58 Ways To Make More Money In Your Coaching Business

58 Ways To Make More Money In Your Coaching Business 

I know when I first started out as a coach I had very little idea about creating multiple income streams, but now is a very different story. Which is why I decided to write this list of 58 ways to make more money in your coaching business, which is more important than ever during these uncertain times!

If you want to make more money in your coaching business, pick one of the items from this list that sound intriguing or interesting, or you’ve been meaning to look at for a while, and get to work! Start researching but don’t get stuck there – challenge yourself to make more money in your coaching business in the next 24/48/72 hours!

I’m also sharing what I’m working on and doing in my own business, including some of my hardest moments (like working while dealing with grief and crying every day)! below, but the most important part is towards the end, where I’m sharing what prevents you from making any of these happen.

So if you want to make more money in your coaching business, don’t skip that part! so, the list.

58 Ways To Make More Money In Your Coaching Business 

    1. Write an e-book – this could be skills based, personal, sharing a particular technique or focussed on one strategy; it can aim at your current client base or a brand new one. 
    2. E-book of blog content / past articles 
    3. In-depth report to show how you’ve helped a past client – leading to an offer or program at the end
    4. Offer one-off sessions
    5. Create and launch VIP 1:1 days, in person or over zoom or hangouts
    6. Create a membership site to dripfeed clients a monthly program of your best information and support
    7. Host online workshops to go over a particular skill or strategy for your clients to learn 
    8. Package audio recordings and sell them as a digital download
    9. Create prints that support your work such as slogans for your clients to display for motivational reminders
    10. Sell DIY printable guides to help them achieve a particular skill eg setting up a blog, or laser coaching
    11. Record DIY tutorials to help your clients access information via a video or series of videos
    12. Sell advertising space on your blog or website
    13. Publish sponsored posts on your blog or website
    14. Sell guest posts on your website 
    15. Create or sell Podcast advertising space
    16. Create online courses
    17. Sponsored social media shoutouts and posts 
    18. Product upsells – eg other courses or offers you’ve created that you sell at a one-time price
    19. Done For You services
    20. Selling your raw materials / the tools / equipment you use
    21. Workbooks
    22. Printables (eg quotes that you love / live by, invitations, logos, planner sheets)
    23. Worksheets
    24. Checklists
    25. Journal / diary / planners
    26. Journal / diary / planner pages
    27. Prompt cards
    28. Email course
    29. Fb group (YES you can charge for this, I used to be a member of a facebook group that I paid $97 per month for)!
    30. Increase your prices
    31. Flash sale
    32. ‘Themed’ sale
    33. Seasonal sale
    34. Email templates for other coaches
    35. Program outlines and content for other coaches
    36. Contract / agreement style templates
    37. Referral network
    38. Networking event
    39. Affiliate products
    40. Affiliate courses / services
    41. Amazon affiliate
    42. Public speaking 
    43. Youtube videos / advertising
    44. Online event eg blog tour
    45. Webinars
    46. Gift cards / Voucher
    47. ‘Pop-Up’ online shop
    48. Create complimentary service eg logo design shop for website designers, copy services for bloggers, pinterest VA services for lovers of Pinterest – collaborate with experts from Upwork or in your network!
    49. Joint venture / partnership for commission
    50. Industry event / showcase / gathering 
    51. ‘Bundle’ offer
    52. Your own affiliate program
    53. Upsells
    54. Side hustles
    55. Group coaching
    56. Youtube revenue
    57. Blog monetisation (EVERY creative can and should do this, it’s the easiest way to monetise)! 
    58. Sell a website or product you already own

What To Really Do To Earn More Money In Your Coaching Business 

The ultimate way however to receive more money in your business is to eliminate the reasons why you aren’t doing these things in the first place – creating more income is never going to be about DOING more, or working more, or hustling harder! 

If success was simply about doing more and hustling harder, everyone that works long hours would not only be extremely wealthy but also extremely happy, while really the reality of the average person living in the western world is that we are all working hard and long hours with less of the joy we all desire to experience to show for it.

These are the things you want to really be ‘working on’, if you want to earn more money in your coaching business. 

1. Your Energy States

It’s the little things throughout our day that sap our energy and prevent us moving forward. The scroll, the disappointment in our partner at what they said / didn’t do. The unexpected bill that came in. The thing we saw on social media that triggers comparison.

They literally eat away piece by piece at our positive energy, which is the thing that stops you moving forward! 

What makes you shift energetic state from positive and focused and moving forward, to the opposite? Try to spot the numerous triggers throughout your day that leave you shifting your energy.

I can spot mine so easily now, often it’s just a little person popping into my office that shifts my energy – not that I would change it, I LOVE working from home –

but it’s just being aware of that slight shift and knowing how to shift it instantly back that counts!

