The 7 Marketing Hacks You Need To Succeed – (You’ll be Surprised At How Simple They Are!)

Why You Need These 7 Marketing Hacks ASAP!

I get it, you know marketing, right? You’re down with it. Your Insta has thousands of followers, your Facebook page is overloaded, your site + branding is beautiful and you’ve refined your products and services and you’re not afraid to sell.

But still. Finding clients is… well….

Yes, you have enquiries.

But it’s not like they’re flooding in. And for some reason, people are still asking for discounts, and they’re still telling you that ‘we love your work, there is just someone else we are considering too…’

And frankly, you don’t get it. Why, when you have all of these followers and such a beautiful site + work, are clients not continually booking you at your maximum prices? why are you still not hitting your money goals, and why oh –

Why does this job still seem like such hard work to you at times? Surely it should be starting to get a little easier now?

The Reasons Your Business Isn’t Succeeding

Listen. There are probably a zillion reasons for why your business isn’t working for you right now. Personal, genuine reasons. Your baby isn’t sleeping, your neighbour keeps ‘popping over’ for tea, there is always something that seems to be standing in the way if only you could just clear your calendar and just blitz that to-do list!

In addition, you have a sneaking suspicion that you have ‘money blocks’ because it’s all everyone seems to talk about these days, you don’t really get manifestation, well you do but you still haven’t quite managed to manifest the dream life you imagined.

And you know you probably spend far too much time on social media than you should… looking at what everyone else is doing, and it’s your biggest cause of procrastination, but you just can’t seem to beat it!

There is a list of reasons why your business might not be working for you – but generally, I can spot instantly when I look at someone’s online presence one of the key reasons that their business isn’t working.

I can’t fix how often your baby sleeps, when you choose to block off time to see your neighbour, or stop you procrastinating on facebook. These truly are mindset shifts that need to take place and they take work – real work to do.

Your Website Is Your Greatest Marketing Weapon! Here’s Why

But here’s the ‘easy fix’ – your website and online presence can do ALL of your online marketing and selling for you, but most people think that hiring a website designer and builder (or DIY’ing it all from Etsy and Creative Market – yes, I see you bootstrappers! I did this too)! is all that it takes to have a website that works to attract clients.

It’s not, but the good news is that with these simple tweaks almost anyone can make to their business you can turn your website into a magical wand that generates a ton more enquiries and sales.

Here’s what you need to know first –

Website design, logos, they all count towards an overall impression, sure, but in marketing terms, they are so 1995.

What you need is a site that captures clients and enables you to build a relationship with them – which are the two things that ultimately always convert into more sales and money coming into your business.

THIS is the list of the seven MUST-HAVE marketing essentials that you need right now,  which result in more sales, more visibility, and more enquiries.

Disclosure – you don’t HAVE to use these tools! When I co-founded a vegan website with my business partner, a seven figure entrepreneur, I was amazed to find out he rarely ever goes on Facebook.

He is an online entrepreneur who hardly ever goes online. Lol.

The point being is that you can absolutely find your own way of creating success, but it really helps to understand the basics first –

so that then you can go off and find out and experiment with what works for you in your business and what you’d rather not do (so you can outsource or eliminate it). This then brings you MUCH greater income than if you’d have just followed the latest marketing trends because everyone seems to be talking about it (how are those IG hashtags working out for you? How many sales are they really generating)?

The 7 Essential Marketing Tools

1- A mailing list

2- A sign up box

3- An free opt-in offer

4. Pop up or sign up bar

5. A newsletter

6. Good content

7. Something for sale – preferably a range of things (services, products, downloads, passive income products, etc) at a variety of price points – which maximises your chance of a sale (or several).

How To Use The Marketing Tools – Follow And Implement Step By Step

Most importantly, this is how to use these tools and make them work for you. Because everyone has a sign up box on their site and a free download – but hardly anyone is maximising their potential! Which means = lost profits and opportunity.

1. Visitor finds you via a search or on social media, because your GOOD CONTENT (6) has got you high up in Search results, or seen when shared on social media.

2. When reading your GOOD CONTENT they find it interesting / relevant, so they sign up for your NEWSLETTER via your sign up box.

3. They do this because they spot you’re giving them something they really want + need + will find useful (your FREE OPT-IN).

4. When they do this they get automatically added to your LIST

5. Now, every time you send out an email letting people know some more amazingly useful info or inspiration, they are reminded you exist, because you place this very good stuff into a NEWSLETTER (5).

6. Your reader + audience then also begins to get to know you a little more via your NEWSLETTER and start to look forward to your mails.  This is where you get to build a relationship based on trust. And it starts with your potential clients getting to know you.

7. After the booking. All of those clients who booked you or ordered from you once upon a time, loved you, completely forgot about you three years later? (and they will, trust me. Especially if they are having babies arrive at any time soon. Nobody remembers anything after a baby arrives). Well guess what. There you are, right in their inbox, on a regular basis, reminding them that you exist and are truly fantabulous and create these incredible products / services / artwork / etc that they have to have right now! 

Sending your clients an email enables them to remember you – which when we are swamped with social media and our newsfeed, constantly scrolling through stories and youtube – an email is a bit like receiving a letter in the mail. Beautiful, personal, and more importantly still – they signed up to receive it! They expressly raised their hand to you, filled out their details and said they WANTED to receive info from you!

If they aren’t in your inbox, how on earth will they know you are running an offer / that you just got featured / that your new collection or shiny new thing just launched / that you have something valuable to share?

Us humans are generally a pretty nosy species and if you give us a hint that something is of value or interest to us, we will be opening your next mail to find out what it is. That’s how relationships begin, when you share mutual interest.

