How To Have 30k Months In Your Business Easily, On Repeat.

The exact steps you can use to take your business to consistent 30k months are right here – scroll down if you like, but first there’s something you need to know.

I need to tell you The things I Wish I’d Known. The Things I Wish You Knew.


I wish I could show you how I sat on my window seat, with my book yesterday here in New Zealand, staring out at the rain, and show you how I was thinking of you.

I was thinking of all of the people who take the time to message me, all the past clients I’ve had, and all the dreams of those I’ve worked with.

Some which have evolved, some of which are glittering and out there living and breathing and creating massive change for my clients…

and some which have become embalmed, like a mummy, becoming stiff and old and decaying with the weight of time and failed ambition.

I wish I could tell you all of my own failings- and how every single thing I learned is the reason I’m still here.

I wish I had known all of the things I had to experience and learn, but then I wouldn’t have to learn them.

I wish I had known when starting this journey that there would be days we would be terrified about the bills.

I wish I had known how easy it was to have a 30k month (exact formula is at the end of this mail) 

and yet how much it would break me to be able to do that.

I wish I had known that when you become successful, everyone else would have something to say about it.

I wish I had known that in journeying to the centre of myself, I would sometimes lose perspective on what we are all here for.

I wish I had been smarter with the money I’ve earned. I wish I’d known how quickly it can run through your fingers.

I wish I hadn’t been so scared to hold it. To hold all of it, everything, not just the money.

I wish I could have trusted my own judgement more, and place less trust in the judgement of others

I wish I had known that some days would be plain sailing and I’d be on top of the world, but most of the time would just be OK. Not bad, or good, or inbetween. I wish I had known that it’s Ok to feel OK, and that all you have to do is keep moving.

One foot in front of the other and some days you run and some days it’s hard to walk but you just.keep.going.

I wish I had known business can be easier than we make it. I wish I had known I don’t have to do anything the long, hard, perfectionist way around.

I wish I had known I just want to create good things and work with good people.

I wish I had known how essential creativity is for my health. I wish I had known that ideas are precious, fleeting. I wish I had known how much yoga and physical health supports my business.

I wish I had known I would get better at yoga as I get older.

I wish I had known that being in business would mean agonising indecision, and bring to the surface avoidance tendencies I didn’t even know I possessed.

I wish I had known how much strength it would take to stay when I wanted to run, create when I wanted to distract, return when I wanted to leave.

I wish I had known how much PTSD would impact my business + my life. I wish I had known that on the surface of things, we all seem ok, when really some of us are screaming on the inside. I wish I knew anxiety would be a companion alongside the filaments of my being and that I would feel her when I would least expect it.

I wish I had known that I would heal, and that my route to healing would be this – me, writing these words + others. My route to healing would be through the process of creation.

I wish I had known, that despite all of it, I would still be here, right in this very spot regardless.

If I had known all of that, and known I would still be here, would I have done things differently?

I would have gone all in from the beginning, not been distracted, wounded, ego-driven, emotionally on display.And yet
And yet-

I wish that you knew, above all

There is nothing that you truly NEED to do
Except keep going

And trust in yourself, and in your ability to receive the outcome you want.

Because the amount of times I nearly walked away

Nearly quit

DID quit, several times
The amount of failings I’ve had
The courses that didn’t sell ANYTHING
The offers that NOBODY took

The posts that almost NOBODY read or commented on
The emails I’ve sent with no response

And yet you still keep going because –

You don’t do it for them!

You do this for you.

Not for the money, or even for the creativity or the connection or the art or that absolute exhilaration and feeling of freedom that you get when your people GET IT and they find you and see you and suddenly the snowball LAUNCHED and you have EVERYTHING, the world at your feet

Not even for that!

You don’t even go through all of it to make it easy, for that one day point when suddenly everything becomes easier and clients and cash and creativity flows like it’s all meant to

You do this simply because you can’t not

And really – that’s what I wish you knew

That you will return to this regardless

Because this is who you are

And you simply can’t quit or fail at that!

So if you knew, {first_name}, you knew with every single part of you that THIS IS your true life path, your purpose or calling, what you were put here to do

That this is not simply ‘a business that you run’ but your channel in which you can impact and shift and change the world?!

And this was all you’re going to do for the rest of your life

And there simply is no other option, plan B or backup route regardless of any pain in the pathway

What then?

How would that change your route forward?!

charlie kingsland-barrow business coach

Would it make you drop fear, procrastination, stalling, avoidance

If you knew, with full heart, that this is what you were put here to do?

