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In this post I’m talking about how to make money on, the freelance microjob site.  Creating multiple income streams is a big topic for business owners lately, and freelancing using the skills you already have is a great way to add a new income stream to your business.

So this post is for you’ve been considering multiple income streams, or want to know how to work from home without setting up a business.

Or you want to know why a successful business owner is trying to make money on Fiverr! 😉

I’ll cover –

  • How and why I decided to set up a side hustle on Fiverr,
  • How I got started with Fiverr
  • The man who made a million working part time on Fiverr,
  • How easy / hard it is to get started making money on Fiverr,
  • How to make money on Fiverr in 24 hours!


For those of you that don’t know, Fiverr is a place where you can get all sorts of awesome work done for your business / life for as little as $5. (Get it)?

I’ve used the site myself to have my Amazon book covers designed, because basically what Fiverr is perfect for is outsourcing the things you really don’t have time / really don’t wanna do yourself. (It also sells some pretty awesome gifts too – personalised children’s fairytale? Unique sketch of your family / dog? Etc).

Fiverr sells ‘gigs’ and as a seller whatever you decide to sell is your gig. You could sell twenty minutes teaching English, thirty minutes of your time to virtually assist someone with their admin, 1000 pins on Pinterest or designing a logo.

Why On Earth, As An Established Business Owner, Have I Pimped Myself Out On FIVERR!?!

So as some of you know reading this site, I’m an established business owner. I’ve got an ebook income stream, a high-end coaching program, and I know exactly how to ‘make money online’.

I’ve founded sites and sold two successfully which provided nice ‘lump’ sums of income; and can launch and run programs that sell out within twenty four hours. I’ve been in business online for over a decade!

So why on earth did I try to make money on Fiverr, and decide to sell my copywriting services on there – for uh, a fiverr!? 😀


Last year I was at a really weird place in business. I was doing a TON of personal work and taking a lot of time out to figure out my deeper message and purpose work in the world.

In this period I simply felt zero desire to launch more courses and programs. It just didn’t feel good for me to do, and as you know, I rarely do anything that doesn’t feel good and aligned!

At the same time, I’d started playing around with the idea of creating more income streams outside of my business/es. So in this period I became a co-owner in a Vegan site, started investing in Cryptocurrency, and in general started widening my vision out from this tunnel vision of ‘coaching + blogging = life’.

Not that I love those things any less, but to be honest I’ve become disassociated with the idea of being an ‘expert’.

As part of my core message and purpose of freedom, I feel much more aligned with the idea of journeying through life, rather than standing out alone as a leader, at the front of everything –

I simply love sharing what I’ve learned in this beautiful journey called life, and from my adventures online as a business owner. I also love testing out new things and challenging myself in business – from reaching income goals to launching new products and trialling new things, and then coming back and sharing what I’ve learned.

So making money on Fiverr was an experiment, and a challenge. I wanted to challenge myself to see if it was actually possible to set up a side hustle and start seeing results pretty quickly.

I thought this would help gain more exposure to future copywriting clients, with the intention of building long-term relationships outside of fiverr. (For much higher rates)!

but also, at the back of my mind, there is the knowledge that a ton of people out there want to make money online, and for many people, they simply don’t want to become an online guru.

Setting up membership programs or online courses, takes time. (Read this post about the stress involved in building my 6 figure membership site)! Some people just want to start earning, as fast as possible.

My goal was to challenge myself to see if I could make money with Fiverr online, fast – and then come back and tell you how I did it.

Why Should You Consider Making Money With Fiverr?

Freelancing uses the skills you already have, to create an income stream.

The best part is, when you register as a ‘seller’ on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, you don’t have to hustle and set yourself up on all the social sites, liase with influencers etc in order to get work (networking, bleurgh! so not an introvert’s dream)! and do all the things new business owners think we need to do in order to get clients and make money!

On Fiverr, the clients are there all ready and waiting.

And Fiverr, Upwork, and other online job sites enable the work to come to you – while you still get to work from home, whenever you like, taking on whatever work you like, in your pjs (if you want. But I actually find I’m super unmotivated in my PJs).

So this is for all of those people who want to earn an income online, using skills they already have, but who don’t necessarily want to put in a ton of work upfront that goes along with founding an online business – and I was excited for the challenge for myself.

Was it going to be really possible to make money on Fiverr, easily and quickly? Could I set up another income stream without having to hustle, promote, and post on social media all the time to help get clients and raise visibility?

My goal was to find out!

What Can You ‘Sell’ On Fiverr?

You can sell whatever you like to start making money on Fiverr! You only have to scroll through the site to see what everyone else is selling to gain some ideas for what you too could sell.

Things that are most popular are time-intensive tasks. Also try tasks that always need assistance and help, and tasks and jobs that need a specific focus or skill, which many people don’t have, but are willing to pay others to do for them.

For example, a time intensive task might mean data entry or customer service or email management. Tasks that NEED assistance are proof-reading (it’s hard to proofread your own work)!

