Let’s Get Back To Business

I got caught up in it

Caught up in the soul awakening, the wild women movement, the consciousness uprising

Thought it was what I was ‘supposed’ to be talking about

That talking about business seemed somehow so base, so almost meaningless in comparison

That I was somehow disregarding what really mattered if I talked about something as obvious as finding more clients

That I was somehow less spiritual if I talked about business or money and wasn’t talking about how we have all upleveled on to another plane of consciousness and are now vibrating at different frequencies

Really. You were born on the plane you were supposed to be on!

You were born light

You were born on a frequency

Absolutely you can uplevel and the energies can shift and that will make all of the difference in your entire life and indeed the whole world and there is no denying that

But what that looks like really, for you?

You’ve always been different

You’ve always felt different

The one called the old soul or the dreamer or the psychic or the black sheep or maybe just the weird one or that constant feeling that this life the one you have or the one you once had

Not meant for you.

You were always meant for more

And so it’s almost irrelevant for you if the shift happened or the energies aligned or the stars collided or you had a spiritual awakening or not

The truth is

You’ve always felt it anyway

And for you – you give a knowing smile, that feeling inside of you as current spirituality consciousness simply reaffirms everything you’ve ever known anyway and then –

It’s back to business as usual.

The business of being you
The business of creation
The business of an incredible upleveled life
The business of doing whatever it is you LOVE to do
The business of success
The business of passion
The business of the creative journey and process bringing both beautiful and fruitful results

And do you know what

I LOVE being about those things.

I love teaching marketing strategies – maybe not quite in the traditional sense and you won’t find me running courses on ABC steps any time soon but I was BORN to market, when you consider that marketing? Is really just communicating and you can tell by the length of this post how much I love to do that

I love teaching others how to follow their dreams as much as that sounds insanely overused and cheesy and done but for me? I’ve done it!

Moved to a tiny island in the Mediterranean, left my 9-5 teaching job, written best selling books and sold successful courses and membership programs, set up multiple successful creative businesses both on and offline, enabled my husband to leave his job and impacted the life of thousands of others-

why would I NOT show others how to do that?!

How selfish to even consider keeping that precious knowledge locked up because it didn’t make the A grade in Spirituality!

Because somehow it’s not quite raw, or vulnerable, or open enough?!?!

Because it’s not ‘authentic’?!? Of course it’s authentic, this is your very life and heart and work and knowledge you are sharing, how can this NOT be authentic enough?!

You’ve now got another string to your bow that’s all

You come with a fully fledged new dimension to your teachings – not that it hasn’t been there all along –

It’s just now you’ve stepped into owning ALL that you are!

We need all of you.


And for me that’s teaching business and marketing and writing a bestseller and photography and dream clients right there alongside living a wild life, following your dream, connecting with your intuition, and raising wild kids and sometimes that might look like me talking about moon phases and sometimes that might be talking about setting up fast easy funnels

Not just because well, #multipassionate

But because for me this is all about living a happy, free life. It’s what the entire #worklessrevolution is about!

For making my readers and followers know they are supported, uplifted, encouraged in ALL areas.

And that might look like running a successful membership program or it might be how to deal with a child who is wilder than most and it might talk about connecting with your wild self-

It’s ALL needed.

And your knowledge, your talent, your giftings are limitless!

So if you’ve been distracted lately
Or feeling like something is missing you just can’t put your finger on what it is
Or feeling like your business needs more… SOMETHING

Maybe what it needs is simple, really

Not more of ‘something else’ more creativity more soul more
faith more knowledge more talent more –

Maybe what it really needs is more you

More of the journey you’ve experienced
The stories you’ve lived
The knowledge you’ve grown within
The giftings you’ve received

For you not to shy away from ALL of who you are

But to also embrace who you were, are and will be.

Full you

Full circle

Sharing and creating and making everything you’ve ever dreamed of sharing and creating and making anyway

And telling the world about it

Because, that’s marketing.

Let’s get back to business


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I don’t believe it’s an accident you ended up here on my site. 

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You’re probably some sort of free spirit, you want to break free of systems and programs that leave you feeling restricted and with limited results,

and you want to know how to show up with nothing less than blissful confidence every single day, in every situation.

But for some reason, instead

*you find yourself frequently procrastinating,
*your results are slowly growing but nothing really extraordinary,
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