Made To Lead.



I don’t even know really where to begin with this to be honest! I’ve got so much excitement for it that it’s bubbling out from my fingertips and coming out in a big blurb and I’m sure I’ve typed this out at least three times in my head already!

Because this started out as a relatively, straightforward, practical program about how specifically, to structure, create and sell out transformational mentoring days, and,

let’s be honest, create an incredibly abundant second (or even primary)! income stream,

and about how anyone with the desire to share (hello, everyone on social media aka the world) and teach can create these, indeed I even created a video on how I sold my first Intensive Transformation day with absolutely no clue in the world what I was doing yet went on to create multiple six-figure income streams for this particular client as a result of this particular day! –

and sharing all of my secrets, everything I’ve learned about creating and selling them with ease since then! –

To the point where my programs sell out without me barely having to even mention them online and frequently don’t – I mean, did you even see a whisper of my New Moon Intensive Cyprus group retreat being SOLD anywhere? Mope, sold out before I even launched! My Milan coaching days? SOLD OUT before launch!

So I was going to share all of that, and the practical strategy of how, exactly, I make that happen, but I kept holding back, and I couldn’t figure out quite why, and it was getting pretty frustrating to be honest!

because I know how powerful creating this income stream is for everyone – me, you, and your clients and their clients and the whole butterfly effect thing goes on big time when someone books these days! – so why couldn’t I just get on and create and launch the thing!?

Maybe I just wasn’t supposed to do this after all! I mean – it’s a bit… practical, for me, anyway isn’t it?

SO I got to journaling on what this was really meant to be about.

Impact. Ooh. Yes. People doing this workshop really will be amazed at not just how easy it is to create and sell these things but also how profitable they are but ALSO how much impact they have on others, and how much good vibe energy flows around the world, or so it feels! After doing their first!

Ease. OH YES. AN EASY income stream that people can literally use with what they already know and understand and not have to do anything crazy!? NO long drawn out strategy, something that can literally be launched in a day or less once you know the basic foundation?!



Aarghh so much more!

Well what then?

Women stepping out as teachers.

Teachers? Boring! Leaders then.

YES. Why leaders!? Because when you do this you realise how much impact you are having. And you have to step up in leadership to be able to do this. And people don’t damn well see yet, still for some reason, how much of a leader they truly are.

And this workshop will release them into that. Anyone can teach. But only those this is right for will know, somewhere deep down inside them they will FEEL, what they have known all along – that they ARE leaders, and this will teach them how to unleash that and go so deep into it and out the other side their entire business + life cannot fail to be impacted.

Oh. My.

Yes. That.

Exactly that. Exactly that magical, powerful, transformational space and WHY then

Because when women are released into leadership

RULERS of their own lives, income, simply by realising the ability and power they have to positively transform SOMEBODY ELSE’S LIFE!? !

Everything shifts.

So of course then! You’ll give ‘em the BASICS, the


*how to create the concept and theme of your intensive programs literally out of thin air, and how to know it is right for you and your clients

*how to promote and sell out your retreats by making it entirely irresistible – and what that means, how to make your experience irresistible – oh yes, we are going SO far beyond ‘running a workshop for ‘$INSERT LOW PRICE POINT HERE’ I can’t even tell you!

*The energy of high-end pricing – how to price your workshops and retreats and intensives at whatever the flip you want AND still ensure it sells out!

*How to structure and plan your 1:1 intensives – YES I’m going to share with you very specific, actual outlines for your day, telling you exactly what to include even planned by the hour, so that you very definite knowledge of what to ‘do’ – great if you’ve never done this before,

*and then exactly ‘how’ to basically rip all of it up and work from a place of soul and flow instead in order to make your intensive days unforgettable!

*I’m even covering all of the ‘what could go wrong’ scenarios, to ensure that everything only goes as it ever should – exactly as it is meant to!

*as well as all the finer details on how to actually ‘host’ your retreat, whether online or offline, including planning in advance, kind of 😉 and what to do AFTER the retreat that ensures you will sell out for ever after!

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While you will have everything you need to go out and create this insanely profitable income stream tomorrow, if you so wish!

What is probably even more valuable, longer term for sure

Is you understanding how to step out and up as a leader. Or as my 7 year old puts it rather perfectly – it’s twirl time, whenever you like!

Because when you can do that

You can use that gift at any point, to sell whatever you like, whenever you like, with ease, confidence and flow

As well as truly elevate your business and brand into that upward spiral of success that only ever comes when you

Claim your rightful place IN your industry, IN your marriage and partnerships

In your entire life

With the energy of LEADERSHIP. Queening, if you like!

So not only are you going to get the entire, practical workshop, with take-away downloads to keep forever and ever to refer back to when needed ; )

To be able to pop this income stream into your business whenever you feel like it (which, trust me, is likely to be a lot, because who doesn’t want to hang out with like-minded people, impact their businesses, in incredible places while getting paid to just, well, be you)!? !

But also to be able to know what it means to become a leader.

I know, that feels overwhelming. I used to feel so uncomfortable with the idea of leadership! I’m an INTROVERT, I naturally prefer being in the background (which is why for ten years I happily hid behind cameras as a photographer)!

BUT I also know

That some of you are ready for deeper leadership. To follow the calling of that! And all that means, all the impact that being a leader brings

To your life, community, business, industry! Like being able to create income streams like this, on a whim and a breeze, for starters! WITHOUT having to second guess yourself, agonise over your decisions, or wonder what direction you really should be moving in every second Sunday.

Because really, the people you work with are NOT going to be impacted by what you ‘teach’ – probably why LIMITED people are showing up for your workshops and programs already, should you be doing any, because really – nobody cares THAT much about what you TEACH –

And as my secondary school class I used to teach way back when will tell you

They can’t remember a single thing I taught them. But they WILL, without shadow of a doubt, remember me, because 

You will lead people into their own greatness – and indeed your own – simply by being who you are and the energy of WHO you are.

And THAT, really, is what this workshop will break open for you.

Confidence in leading from that place, and into all you are made for.


Ready? We go live Friday April 5th, click here to join us now! One MEGA workshop, yours to keep forever!

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And of course there’s more 😉 but these bonuses are for those who get in early, so move fast!

BONUS ONE –  PERSONALISED TRAINING! This is worth WAY more than the cost of the program itself by the way – I’m going to create a training ESPECIALLY for your clients! Use it as promo material, use it to heavily promote your own day, use it for your clients to take away or as a bonus for your own program, or use yourself if you like! 😉 But I’ll talk through with you via messenger first then together we will create a personalised and powerful training for your clients specifically – guest experts always ensure programs sell out! FIRST THREE PLACES ONLY!

BONUS TWO – Easy Sales Training! I’m sharing with you very specifically how I make sales easy, the mindset of successful sales and how to sell on a DAILY basis even when you don’t feel like it / mercury retro or whatever reason it is! How to make selling easy, fast and aligned, so you sell out your workshops and retreats! FIRST TEN ONLY!

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BUT, of course, there is a VIP Option!

And this is MASSIVE 😉

Because for those of you who know they’re VIP

I’m going to go 1:1 intensive with you to plan and help sell out your own!

Me, You, 1:1 for an intensive call while we plan or launch your workshop, retreat, or intensive day!

I’m going to help you with your copy (obvs I Queen at that) as well as helping you to work fast, and in flow, to get the exact results you want.

So not only do you get

*the full workshop to keep, forever

*BOTH bonuses as per the above

*1:1 strategy session with me, helping you create and sell your next (or first) workshop!

PLUS follow up support with me on messenger!

Ready then? Because of course, you’re VIP!!!! Then click the link below!


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