That you could truly shift and impact people –

To uplift them, make them feel amazing, change their lives even (yes, art, photography, words, creativity, invention changes lives)

If you truly believed all that

And you knew that nothing could stop you because this is all there is

your only shot at life is right here now, in your hands

Would it change right now, how you run your business?

And so if you know that you’ve held back, been distracted, lost focus,

You have procrastination tendencies because your head is so filled with ideas sometimes it’s hard to know where to put even yourself, let alone dare let others to try figure you out and define you

What I wish you knew was that

You’re going to do this anyway.

And you will fall and get up again and continue on,

Because you can’t not.


You might as well go all in now, right?!

Or carry on hiding and avoiding and running and procrastinating and making things so much harder!

Simply because you’re afraid this might not be your way, or you might be judged or whatever

You’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you?

Why not choose, to make it easy?

Why not choose

To believe in yourself
To put yourself out there regardless (because you know you’re going to anyway at some point)
To believe that things don’t have to be complicated or dramatic for you to find the fire you need to continue

Because what I wish you knew, is how easy this could be, if you allow it.




Being in business and making money is easy. Literally, if you just want the MONEY?

1. Figure out a service or product you offer that’s a high-end price point that helps people with a BIG problem (Health, money, love all sell EASILY)

2. Run an ad that shows people how you help people with that problem (look like this. Biz coaches, you save people time or money or stress. Health coaches, you make people look great in a bikini. Photographers, you help people in love feel more connected than ever during your sessions. And so on)!

3. Include an opt in to BOOK A CALL with you on the ad.

4. On the call, let people talk and tell you their problem. Offer your offer as the SOLUTION.

5. Book client.

6. Repeat.


5. Client doesn’t book offer, so you downsell them something cheaper / more accessible / more suited to them


Listen – it’s THAT easy. Some of my own coaches do this all day every day and are making 7 figures with ease!

You can take any online course in FB ads and be up and running high-converting ads in a DAY, if you want to.

But most people won’t ever follow this, here’s why –

Ads are too hard to figure out / I’m not an ads expert / I don’t know how to package my offer / nobody will book my services via an ad / ads don’t work for me / I don’t know how to get clients to book / I don’t want to pester my clients into buying / I don’t know what to sell / ads are too expensive / I’m a creative / I don’t so systems / this can’t possibly work for me and therefore must be a SCAM, UNSUBSCRIBE / I am a unicorn

(and YES it might cost you $400 before you get someone who BUYS / BOOKS >> but if this person then books you at $1000, you’ve just made $600 profit! But most people back out when their ad creeps over $50 because, waaah, scared and yes you’re a creative but do you want to be a BROKE creative!?)

And all of the other excuses as to why we don’t do something all the way when really what we want to say is


Yes, it feels hard. To you, but not to somebody that has done it, so, therefore, it isn’t actually hard, it just feels it.

FEELINGS are a choice, making this easy is a choice, but we keep on learning like I did, the very hard way, until we choose to just



But that’s the steps. But you’ll find every reason not to follow them because you maybe like making it, you actually LIKE struggle, or actually at the very least struggle has become a habit for you?!

or b

Because you never were one to follow the steps and the rules anyway, and you know success FEELS a lot better when it’s done YOUR way.

But at some point, you’re going to have to commit to doing whatever way your way is, and stop hovering around the edges and making it hard by using all of the excuses.

You get to choose.


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Ready To Receive What You Deserve?!

I don’t believe it’s an accident you ended up here on my site. 

You believe in the same things that I do – unlimited income, following a purpose, making a difference in the world, and being free to travel or live life however you please. 

You’re probably some sort of free spirit, you want to break free of systems and programs that leave you feeling restricted and with limited results,

and you want to know how to show up with nothing less than blissful confidence every single day, in every situation.

But for some reason, instead

*you find yourself frequently procrastinating,
*your results are slowly growing but nothing really extraordinary,
*and you wish you had more direction and courage in really following through on the things you want to make happen.

That’s where I step in. I’m an amazon bestselling author, successful blogger, coach, and business owner (yep, multipassionate enterpreneur over here) and I’m also a big introvert. I’m also a mama of 2 who homeschools her kids all over the world on our global family adventures, horse lover and an ex-feminist turned deep feminine. I ditched my teaching job and since then we’ve travelled all over the world, spoken on stages from the US to the UK to NZ, and coached thousands of women to help them meet their income and lifestyle goals.

If any of that vibes with you, and you’re truly ready to create a massive transformation in your life, you’re going to want to jump on a call with me. Don’t worry – I don’t do pushy sales pitches. (In fact, they make me a bit sick). I do listen while you tell me about your business or business idea, give you as much support as I can on the call, and then you’re free to do what you want with that info – which just could change your entire life.

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