Show them what you’ve got. Get them signing up to your list! 

8. Just like they might also return back to your blog when you tell them there is something for them on there (a post of of interest). While they are there, they will also see all of your gorgeous new work. They will be reminded to book that family shoot they have been meaning to do for years. Or snap up your latest offer. Or share your incredible tip sheet or *insert amazing downloadable free thing here*. Etc.

9.  Steps 6-8 repeated. And what these people become eventually over time are your true fans. They recommend you, share your stuff, book your sessions and / or share them with others. They follow you on social media and like everything you do.

oh, and not forgetting step 10,

10. You create uh-mazing product and services, which not only generates income for you, but also

  • grows your list,
  • establishes you further as an expert,
  • drives traffic to your site, and
  • raises your profile and credibility.

This, in a nutshell, is online marketing. It’s how you reach your clients, and market to them, without them even realising they’re being marketed to, because they key thing to remember above all of this is that you treat your clients like they are friends.

You wouldn’t hesitate to share your latest exciting news with your bestie, and you wouldn’t not tell them about the fab sale over at Anthropologie, so why would you not share these things in your newsletters.

And you can rinse and repeat this formula across all of your social properties too – your Instagram should link to your *incredible free optin thing* which is linked to an email signup which you can then use to email and tell the world about you and your business and build yet another relationship.

Get Started Right Away With These Marketing Tools F&F Recommends

If you are keen to try to work with this straight away, these are the tools I use which you can use too.

Mailchimp is a great way to get started with email marketing, although I’ve since switched over to Kartra which has more power and is more of an online platform solution where you can also build all of your sign up forms, etc. But Mailchimp is a great place to begin.

Sprinkle that sign up form liberally across your site in several areas. Ideally you’ll want it on your homepage, on a signup bar or box on all of your pages, maybe in your footer and even embedded within or at the end of your posts.

The more opportunities that people have to sign up to hear from you, the more you will get people signing up!

And in terms of how to write good post and newsletter content-

I learn to write good copy simply from reading!  If you want to be a good copywriter, read the kind of articles you would like to write, every single day, until you start to notice patterns, how the writers are using words, where they are using calls to action, how they use their optins etc. And remember –

Write how you speak. You don’t struggle to speak, so if you allow yourself to write as you would talk to someone, you won’t struggle with it.

Notice posts that you love- why do you love them? What words did the writer use to persuade you? Are they emotive, factual, descriptive? How do they describe their prices?  (I started to learn copywriting from Copyblogger which has great resources).

Cynical About Email Marketing?

The number one thing being in business for over a decade has taught me is the importance of having a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset sees limited opportunity, struggles to believe in suggestions or new ways of thinking, and is constantly coming up with reasons why something will not work.

A growth mindset sees opportunity everywhere. Someone with a growth mentality will say yes to suggestions and ideas, will have fun playing with them and testing them out, and generally sees positives and potential everywhere.

A lack mentality rarely results in success. You’ll simply find too many reasons why something won’t work for you – including your own business. You’ll find reasons why you don’t need XYZ, why now is not the right time to do or invest in XYZ – and you’ll probably find reasons why you can’t implement the information contained in this post right now – you’re too busy, you have other things to do, time consuming, you’re not tech savvy, etc.


You’ll choose to kill those excuses stone dead, because you have an abundance mindset. You’re open and willing and ready to learn, to try new things. You realise that the very reason you’re here, reading the words on this page is because deep down you realise that you want to see change  in your business + life.

So try something new. Be ready to embrace change. Understand that old marketing – the business card, the sales pitches, even that old-new-old favourite the facebook page – all pretty much dead in the water. We have to be ready to adapt and evolve – and do it fast.

The good news is that everyone – aka your clients – are online though, and so all you have to do is set up a super smart internet marketing strategy to be able to reach them, and it’s so cheap and easy to do, using the exact 7 pieces of marketing I outlined above.

YES you need to go away and figure how how to use them, and how to use them to your maximum advantage.

But isn’t the potential result worth it?

An Example Of A Client Who Is Waiting To Hear From You

(The Photographer)

Remember that bride who got married? She still loves beautiful wedding day inspiration. She might have even loved planning her wedding so much that she is now planning a career in it. Plus, as you were her photographer she loves receiving your weekly updates.

Or perhaps she decided not to choose you as you weren’t available or too expensive or whatever reason, but she still loves your beautifully touching + inspiring + uplifting emails.

When her friends get engaged – who do you think will be absolute top of her mind to refer and recommend? Perhaps she couldn’t afford your full day wedding package but thanks to your newsletter she can book in for an anniversary shoot, or a newborn shoot..

This is just one example of one type of client who might like to receive your emails! You could probably figure out how this could work for you and your clients.

And it will.

Because it worked in my business. It works right now in every single industry online -wherever you see a popup box, or are given a ‘freebie’, or you see anything where you fill out your details to receive more info.

Why not borrow what these internet marketers know?

Do you have anything to lose by trying these things?  They will take you a week at most to learn and implement. And they are low-cost and easy to use.

Writing a good blog post isn’t difficult. Writing a good newsletter isn’t hard.

But the results are

*you are pushed MUCH higher up the search engines,
*more clients stand a chance of finding you,

*you get to stand out in a sea of same-ness and identi-kit websites and styles,
*you get to really connect with your clients and build long-lasting relationships with them,
*and earn bookings and referrals

in the easiest way possible!

Isn’t that worth it??

Take the risk. Try something new. Realise that there are people out there, waiting to hear from you, right now. Whatever your industry or field. Go to them! Because your sales are waiting too.

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