Write A Book, Change Your Life – Here’s How

When people ask me how it’s done… where to begin… I always tell them –

My entire business was built on basic e-books!

Of course it’s not entirely that! I also spent tens of thousands of pounds in investing in my creative education, not to mention the tens of thousands (if not far more) spent since on my coaching and personal development…

But ultimately… I needed a way to share this knowledge and passion that I had gained, these lessons and learns… with those who needed the same wisdom that I once did.

I’ve written five now with so many more in the works, and these books enabled me to build and grow a successful online business… to be able to do what I love and help you, and so many thousands of women (and men) across the globe. Yet so many of my clients and colleagues in the industry have released ebooks and seen barely any sales!

So what is it that makes a successful ebook? How can you make sure it gains you sales, profit and viability and doesn’t just drop into some ever vast online sea of new authors all clamouring to to sell their books too?

Here’s how I made an extra 5k in a single weekend from my first e-book, had an Amazon bestseller with my fourth ebook with almost 1000 downloads in three days, and continue to build and grow my expertise as a coach all from being able to write successful ebooks!

1. Get a cover designed for you –

Cover design will suck away your writing time and a good one will ensure you stand out in your marketplace.

Find your cover designer on

2. Speak to your target market

My first ebooks were super niche. I didn’t design them deliberately to be niche, it’s just my socialism as a film photographer then was (still is to some degree) a niche market. There’s a lot of controversy online about whether you should go niche and cast a narrow net and a lot of one type of fish or go wide, be yourself and let your fish of all kinds come to you. For me being niche worked well which then enabled me to branch out working with all different kinds of creatives, coaches and business owners. I think most important is to have a tight subject you’re passionate about whether that’s mindset or a subset of photography or spellcasting!

3. Run an Amazon kindle KDP promo

This was a big one for me. Ultimately I would always choose to sell on Amazon over hosting on my own site even though selling on my site made me the most profit initially. Why? Because Amazon simply allows more people to find you if you categorise your book well , and running a KDP promo which essentially enabled readers to read my book for free led to a bigger audience finding and following my site.

Remember ebook success is not about ‘front end’ book sales – a lot of income you will make through the back end!

You’ll need to put some groundwork in here to make sure people read it –

I posted a lot in Facebook groups and often my post would get removed by the moderators, but I’d usually give incredibly good tips / advice / strategies along with it so it actually didn’t happen too often.

I posted on social media constantly and added a PS on to all of my emails, as well as ran a very targeted fb ad campaign although I didn’t spend a lot at all.

4. Have a follow up book in place

Keep that engaged reader by giving them something else to read! Having a follow up book increase your profits, and builds your relationship with your clients and tribe. If success is a building block and book one is the foundation then book two is the second row of bricks!

5. Have a backend upsell strategy!

Big fail on my behalf for not realising this when I launched book one! Back then I was this naively innocent little photographer –

(gosh sometimes I miss those days when I knew nothing of strategy, only just running around with my camera and notebooks for the sheer love of it- well kind of like I do now except everything seems so much more complicated and there is so much more to trip over and somehow so much more responsibility!)

who basically wrote an ebook for fun and then everything kind of blew up and then I had created a photographer association and then a creatives association somehow and now I have this combined social following of 20000 people and I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

But what I do know is that I wish I’d had something in place for people to find and buy when I launched my first book. Other than a second book. A program to support those who needed more than a book. Membership site. Anything. Everything.

You’ll need to brainstorm this. But make sure you have some sort of place for people to go after they’ve read your book and put the link inside your book so they know very clearly where to go

‘Like this? Visit this page and get your free XYZ as a thank you for reading!’

Type page.

Having a follow up in place will ensure that not only do your readers not disappear into the ocean of Amazon never to be seen again but that you capture their email address and if you have something else they’ll love and learn from… increase your profits at the same time.

* * * * *

Writing ebooks isn’t for everyone, but it’s an incredible way to start or boost an existing business and perhaps even more importantly now – boost your expert authority status. It also took the financial pressure away from my service-based business and stopped me working on a purely 1:1 basis, as well as enable my creativity to flow. 

But even beyond those things- this is the real reason you should write ebooks-

If you’re passionate about what you do, about who you help and serve, about what you create and deliver

Isn’t it your duty, your obligation, to be able to share that with as many people as you can reach? 

Your passions, your gifts; they are your greatest callings. They are your message to share with the world. And that is why I will always write books.



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