And a specific focus or skill might be SEO management and social media.

So if you have ANY skills that save people time and money (admin assistance, proof reading) , OR are niche and specific (social media management, PR, photo editing), OR are creative, (drawing, songwriting, graphic design)

Then you could set up a beautiful secondary (or even primary) income stream using Fiverr.

What I Sold On Fiverr

I’m a copywriter, and have studied writing sales copy and email marketing copy for years.  For a while I had my own copywriting agency, but I closed it when it became too admin-based to manage other freelancers and left me with little time to focus on my other passions and businesses.

I  became co-owner of a site in the vegan niche, and lead copywriter on a wild camping site, and I was hired every time because I sent them examples of killer copy I had written. I love copywriting, BUT I don’t want to promote and hustle my copywriting services, because it’s simply not my only focus.

So… I had a little totally obvious brainwave one day – why not take the skills I already have… go to somewhere where there are already clients lined up and waiting?!

If I’m selling a book I don’t go door to door asking people to buy it (that would probably give a poor time to income ratio, at least to begin with)

I stick it on Amazon, where I know there are lots of people wanting to buy books!

So ta-dahhh… I set myself the challenge of earning money on Fiverr!

So- can you really start making an income straight away? And how much money can you actually make on Fiverr?

Why I Started A Fiverr Side Hustle

What made me choose Fiverr?

I’ll be honest – one of the main reasons I chose Fiverr is because I was declined on Upwork!

Upwork is a super popular freelancing site, with great writing jobs and assignments listed every day. And after seeing my husband really quickly start earning on there last year, I thought I’d give it a try too. So I did try.

Eleven times.

And apparently this degree-level- journalism qualified, Amazon bestselling author, successful website builder and highly experienced content creator and copywriter just isn’t good enough for Upwork!

But it wasn’t really that disheartening, after eleven times of the universe giving me the message that Upwork wasn’t where my side hustle gold was waiting I got the hint and decided to look at Fiverr instead.

By the way, it’s not because Upwork hates me –  but their initial selection process is done by bots, and for some reason the bots just kept finding a fault in my application and it kept coming back to me saying my niche was too overcrowded.

Which it isn’t because how many other blockchain / cryptocurrency writers are there out there?!? And I know it’s not many because I did a search on Upwork first 😉

So if you fancy earning some extra (or even your main) income via Upwork, check out this article. While I found it so useful it didn’t help me pass the check, but as mentioned I think that was a very definite sign from the universe that I should not be working on Upwork right now.

But these tips are great and should definitely help you if you want to give Upwork a try.

Now here’s a little bit of an insight into why you should try freelancing on Fiverr as your side hustle – this is pretty inspiring.

This post right here. Yep, this guy made a million dollars from working on Fiverr.

Which is awesome because, my goal isn’t to make a million dollars from Fiverr (though, Universe, if you’re listening, I’m certainly not turning it down either)!

But I figured if I could only make one or five per cent of that just as a very part time side hustle?!! While I work on my other businesses?

For those of you who have maths skills as good as mine, that’s $10k-$50k-

Then that’s me creating another secondary income stream doing something I love, without having to spend my time hustling and promoting myself for it. Perfect.

Plus, I jumped on to warrior forum where lots of other geeky internet business owners hang out and there were a few comments that said Fiverr is a gold mine if you know what you’re doing.

So, the great Fiverr side hustle experiment began!


I’m going to be entirely honest here, I wasn’t sure if I had high hopes for earning money from Fiverr. At all.

Although I’ve actually used it to hire people from myself – and the work has always been great! – I know there are a ton of other freelancers on there which would most likely mean it was highly competitive.

Also, you can’t apply for jobs that are listed – in fact jobs aren’t listed at all – which means you are at the mercy of Fiverr showing your profile to people looking to hire. (Update October 2019 – Fiverr now does show you a limited number of jobs to apply for, and I actually did book a client this way).

With so many other freelancers on there, I wasn’t too hopeful I’d ever get seen on there!

Nevertheless I decided to go for it anyway. It felt kind of strangely exciting to me. I have no idea why – I’ve built six figure businesses and know I can (and have) charged top rates for my copy so to list my work for, um, the handsome sum of five dollars should have made me laugh.

But it didn’t. I just kinda felt really buzzy and excited at the challenge.

Setting Up Your Profile To Make Money On Fiverr!

And – contrary to the name of the site – you don’t have to set your prices at $5. You can start them at whatever you like! I did start my prices at $5 – I’ll explain why in a minute.

So I set up my profile. Which was ridiculously easy, by the way. Far, far easier than filling out Upwork’s ton of little boxes and adding work links and education and all of those ‘traditional’ things you would include on a job application.

Fiverr just wants a four line description! 😍 and some super cool name.

I then set up my gigs, which are brief descriptions of what you do and what you’re selling and the price. This took a tiny bit longer, ten- fifteen minutes maybe.

I then hopped on over to Canva to create an image that I thought would stand out a little more in Fiverr’s search results (you don’t have to do this. I did some competition research- the gigs that sell the most had literally family snaps as their gig photo)!!

