How You Create Your ACTUAL Dream Life!

I know! I used to HATE titles like that, I used to see them as super spammy and salesy, like the whole ‘6 figure business’ thing everyone was throwing around a few years back –


At some point

You have to ask yourself

Well, why am I opening mails like this if I don’t believe it’s true for me?

And of course, the reality is if you don’t believe it will be true for you then it probably won’t be! 

But for you – still here reading – well, you’ve got this far, might as well carry on! and partly because there is a piece of you who knows actually

It’s ALL possible for you! And you’re on your way to getting it all too!

And so then I’m starting with this morning –

I drank the coffee, black like always.

In my Chiang Mai elephant mug, it’s actually a relatively hideous mug, but it does remind me of visiting the elephant sanctuary a few months back (NOTHING, but NOTHING, humbles you + breaks you at the same time like touching a rescue elephant) and so the elephant mug it is

And I chat with Rob
Pick up my baby nephew for a morning hug
Set up a few pages of a little homeschool workbook the girls are enjoying because it has pictures of cakes in (well, of course)
Sit with Summer while she writes out her numbers

I tell him
I used to hate Mondays.

Monday always felt like a day of ‘things I had to do’ but didn’t really ever want to

Hence, why I hated Mondays.

Even as a business owner I wasn’t a fan of Mondays because it meant my weekend was over and ‘back to work’

Can you believe I EVER looked at my business as WORK!? (and if you still do then you might want to message me asap, because chances are that IS one of the things holding you back)!

But now, I tell him
I set up my Monday mornings so that I love them.

I read for as long as I want
Journal for as long as I want
Drink more coffee
And generally experience a slow morning, like this, filled with ease

I’m daydreaming about Milan this morning
My VIP days sold out in a few short conversations yesterday (when I had a migraine)! and my client said to me

‘Well, THAT’S how you sell, right!? Surely that’s got to be the easiest sale, ever?

Well yes, I sell awesome things to awesome people so of course selling is easy!

But I’m smiling because also, No, not the easiest sale I’ve ever had because ALL – or at least 98% of my sales are that easy!

Because yes, awesome things to awesome people makes the sales part easy, and yes, working with awesome people only, and then yes of course selling will be easy,

but beyond that –

I decided it would be this way.

I decided to ONLY work with certain people – you know, the ones like us who don’t really fit the conventional mould, who are always a little bit of the outsider, who are the creatives and artists and writers and dreamers, those of us who could quite easily stare out of the window of a coffee shop all day making up stories about people walking past – US, you know!

Just like I decided a few years back – MONDAY!? WTF Monday!!

And since then

Only ever awesome Mondays. 

So this morning I was thinking about our beautiful lakeside Sunday yesterday

Of rope swings and kiwi bird nature reserves and rain falling like clouds as we stroll along the lake

+ my beautiful Monday morning spent slowly
+ then my super easy sales for Milan VIP 1:1 coaching days (there’s a waitlist now)!


*being entirely flaky on social media in fact taking almost a year off last year!

*NOT launching a single thing bar one tiny program

*NO book releases, in fact no anything but dream clients and travel bliss last year! 

I mean, I did launch Freedom and Flourish but then I barely touched it LOL which I kinda now think was just to satisfy my need to build and create, I kinda prefer the old WLR site actually! 

*so despite ALL of that and NOT following any of the steps I’m supposed to WHATSOEVER 

I still sell out
Business is flowing
Simply because then I mean the ONLY reason and the only thing that links these things together?! – Monday mornings, dreamy Sundays, full time travel, easy sales –

Is simply because I decided it would be this way. 


Ok then.
So really
If that’s what it takes

And by the way, if you’re not deciding FOR, then you’re actively deciding against!-

If this was all it really took
Like a game
Where you make it all up as you go

Like a client asked me the other day –

HOW do you keep track of your clients? do you have like, folders for everybody?

Or the one who said – I want to work four hours a day too! and my reply… well… do that then!?

And of course I don’t take notes, I’m there to guide you into greatness, not to make sure you’ve ticked off some prescriptive list of to-dos!

Of course though-
That might not be the RIGHT way

Well – who gets to decide the right way anyway?!

Simply somebody who once said ‘well, filing things away sounds good, let’s do that’ or ‘let’s work 9 hours a day, that sounds productive! ‘

And here in this game of life
I decided that I get to decide
And, YOU

It’s how I decided to live in a castle in France
To travel + live in Thailand
How to launch whatever I feel like launching to the people who need me
+ HILARIOUSLY or not I woke up yesterday and KNEW
EXACTLY who my Milan 1:1’s were meant for!

Who needed them, and who I knew would commit to making it an experience of TOTAL transformation + upleveling!

Of course they sold instantly and were an instant yes-
It was based on what I felt when I woke up!
Which sounds so absolutely simplistic as to be ridiculous
But – what if

You were simply so in tune (thanks, universe + God + Pineal gland)
With your purpose +
The people who need you
Your creativity
And what you desire for your life

In your visions
In your dreams
in your ‘well in an ideal world I’d be doing X,
earning Y,
Creating C

Well that then becomes

And so, of course it is. 

I actually learned this when I was NINE years old! I was sat on this incredible grey Arabian mare, and as I got on her I just had this FEELING that she was going to throw me off!

I just KNEW! But I chose to ride her anyway –

And of course, five minutes later I was lying barely conscious on the ground! I got back up and back on (massively shaky though)! and she was as good as gold of course after that!

The point being was that I KNEW
And I DECIDED anyway
And I also knew

that if I got back on her
She would be angelic, it was just something we had to go through together first!

Like she was telling me – well, you’re going to do this anyway, aren’t you? So I’ll test your fear and commitment, and then if you’re still here, we’ll ride happily into the sunset (horses were totally my first coach, btw)

And hasn’t there been a time (probably many) where you have already KNOWN what the outcome is going to be?!

Without confirmation, you just KNOW what’s going to happen!? 

You always know what is true, and you are always DECIDING in response and in accordance with!

That’s how you create a lifestyle by design, and YES you’re 100% making it up as you go along
But also you know
Because you trust.

It’s like when you launch something PURELY for the money or like when you give a client a discount
It feels like SUCH effort! and most likely doesn’t work out anyway, right?!

Because really
You know.
Wasn’t ever meant to be this way.

And the thing is, this whole time!!!
You’ve been making it up as you go along anyway!!!

Only, you’ve called it ‘muddling through’ or ‘figuring it out’

Rather than
Truly ever DECIDING what is meant for you.

So you might as well just decide anyway!?

Now, imagine what happens when you truly get conscious in ALL areas of your life?!

So do it then!?

List them out >

Monday Mornings

Whatever you like.

If you BELIEVE you get to write it out, and then it would become so – 

Then what is it you are consciously choosing now?


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