What energy shifts can you notice as you go about your day?

Noticing how your energy shifts and moves is the first step in being able to understand that energy is fluid, ever changing, and how you are impacted as a result- which then of course, impacts your work.

2. Your Emotions

Success is never going to be about ‘always being happy and positive!’ That’s an entirely unreasonable state to aim for, but positive happy quotes on social media actually most likely leave us feeling WORSE off than when we saw them, as we see ‘positive and happy’ as this optimal state.

Then some subconscious part of us feels guilty we are not this way, and so those pretty little quotes actually achieve the opposite after the initial hit of about ten seconds has worn off.

Always positive is not the goal, being your true self is, which is WILDLY emotional! Yet emotional women are taught to be rational, have your emotions under control, and just ‘be happy now’ all of which is entirely useless to a human being. Emotions are powerful and you can learn to work with them.

Trust me – I’m writing this as I’m currently crying every single day while I’m grieving for the loss of my wonderful Gramps, yet I’m still launching and selling and working.

Not because I’m a robot or perfectly capable of putting my emotions aside, but simply because I can work with my emotions, rather than beating myself up about them.

If you want to move forward, you have to be able to allow all of your emotions as the first way to working with them. Being a robotic or unfeeling human who can shut down emotion is not the goal!

3. How To Allow More Fun + Pleasure + Flow 

Oh, how powerful the lines between WORK and PLEASURE are drawn. As if we have to have one, not the other. How tired and exhausting and consuming our work so often becomes, how hard the hustle and the pursuit of our goals.

How hard we have to work. So we give up on our goals, set smaller ones, or change path when it becomes so difficult, all because somewhere along the way we forget to PLAY.

We forget that our work can be as pleasurable as we want to make it. We forget that actually, part of why we fell in love with what we do was because of the challenge, the learning, and the growth that we encountered at the very early stages!

Want to fall back in love with your work again? Set yourself new challenges, new goals, find something that ignites your creativity!

And YES you can earn money from that, at the least it helps to build stronger foundations for your business. You can do this by sharing the journey with us! Share the wins, the lessons, the learnings, the joy and the hard stuff!

I’ve just done this with my Etsy and printable journey, you can find it on my podcast the Charlie KB show and over on Youtube! The goal is not to make money, the goal is to find what you love, and keep finding more of what you love.

And if the thing you love becomes stale and boring find ways to keep the love going, just like marriage!

We have become so focused on the goal, that far off, one day in the distant place, we forget to celebrate the every day, we forget to find challenges and micro goals within the every day, and we forget to grow in the every day!

The goal is not the goal, the goal is finding more joy and more challenges along the way to the goal, more joy and pleasure, and when you do THAT you’ll find you get to the goal.

Want more love in your business?

Set yourself a 10 day challenge, (not 30 day, unless you have extreme willpower which I definitely do not)! And make it FUN and joyful, something you’ve always wanted to do, and see how you can talk about and share your journey EVEN IF it seems entirely unrelated to your ‘work!’

In fact, deliberately make it something NOT to do with your work if you like! Let’s face it, who hasn’t done an instagram challenge!? zzzzzz! Find something entirely new and unbusiness related to start with! And see what you want to do with it as you go through the journey.

4. Consistency Mainly For People Who Are Bad At Being Consistent And Jump From Thing To Thing

I’m a creative, (we all are, actually), my mind works at a million miles an hour, I’m always coming up with new ideas and things and dreams and plans, I’m always wanting to change the world and create in some way from startups to things I can craft with my hands to books to programs and everything inbetween!

It’s hard for me to keep up with sometimes, so how do you stay consistent with that!? Well, you find the thing that you return to. NOT the thing that you think will make the money, or is easiest.

Because sometimes it’s easier to do the thing that you think will bring more security and income and time freedom, than do the work you are called to do which can sometimes feel hard and unrewarding and slow!

What’s the thing that you always return to, the thing that has always been there for you!? The thing you probably did as a child or the thing you dreamed about doing; maybe you haven’t even begun it yet but it’s the idea that doesn’t leave you alone, maybe it’s just ideas themselves even.

Plenty of people have made a living out of exploring ideas! Look at Tim Ferriss, for example. It doesn’t have to be something you are great at. As a society I feel we are moving past the ‘guru / expert culture’ and instead looking to others for support and guidance.

So it can be something you’d just like to explore and journey into, Pat Flynn’s smart passive income journey began as him being someone who was going through a journey.

My own blog began as a marketing tool for my photography business and I posted about all kinds of things, not really photography at all!  But really it was always about the writing for me, the expression, helping to take others on a journey, since I was a child, and so that’s always, always the thing I return to!