The only thing I spent a bit of time over was my description, which actually took a while because you only get a few words and so you want to make sure you use that space to help grab your client’s attention!

Make it snappy and memorable, and browse through other listings to see what is working for others before writing your own.

If you want to see my profile and gig listings you can click here to see the finished results. (UPDATE 2019 – my listing is now deactivated / in vacation mode after this experiment, though a few people still tried to book me)!

And pressed publish.

Ta-da! Really couldn’t be easier!

And I waited. Was my ‘make money with Fiverr’ experiment going to be successful, or not?


So in my first five days on Fiverr – I got booked for four jobs!

I made money on Fiverr in 24 Hours.

And – can you believe – despite my first listing not mentioning anything about blockchain or cryptocurrency whatsoever, my very first job was reviewing the copy from an up and coming new blockchain company!

AND it was in the real estate space, which I’m also interested in (nerd alert).

Seriously- you get what you set your intention for. A few weeks ago I was sat thinking about how I’d love to write more about cryptocurrency. Except I didn’t really know where to begin, other than by working for free to build up a reputation in the space first.

But with two kids and other work I love, I know that’s not the right route for me. I certainly had no idea there were blockchain companies looking on Fiverr for freelancers!

It was literally as if I had placed an order with the universe and it had sent me back a delightfully wrapped parcel containing my exact order.

It was yet another reminder that we really DO get to create our reality…

So I completed the first assignment, and then the client booked me again –and paid the extra to have the work returned quickly.

It was amazing, really. I didn’t have to go out there and hustle for clients, or send sales emails, or create sales pages, or anything I’d usually do to get clients and sell my programs,

It was just easy, fast and straightforward. I couldn’t quite believe it was that easy to make money on Fiverr, or in any online job –

I’d spent YEARS figuring out how to set up in business, generate traffic, write sales pages etc. Yet here I was making money on Fiverr in just a few hours, without having to know any of that!

Since then I also booked other ‘dream job’ clients, working on a travel app for digital nomad girls (YEP, wonder why they picked me 😆) more crypto projects, and writing website copy for a real estate agency specialising in property for ex-pats in the Mediterranean.

Pretty much everything I love writing about!


The first two gigs brought me in exactly the princely sum of exactly $24, after Fiverr took their cut.

Was it worth it? Not in terms of time spent researching and videoing their project and in terms of what I’d consider a viable hourly rate.

I’d say the work took me about two hours to complete, so that’s $12 per hour. I could have done it much faster! but for my first client I wanted to do the work extra thoroughly and make sure I did it all properly.

100% yes however, because not only did I get to work on copywriting projects I love, but the reason I only got paid this amount was because I deliberately set my prices this low to begin with, in order to attract clients.

This is exactly how I’ve founded ALL of my businesses – set prices low to begin with, let clients be attracted to the low entry point, gain great reviews, and THEN increase your pricing.

From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks 😉

And also, while $24 doesn’t go far in the US, it goes a lot further when you’re a digital nomad who can live anywhere and so you have cheaper living costs!


So, there you go. I showed you how I created money online instantly in 24 hours online with Fiverr, using skills I already have. The results of my make money online with Fiverr experiment did surprise me!

I’m pretty grateful we live in a world where receiving income is so accessible. And I’m thankful to be able to share this journey with you – how amazing to be able to share how practically anyone can make money online within 24 hours. And not a single time-sucking online survey in sight.

I plan on sharing lots more of these experiments + results of growing online businesses with you right here on this site. Because isn’t it amazing we have all of these tools available to us right now to be able to grow our income and wealth?!

So, what’s next for my Fiverr income stream side hustle?

Honestly, I already achieved my challenge of seeing whether I can make money on Fiverr. As for continuing to turn it into a larger income stream + source, I’m not sure as that wasn’t really the point to begin with.

I take on a few more jobs after the ones in this post. In total made about $300 in two weeks working part time on Fiverr (averaging about 1 day per week). BUT that’s 1 day I could be spending writing to you right here, recording my podcast, or turning my attention to my next challenge 🙂

Make Money Online On Fiverr – The Future!

Right now my store is in Vacation mode while I decide what to do next – follow me here on Instagram for updates!

If you need extra income, or you’re struggling to know how to create one and creating a business seems like such a big deal – you CAN make money pretty quickly on Fiverr.

If I was a stay at home parent, or was on maternity leave and didn’t want to go back to work after my leave ends, yet didn’t know what to do or ‘how’ to set up a business – this is definitely an easy way to start making income online.

So that’s how and why I decided to become a seller on Fiverr, and my results so far.

I’ll breakdown exactly how I made my profile stand out on Fiverr to be able to start getting work in another post.

If this post has been useful to you, let me know in the comments below! Or if you or anyone you know has had success with Fiverr? I’d love to hear some more Fiverr success stories.

Would you consider adding Fiverr to your business / life as a side hustle or secondary income stream?

Charlie xo


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