Surprising Things To Do With Your Money + Business During A Pandemic

Heart balloons, unicorn cake, little witches and hugs with our pony, was how we spent the weekend –  celebrating my eldest’s 9th birthday. My Halloween baby!

So, this mail was meant to be a video but life is better than video and I spent the weekend living beautifully, so this message comes to you in words instead of the video I had planned. 

You know, we don’t really do ‘plans’ anyway, do we? 🙂

And what I wanted to share with you was this.

During lockdown I did some things with my money that I wanted to share. 

Even though I have a beautiful business, it’s not immune to global shock and pandemics!

One client left when her husband lost his job, and another said she might also have to leave, as the wave of covid shook the world.

Although this didn’t really impact my income in any significant way, of course I started to think a little more seriously than normal about the future. 

What if ALL my clients left? What if all their business dried up?

What if the supply chain ran out and I had to grow my own food and go live in the forest and shoot a bow and arrow to eat food?

(I’m vegetarian and practically blind without my contacts, so this didn’t seem like much of an option which my inner Katniss Everdeen is quite sad about). 

So I made some money moves to build a more resilient income and business.

One which looks forward to the future instead of fears it. If you’ve been feeling a little helpless in your business, a little bit unsteady or uneducated in the area of money (what is this ‘financial reset’ everyone keeps on about) or sales / clients are drying up >>> read!

Surprising Things I Did With My Money During A Pandemic

Raised My Prices

Yep, while everyone else was reducing and running offers, I raised my prices.

Why? I hadn’t raised them in about three years for my longer term clients, and it was about time I did, from a business perspective!

But also simply because it came up in my journal one day, and I always honour what’s in the journal!

No, I didn’t worry about whether or not it was the right thing to do. I didn’t even think about that!

I honoured what felt like the right thing to do, even what that thing can feel surprising, hard or a challenge.

I did give some clients a longer term before I increased their rates as a grace period, but ultimately my clients earn money and have changed their lives.

I know they can continue to do so even during a pandemic – you don’t serve anyone by not growing or expanding.

Of course, I didn’t lose a single client due to raising my prices! And it also challenges my clients to increase theirs.

Built Assets

During the pandemic, I started to invest in 4 assets. Don’t panic if you’ve never invested before, I’m going to make it super easy for you BUT you have to understand why this is important!!

And I’m not JUST talking stocks and shares by the way, but I also invested my time, and money, in other areas!

Now, I get why that seems backwards. How can you invest if you don’t have money coming in, or you have less money coming in than ever? 

How can you invest, when all you can think about is LESS money coming in and the future seems so uncertain?

Investing in ANYTHING during this time feels so counter-intuitive, like every part of you will be crying out to hold on to and squirrel away any money you do have?

Investing feels risky, scary, and really like the very opposite of what you should do!

Listen, if you’ve never invested in anything before I’m not suggesting you go and dump every remaining penny you have into some random penny stock or cryptocurrency.

You can get started investing with $10. 

But the reason you WANT to invest, or at least consider it, is that over time, the world’s reserve currency, the dollar is becoming less and less valuable.

During the pandemic, the USA was literally printing money and sending out handouts to millions of households.

What that means is as more dollars flood into the system, the ‘buying power’ of the dollar goes down.

Which means, what you can actually buy with your squirreled away money becomes less and less.

And the prices of everything goes up.

This is already happening. And it’s now happening faster due to the money printing during the pandemic.

Don’t think you’re off the hook if you live in Europe or elsewhere – every single currency is ‘pegged’ or linked to, the almighty dollar.

If the dollar crashes (which seems to be on the way) you’re going to be screwed, your money will be practically worthless and this isn’t anymore of a fictional scenario than covid was a year ago.

So when you invest, your goal isn’t to just ‘make money’, it’s also to protect the money you have.

The more your investment grows and earns more dollars, the more chance you have of having more money, which outpaces inflation.


This is why people buy gold – not as investment or to dive into like scrooge mcduck (Duck tales, woooo)

But because gold has mostly held its value (and since the pandemic its value is now at an all time high as wealthy investors rush to buy it to protect their money).

Don’t you want to do the same?!

The good news is you can start putting SOME of your money into gold, or investing into stocks really easily!

Use Revolut if you’re in the UK or Europe, or Robinhood in the US. Simply download the app, register, and add funds using your standard bank card.

Purchase XAU (gold) and you’re done! Keep hold of that gold!

So, I purchased Gold. You can also purchase physical gold and silver online – a quick google search for ‘buy gold bullion online’ will bring up places to buy it.

I’m also buying physical silver.  


If you were part of my Golden Tribe money mindset program you’ll know I’ve been talking about bitcoin since 2014!!! (When sadly it was much harder to buy and I couldn’t get any).

