Face It! You’re Just Not Made For Ikea :)


I literally just whined down the phone at everyone about how HARD it is moving house! (well, and country)

I mean – I entirely forgot –

That living like normal people do, renting a NORMAL (well, normal in so far as it is NOT fully equipped, not really normal in most other senses of the word)! property means I actually have to go and DO THINGS

Like boring grown up things

Connecting internet and sorting out car hire and transferring bills and buying bedsheets and all sorts of other boring but not just boring just chaotic confusing stuff I REALLY don’t want to be doing

It appears some of us don’t, Summer had a complete meltdown in the car on the way to the mall screaming but IT’S SO BORING!!!!!

I know babygirl! It is.


Doing life like you’re supposed do, living life the expected predicted way!

Answering emails on time,
Following the formula they laid out for you
Connecting the INTERNET


No wonder then you keep melting down about it all!

You, me, people like us – we’re¬†simply not made for this, it actually makes you ill, unscattered, unfocused, and certainly not in alignment with your higher self, to try to live the way they do!

No wonder then THIS PLACE where I’m writing to you is where I feel the first sense of calm I’ve felt all day

Peace in the middle of it all! And funny how they would LOVE to stop work, pause time for a day to go shopping, to browse the mall in search of bedsheets, to decorate their homes just like Pinterest told them to!

Funny how our peace is found by NOT doing all of that but in

Going to work ūüėČ

And really how hilarious that is
That we find such joy and elevation in doing the work of our very soul

No wonder then
If you don’t protect it at all costs
You begin to self-sabotage, turn in on yourself, and watch it all slowly implode!

When most people can’t wait to tear themselves away from their work
We can’t wait to jump into it!

Because of course
Just like you’ve always known
You’re not like the rest of them
You shudder and shut down at the thought of doing things their way
Yet sometimes

Don’t those thoughts creep in?
Surely I’m supposed to do business, life, in THAT way?
Surely it would be EASIER, if I was more organised, more strategic, more responsive, more LIKE THEM?

You, folding into self-doubt like origami.

Surely I should love the Ikea trip? SURELY THERE IS A WAY I CAN JUST HAVE  A PHONE WITHOUT WAITING FOR A TWO YEAR EXPIRY PERIOD, I mean, come on Cyprus!!!

The thing is
You DEMAND that the world is different when you are different

And the world kind of doesn’t know what to do with people like that, the organised, rational, step by step world and the all over, demanding, not-for-the-normal you.

And the thing is, to receive a different result then-
Demands nothing less than the embracing of the full spectrum that is you!
EMBRACING the things¬†everyone else would see as weakness or weirdness – that absolute refusal to do life in the way they expect –¬†

And making that the glory of it all!

And sometimes that means being different on purpose!

YES, you know how they used to deride ‘oh she does it on purpose! for attention! dresses like that / speaks that way / acts like she owns the world’

Do you know at school people used to say that I thought I was better than everyone else simply because I walked differently! Quite aside from the fact that years of intensive dance training can’t help but give you good posture!!! I actually was so shy and terrified a lot of the time on the inside, but my Mum always taught me to walk with my head held high, literally, no mattter what, so I did –

And in the same way people will always have something to say about you and the way you do it so differently, the way you simply DEMAND things –

Well, it’s because
you know that YOU are unafraid, really, to do things differently!
It certainly didn’t stop me walking that way, with my head held high and shoulders back! I couldn’t change it even if I had wanted to, it was so ingrained within me –

And in the same way, you can never change the fact that really, you simply are not like the rest of them. 

And you can keep worrying about that and trying to fit into ‘their’ way of doing things, the expected way, the ‘this isn’t done here like that’ kind of way, worrying about what people might think or have to say or their opinion on who you are –


You can trust that simply by being who you are
You lift others into being the best version of who they are. 

Isn’t that the most amazing thing!?

Of course, some people will rebel against it, have something to say about it
But there are people out there who will see you walking tall
And be inspired to walk the same walk.

And wouldn’t that be a shame
If you tried to play the game called ‘Like The Rest Of Them’
Instead of pouring your full energy, devotion and commitment
Into the glory of

And you can keep trying, to create the paint by numbers version of business, following all.the.rules

Jumping the hoops and signing the paperwork and the contracts in this PUSH to just get to there! To that place where you know you’re born to be!

OR you can stop acting like you’ve forgotten who you damn well are.

You’re not like the rest of them. Never forget it.



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