Let Anything Less Than Your Dream Clients Go

Our ego wants to cling to the clients
Our fear wants to hold on to the money
Our heart wants to be universally adored 
Our brain wants to think from a place of logic

But there is no reality other than this >>>

By letting go of those who you are simply not aligned with
Resonate with

Anything less than your soulmates

If you’re not working with people other than those who truly get you and vice versa on a soul mate level

When you cling on despite the effort / complaints / reviews / negativity / drama / no shows /

Aren’t you doing it ‘just for the money’ ?!

Might as well get a job then, surely.

I’ve found it so hard to let go of clients previously which resulted in endless struggle, time and money wasted on both sides, even tears because I do care deeply about people, soul clients or not –

But really

It was all about ego

Wanting to be the One for them.


Releasing anything less than what you desire

Always opens space for what you want to come in.

My client last week was so upset when she lost another client who actually attacked her quite personally in private

Release I said and trust clients who are right for you will come.
Those who love you AND your message

(Not who want your work based on a purely financial transaction)

She just signed two new clients for September for £4K each. Clients who deeply resonate with who she is and her (incredibly powerful) message.

Release + Trust



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Ready To Receive What You Deserve?!

I don’t believe it’s an accident you ended up here on my site. 

You believe in the same things that I do – unlimited income, following a purpose, making a difference in the world, and being free to travel or live life however you please. 

You’re probably some sort of free spirit, you want to break free of systems and programs that leave you feeling restricted and with limited results,

and you want to know how to show up with nothing less than blissful confidence every single day, in every situation.

But for some reason, instead

*you find yourself frequently procrastinating,
*your results are slowly growing but nothing really extraordinary,
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That’s where I step in. I’m an amazon bestselling author, successful blogger, coach, and business owner (yep, multipassionate enterpreneur over here) and I’m also a big introvert. I’m also a mama of 2 who homeschools her kids all over the world on our global family adventures, horse lover and an ex-feminist turned deep feminine. I ditched my teaching job and since then we’ve travelled all over the world, spoken on stages from the US to the UK to NZ, and coached thousands of women to help them meet their income and lifestyle goals.

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