Bitcoin MIGHT be on its way to becoming digital gold, and right now it’s ALMOST at it’s all time high price reached back in 2017 when everyone was buying bitcoin.

Then everyone got in a panic when the price dropped, and sold, and now it’s climbing up again.

Bitcoin isn’t ‘currency’ and nobody is going to be buying toilet roll with it. 

It’s POSSIBLY digital gold. An online way of preserving your money against the dollar falling.

I say possibly because it does go up and down in value a lot.

However it’s been steadily climbing up since last year and a lot of smart people (the CEO of Twitter, the payments company Square) have started allocating a percentage of their company funds into bitcoin to use it as a hedge against a dollar collapse.

PLUS, China has announced it is working on its own digital currency, the EU financial chancellor publicly supports cryptocurrency, and the banks in the US have just been granted ‘custody of digital assets’. Meaning, they are now able to safely store bitcoin for you.

Not sure I’d ever trust the banks to do that to be honest, but the point is digital assets are here and growing daily, and I don’t want anybody to miss out IF digital currency becomes the future, which I can’t see it NOT being! 

EVERYONE can buy some, and it’s easy to buy!

So, I bought more bitcoin.

I don’t care if it ‘collapses’ again either, I’m NOT selling my bitcoin because I see it as digital gold. I’m not in it for massive profits, and probably won’t be taking any profit time soon. I bought it because I believe the future is digital, and of course naturally currencies will become digital too. 

Why do you think we were told paying by bank card is safer than using banknotes during the pandemic? 😉 

Buying bitcoin and ANY asset, even gold, isn’t an easy choice and doesn’t come without risks. But I’m all about taking informed risks if the long term outcome is probably worth it, and for me Bitcoin is 100% worth it.

For me it’s no longer safe to keep my money just in my local currency in such an unstable economic environment.

There are countless other reasons why I invested in bitcoin but the easiest way to explain why I did it, is that.

You can get started with Bitcoin, here. Register here for an account, transfer money, go to the little blue dot at the bottom and click buy, and choose Bitcoin.

If you follow my link, and deposit $100, we both get $10 free in bitcoin.  Free money for everyone! 

Would You Swap One Hour A Day For a Year, For 30 Thousand Dollars? 

You all know I’m ALWAYS talking about multiple or diverse income streams, and now the pandemic is here I’m sure you can see why, especially if you’re in the wedding or photography industry.

I’ve been saying for YEARS to diversify your income, and if you had done then I’m sure right now you’ll be super happy you did! 

If not, it’s not too late!! The biggest impact of the pandemic on the economy might not be felt for another year or so. 

So now is the perfect time to start, and if you feel cash poor but happy to invest your TIME instead, now is the time to build an online asset that is separate from your main business or income. 

My side project is a website which I started in March. It now has 56 articles, over 110,000 words, and has earned its first income (details in my last mail) which will now only continue to grow. 

It’s not hard to do or create! it’s literally just a blog on a topic I was enjoying learning about (growing flowers)! and I decided to share the info!

If you feel you don’t have money to invest, then choose to invest your time instead and build yourself an online asset that not only generates an income, but that you can eventually sell!

Building a new blog / website is online real estate, and has got to be the easiest way I know to build an income generating asset. 

It costs $10 to get started, by buying name for your blog or website, and from that point on all you need to invest is your time. 

Like all assets, it won’t see a return on your time for around a year, but you CAN start generating a small income with it in the first few months (I’ll show you how in future posts, or send me a reply to this)!

but after a year or so you can be expecting it to earn at least an extra $1000 per month. 

Which is why I invested most of my money in paying for a writer for my site, but you definitely don’t have to do that (I’ve written a fair few of the posts myself too).

Websites that earn approx $1000 per month can sell for around $30,000.

A website that earns around $4000 – $5000 can sell for around $150,000 (trust me, this is not as hard as you might think – I’ve done it, and so can you)!

And all you need to get started is a domain name, and the ability to write around 1500 words per day.

Let’s be honest, you can do that in just over an hour.

Can you allocate just over one hour a day, consistently, for the next year,  in exchange for $30K? I know I can! 

Built My Own Emergency Fund

Prior to the pandemic,  I didn’t have any sort of ’emergency fund’. I figure I get paid enough every month to cover emergencies when they arise.

What I didn’t factor into that was the potential impact on my business that a pandemic might cause, or a more personal issue – what if something happened to Rob, and I couldn’t access our money?

There are a lot of what ifs, but what I didn’t realise how good it felt actually having an emergency fund.  Like an actual responsible grown up, lol. That feeling of financial responsibility is so powerful from a mindset perspective! 

It’s not a lot but it’s mine, in my own account, that I can access whenever needed. Emergency use only.

