Making A Tough Decision EASY No Matter What They Say About It!

When did it become a thing to have to STAY on a path that was probably never right for you in the first place?

I mean, the second you tell someone actually, no that’s not right, it’s not aligned, it’s not for me anymore, I’m trying to make it work and actually I KNOW there is something better for me –

Why is the automatic default response (even if it’s unspoken)

Oh, not another thing
Can’t stick to anything
Always changing her mind –

And of course, I’ve judged myself enough times in the exact same way –

AM I flaking!? Do I just not have what it takes to stay the course?! AND YET

I was a photographer for almost a decade

Have been coaching now for almost 6 YEARS (that’s if you count paid- for work)

Haven’t stopped writing since I was a kid

Have nurtured my nomadic soul since I was 14 which was when my mum let me catch the train to London solo (and now I’m a mother I’m like MOTHER were you crazy!? lol…)

Let alone the basic things like, that most of us seem not to give up on!

Like, well, walking, for one. Most people don’t give up on walking. Or breathing.


I’m QUITE capable of staying the course

With more than one thing!

Which can only mean then!

That if you can, actually, and have proven – to yourself because who on earth else needs to hear it – NOBODY

That you CAN stay the course, you’re not just walking away, you’re actually walking to (the bit most people can’t quite see because they don’t have the vision you do)!

What are you even worried about!? I mean – leaving something that no longer fits? That no longer lights you up? That maybe yes, you thought was THE THING, you celebrated all over the internet about it, hundreds of comments and people celebrated with you, and I mean sure –

Stay DOING THAT THING, if you want, because you said it was so and therefore it MUST be so

Or simply ask yourself

I mean really

Are you actually performing just for them!?

Staying because it’s easier to stay than it is to leave?

Isn’t that just what THEY do? 

One place

I mean, sure, they’ll upgrade the home, maybe even make an easy move overseas, stick with the same job probably, do a reno maybe! I MEAN _ WOW THEY’RE REALLY SHAKING IT UP OVER THERE

But generally

Same shi*, different day.

But for you


You know you weren’t put here to do what THEY do, were you?

So why are you even pausing now to wonder what they might think, or have to say about it?

And more than that, what if what they had to say about it was entirely… wrong?

Because of course you could look at it like

Non-committal, non-reliable, can’t focus, scattered attention, flaky, non-focussing, HA knew she wouldn’t follow through

Or think of it this way

What would you say to your kid, who didn’t want to continue doing the thing that actually was no longer right for them? I mean, keep pushing through kid, even though you’re actually MUCH better at this thing over here? Because you’ve gotta do crap you don’t like in life?! Again, maybe that’s what THEY teach because that’s what THEY genuinely believe! But not me, and probably not you either!

Or would you say

You’re brave for trying something tough, that most people wouldn’t do, and you’re AMAZINGLY brave for knowing your own mind and what’s best for you. Even if you have to fight for it – the same way that every time my littlest fights for what she wants (and what she doesn’t) I can’t help but literally fill with pride at her for being so strong in herself in her demands

And not only that

Wouldn’t you also be in admiration

Of her absolute commitment to

Of her absolute dedication to

Of her absolute belief in

Herself, and what is true for her, and to hell with what anybody else has to say about it!?

Of course you could push and push and push her, tell her she just has to tough it out, stick with it!

But WHY would you do that, when clearly her joy, her gift, her skill, her delight, her purpose, her mission, may be elsewhere?

Of course, it may not be! You may think you know what’s best for her!

And tell her, in no uncertain terms!

But then –

Wouldn’t you be robbing her of the chance to find out for herself!? Of all the learning that entails!?

And really

I mean

No matter what anybody else has to say about it

Whose show is it anyway!?

Isn’t it far more interesting

To give them something to look at EVEN IF you do spectacularly fail, walk away, lights out!?

Than to be the one 

Who never tried anything at all?

I mean – that doesn’t sound like the show I’d turn up for!

And that’s why they’ll pay you

Simply because you were the ones who turned on the lights

When everyone else was too scared to flick the switch.

The ONLY thing you need to commit to,

Relentlessly, over and over and over again

Is saying No to the way they expect you to do things

And YES to everything you know is waiting

For you to show up to THAT.

So go do it then! Curtains up, the new show is about to begin.

This is not a dress rehearsal xo


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