Everything you want + body trauma



Didn’t you know, that everything you want is available right now, you just had to ask for it!?

Literally every single thing you want is right there, in front of you, and all you need to do is reach out and grab it with both hands, invite it in, lift up the curtain and there it is.

But of course, you would never believe it could be that easy, could you?

And so you stay stuck and frustrated, burning at everyone and breaking everything and indeed everyone around you simply because you are not believe it could be possible for you, really!

And why, because one day someone took something from you, and you let that become your identity. 

Instead of the identity of full, whole, complete SOVEREIGN being who can literally do life as they command at the click of their fingers as if you are royalty – and indeed you are, in fact you even FEEL it sometimes!

Sometimes there is a whisper on the wind that calls you, you feel it rushing over your skin, that excitement that PULSE that means you’re fucking ALIVE, not living out this pleasant yet dull existence that’s slowly killing you from the inside out, killing you slowly –

That siren call that comes when you find a project,  person, idea, creative rush that lights a fire inside of you, THAT is your royalty right there, your sovereignity over this thing called life and the game of how you play it

But no

So disassociated from your body because of what they told you, what they took from you, you’ve come to believe it will always be so. That you will always have to do life receiving your orders from others, playing the puppet even though for a heartbeat you sometimes almost managed to convince yourself it will be otherwise! 

For me maybe it was the alcoholic stepfather, the midwife who violently abused me during labour, the love who was forced away from me by his chain of command because we both thought he was going to literally DIE on the battleground, or maybe the miscarriage and losing everything

Floating so far out of my body and into my mind where academia and the world told you to go.

Because that’s what we do when trauma arises.

Leave our body, into our minds, but then we wonder why sometimes we can’t make sense of anything or DO life like everybody else seems to and it’s simply because your body is waiting, actually, for you to reclaim it

For you to stop trying to burn everything down from the sparks of your mind

For you to stop existing in chaos and drama mingled in with the pleasantries of doing life their way, where you pretend to fit into this life you created for yourself and this identity you literally made up as a way out of your body.

No wonder you struggle with your weight and appearance, no wonder you exist in this cycle of feast / famine, no wonder you look for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways –

The love you want
The life you want
That connection you crave
That sovereignity of complete mind body spirit harmony working in alignment with the heat and air of the universe, birthing creativity until it runs like a river that never stops from you –

IT”S ALL AVAILABLE! Now, if you want it!

But first you’re going to need to see

How you disassociated from your body
Learned your patterns of mistrust from right there within, when you had your power stolen from you
How you have moved into mind-survival ever since
Allowed the Mother to give and provide which sure meant that your needs were taken care of but at the same time now…

The apron strings are choking you. 

And how you start to move back into body, back into full expression which opens the doors to everything you ever wanted?

Well, it starts with becoming aware –

*Aware – when did you start to disassociate? when did you begin to prize your mind, began to use your body as just a tool? How has being in victim induced receivership, impacted your strength, your ability to create, your leadership – who might you have been had you not had to build defences for your body using the sheer strength of your masculine mind – 

and then

You’re going to have to be prepared to break down what you thought you knew, not only cut the strings of the normal, the every day, being told how to do life by every single fucking person except your own bloody SOUL –

and you’re going to need to jump into the flames. 

The funny thing is… 

The heat is where you’ll be reborn, Phoenix. 




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