I’ve stored my emergency fund in Bitcoin. 

Took A Lot Of Time Off

It’s pretty tempting when the world is in crisis to work harder than before to try and get some money flowing in, but that can actually have the opposite effect if you’re doing it from a place of fear.

So I did the exact opposite and for the first time this year took an actual vacation with no laptop and work for the first time in YEARS.

A whole two weeks. No posting, no nothing except journaling and the odd Insta story update which was basically me just having a good time eating lots of fabulous greek food, like usual 😀

Surprise, my business didn’t stop or shutdown.

In fact I ended up with MORE clients despite not posting, emailing, or ‘showing up’ in any way whatsoever – a past client returned, the client who left came back, and the client who thought she might leave didn’t after all.

Because energy is contagious, people buy energy and you can’t sell anything in any authentic way whatsoever if you’re working from a place of fear that the money isn’t coming / won’t come.

Plus, in these times, the care and protection of your mind is more important than ever! 

Since then I’ve taken more time off than ever – my birthday, random days just to go have fun, lunches,

And my business is all the richer for it. 

Got Clients To Pay In Full

Most of my clients pay month to month, but when a client recently requested to pay in full I was like well, yes!

Which gave me the idea – why don’t I ask more clients if they would like to pay in full?

Some of my clients are now choosing to pay for a year upfront which works for all of us –

It’s an energetic leap for them, they feel empowered by their choice and investment, and they know they receive full support for the next 12 months no matter what. 

And I get lump sums into my bank account, which I can use to further invest and grow so I can help people even more!

Everybody wins. 

Can you come up with packages or programs that enable you to do the same, or repurpose your current offerings?

You can reach out to existing clients too and ask if they want to pay in full – just because they didn’t at the time, it doesn’t mean they don’t now.

Also thanks to furlough payments in the UK and stimulus packages in the US, a lot of people now have more money sat around than before the pandemic, which means that many more people are willing and able to pay for things in full.

(Of course, people will always find a way to pay for what they really want anyway). 

Started To Repay Debt

Somehow over the last few years I’ve accumulated some personal debt.

Nothing major!! and certainly not the size of a mortgage or anything like that, and I’ve never worried about it because I know debt when used for a purpose can be very positive,

but these were weighing me down because they were personal debt, owed to people not companies, and I know at this time people need more support than ever!

I owed my sister in law’s dad some money for example, when the car he loaned us in New Zealand broke down. It was his car so we needed to pay for it, and with moving and building our life here it just kind of got missed somehow, or went to the back of my mind.

So I started to repay that, as one example, and it felt so good to be on top of it at last! Once this is cleared I’ll move on to other personal debt and this is how gradually it will all be paid.

Again this is a mindset thing, where taking small steps to feel good about money can really help you feel empowered, which in turn leads to positive action which in turn leads to –

More money coming in!

Considered My Business Impact

I know the immediate shock in the wake of a world in flux can be so hard to navigate, and it’s so easy to respond in fear (one reason why I never watch or read the news). 

But if you allow it, and you’re able to, it’s a good time to think about how you can impact the world in a deeper way. 

For some people during lockdown, that’s making meals and delivering it to the vulnerable.

For heroes like my mum whose job is to support the vulnerable, it means listening to them talk on the other end of the phone so they feel less alone.

For people who work in hospitals, and those on the front line, it can mean working longer hours, or putting their own health at risk.

Others will be donating time, effort, money, energy and love elsewhere. 

For me, it’s been making me think about how I can go deeper within my work and purpose. 

I believe in coaching wholeheartedly. If people were able to be less judgemental, less critical, less harsh and more open, supporting, nurturing, and gentle with one another, 

We get to make the better world we dream of.

I don’t believe solutions come from conflict, or finger pointing, or seeing wrong in others. 

I believe the world changes when we do. 

I believe when more women are financially empowered,  financially literate

( I literally couldn’t believe it last night when one of my smartest clients says she feels like a little girl when it comes to understanding money, investing, assets and asset protection, and it’s partly why I wrote this VERY long mail)

we get to put our money behind causes that matter most. 

Not waiting or betting on politicians, vaccines, or anything else to save us

But being able to support our own health, champion our own causes, and go deeply into our own creativity and passions, we will create a better world for ourselves and others.   

Like it or not, money talks, and I’m tired of women being left out of the conversation – and of women leaving themselves out of the conversation because society has conditioned us to be dependent on the government, or spouses, pay cheques and so on.

So that’s why I wrote this mail. You can take charge of your financial choices, in almost every circumstance. 

Charlie xo


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You’re probably some sort of free spirit, you want to break free of systems and programs that leave you feeling restricted and with limited results,

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But for some reason, instead

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