Find that thing first, and then give yourself permission to go deeper into it, explore it, and see how much fun you can have with it –

That’s where consistency begins, not by telling yourself you’re going to do X number of posts, or podcast daily or whatever it is!

Simply by following your creativity. That idea that’s been bugging you and won’t leave you alone. 

And then you fly it over and over and over again, not because you have to but simply because it’s so much fun, to see if she can fly a little higher daily, and then before you realise it, actually,

You’re remarkably consistent because of course, consistency comes when you follow joy and pleasure, how can you ever not be consistent when you follow what you love to do?

Unless of course you make it hard and boring, I find it hard to turn up to things that are hard and boring too, why would you want to do that? So this comes back to pleasure again – how much joy can you bring back into your work – do that, and you will find consistency easier and of course then, the money flow easier too!

5. Make More Money – The Money Part!

This is the hardest part for me, because it’s still a journey I am on! While I am frequently good at making money online doing what I love, I habitually fall into patterns of inconsistency. I KNOW that for me it’s all about my underlying money fears. I’m a work in progress 🙂 like we kind of all are.

The funny thing is, I know this will get better when I follow more of the above things, so my primary goal for 2020 is FUN + FLOW! I know that the more fun I have, the more I flow with creativity and ideas, and when I flow every single form of energy does too – creativity, joy, expansion, time, wealth!

How can it not, logically, when you think about it?! 

So I’m committing to allowing myself to receive more, and being a good steward of what I do receive.  Which means using it responsibly, and putting it to work for me. Not spending it wildly because I’m so scared it will leave.

To honour my commitment here, is to allow myself to have more fun with money! To start to break down those associations with WORK! Work, does sometimes = money. But more often, work that is fun, free of fear and anxiety, learning, and challenging myself will always lead to deeper abundance, and more income + profit!

Alongside this I’m honouring a daily wealth practice around money, (download my free Money Gift if you haven’t already and get your own wealth practice worksheet, get it here) and committing myself more to serving more people, creating more content, and doing more big scary things!

I’ve been asked to feature in another national UK newspaper and, I know, I’ve done it already, but as a massive introvert the whole thing really does terrify me! BUT my commitment to serving, my commitment to showing up, is slowly winning out, and even though I’ve been putting off for months I’m almost there with returning my info for the story!

And so then if you want to make the money you have to first look at where you’re really scared of it, which sounds crazy! But the fear of making real leaps is what holds us back from earning more. Often, underlying it is some fear around money.

Your Personal Ceiling Stops You From Making More Money

In particular I’ve noticed lately how we reach our own personal ceiling of what we think is enough. We stagnate at this level! Sometimes for months, then sometimes for years. 

Yes, I’m talking about myself – my income has remained pretty consistent for the last year or so, because I’ve really been scared to leap and do the big things. It was the same with the Ted talk I was invited to do. And the time there was an event with Danielle Laporte I was invited to apply for. 

They just felt like SUCH BIG THINGS. Because they felt like big things because I felt like a small thing, instead of a great thing. How have come to believe in our smallness, instead of our greatness?

I’m slowly learning that’s to do with confidence, and self love; even though we talk a lot about how we love ourselves now. Well, if you truly love yourself, why are you backing out of taking the really big leaps that would honour what you really want?

Because either you don’t want it in the first place – maybe because it was an ego-goal – or you’re scared of what it might mean if you were to let down your guard. Which means that sometimes, deep down, you too, sometimes feel like a small thing.

This happens in relationships when you’re afraid to be vulnerable, soft, open. It’s not just about reaching for a bigger income goal or scary thing. It happens throughout our whole lives when honouring that thing we really want.

We want it so much, we find ways to mess it up because we are ultimately afraid, somewhere, that it is to good to be true. Somewhere deep down we believe we are not quite worthy of having it. Like we haven’t done enough, or been enough, or are enough. We are so conditioned into believing success has to be hard, we can’t quite dare to believe it can be easy. Let alone fun and guilt-free!

The Number One Way To Make More Money In Your Coaching Business

Did you hit a ceiling with your growth? Because really, I think that’s a limit in how much you give to yourself. How much you love and honour your desires. The level of fun, freedom, and joy you allow yourself to have. Before the ‘well, better get back to work and the grind!’ sinks in!

So if you want to receive more, I’ve shared a little about how I’m doing it, but for you –

Where’s your ceiling, what ceiling did you hit this year, where did you allocate the blame?

How can you make your work fun again, and challenging?

And of course, that will only ever begin and end with how much of yourself you are prepared to give, in the leaping, reflection, commitment, and devotion to you and the things that you find deepest, deepest pleasure and joy within.

And of course – you could always start doing that… right now.


this is not a dress rehearsal…


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