though that’s hard, down crying hard, on occasion, or it can be when starting out – it’s STILL, every second you spend on that path is still as exhilarating as a rollercoaster, as vibrant as lightning, because my God, aren’t you just so FREE!)

Wouldn’t it be worth it then
To call YES
To the things
That call

And if you need evidence then, can you ever begin to imagine a child saying no to one of their ideas?
Oh no, better be more responsible. Better act more grown up. Better not do that fun thing. Better get back to ‘work?’

Better follow them then…

This is not a dress rehearsal.



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