Here’s What It Really Took To Move To A Mediterranean Island

It’s beautiful, now. It’s life on a beach. It’s mountain trips and laptops in coffee shops and late nights by the glow of my screen with two tiny bodies sleeping beside me while I tap out words to the next book. It’s yurt festivals and sunshine and meze under the stars and when people say it’s just the dream life, you’re on holiday

The answer is always – I am never on holiday, because quite simply, I believe-

Your life is your greatest work. 

But here’s what we forget, and me to because although I always KNEW I was meant for this life, the one less ordinary, the one of picnics to lakes and sandy shores and the mediterranean spirit –

I buried it

Hid it away

Kidded myself I wanted something else, told myself I would have to earn the right or the right time even to live wherever I dreamed of living, told myself that one day….  would be the right time;

We forget that our biggest responsibility (and yes this is controversial but still- ) we forget our biggest responsibility in this life is not the mortgage

is not the car repayments

is not even our children

But simply to follow the callings of your wild soul.

I know. How selfish. How utterly irresponsible. Like you could ever dare make that choice. Don’t I know you have needs, obligations!? Bills to pay, mouths to feed?

I do. I had them too. But I chose to do the selfish and utterly irresponsible thing in the eyes of 99.9% of the population and just




And now my life looks like this, most days.

But how? 

I was asked today. How specifically, have you done it? How…

There are so many ways to live this life and of course I could be trite and tell you to just trust, or take a risk, or just do it, or any other thing that IG quotes flash prettily around.

Truth is they’re all pretty without substance

And more truth is


It takes a lot

to live this life.

Because I used to be a slave to the old too.

I craved a mortgage. We viewed tiny part-ownership houses dreaming of how we could scrape together the 5K deposit needed. I was surviving on maternity pay and the income of a brand new business, my husband was a few jobs out of university right after the recession.

We raided our daughter’s piggy bank to be able to eat sometimes. And yes that’s horrible to admit, even more horrible to think one day she might  read this but it’s the truth and the truth is what we are called to share.

And still I knew – and believed- there was more. I still felt with every part of me that this life – was not for me.

And I don’t want to sell you on the rags to riches story here. It’s boring, done, outdated, and even though mine does include homelessness and living with strangers to my luxury home right here on a golf resort, it doesn’t paint the entire truth.

The truth is I still argue with my husband. I still shout at my kids. I still experience life! It’s just that now when I have a bad day, I get to have a bad day on the beach and so a bad day never seems quite that bad anymore.

And so the real story – behind how I made it happen for me – how I actually DID go from homeless and broken to more healed and living my beachy mermaid kind of a life with two mini mermaids in tow working when I want to-

meant I had to change my entire way of thinking and working and even believing

To be able to make it happen. Which, if you think about it, makes complete sense because –

if you want completely different results from what you are living and experiencing right now then of course

You will need to do something entirely different!

and not even DO something entirely different but

Expect something different
Be open to something different
Believe in something different

And on a more practical note- that looked a bit like this. This is what I had to change in order to be able to live this life where I worked less, and spent more time with my kids and on the beach, vs being chained to my laptop as a slavepreneur.

1. Create Your Wild + Beautiful Diverse Income Stream 

I sit here now typing on my laptop and do sometimes get so frustrated with how incredibly slow my process is and has been… yet when I *compare* it to many others – those who often moan about how unfair it is their business doesn’t seem to be working and how *lucky* I am

I remind them

I’ve written five books (with five more in the works and ideas for many many more)
Launched three membership programs
Ran countless VIP days and coaching calls
Launched several businesses
Launched countless online courses and programs
Run online workshops
Affiliate for courses and products I genuinely heart and believe in

In fact sometimes I wonder if I put far too much emphasis on content creation and perhaps I should concentrate more on visibility instead except of course I know that to try to do something that is anything less than what I am born to do would be a bit like going back into a 9-5 job – basically pointless-

And so the key, I believe, in creating this life, or your own version of the dream where you’re not chained to anything except your own vision- is to be able to create and monetise your passions, strengths, interests, beliefs.

This doesn’t mean I believe everyone should be an entrepreneur. It does mean I believe we all have unique gifts to share with the world – and why should we not be paid to share that knowledge when we have usually paid enough to acquire it in the first place? And it doesn’t even need to be knowledge i.e coaching. That’s my pathway, it doesn’t need to be yours.

Dentists create extra services and passive income products all of the time – you only need to look at their payment plan systems to realise what they’ve basically created is a ‘membership’ of sorts where you pay a monthly membership to have beautifully aligned teeth!

My first passive income product I created when I worked full time as a photographer, NOT to ‘make money’ but out of frustration that people kept asking me the same questions!

Writing my ebooks and realising how to transform my passions and knowledge to a format that could help others helped unlock wealth and time creation for me and it will do for you too.

2. Journal For Joy 

Writing by the light of a candle while the dog sleeps at my feet. The morning is quiet and still. It’s just me, my pen, my notebook, giving life to my dreams.

Creating a morning journaling habit has been transformational in so many ways. It brings focus, clarity, wisdom, insight, faith, direction. It challenges me and uplifts my creative soul. It sparks ideas and helps me to process.

I do not know a single soul who would not benefit from creating a focussed journaling habit.

If you want help knowing how to do this, sign up here for my journaling challenge. It’s fast and free and will show you some of the exact processes I use in my journaling, and you can too.

3. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

I’ve got a ‘thing’ about pretty quotes lately. I love them for a quick uplift. I have one saved as my screensaver from the beautiful Gabrielle Bernstein. I equally think they’re entirely meaningless unless you know what to do with them or they actually have some purpose beyond an instant feel good hit…

which I guess I could go on some sort of societal rant here about how everyone just wants the feel-good hit without doing the actual work… but the point is

To really and truly change my mindset I had to actually do the work beyond looking at quotes which tell you to just keep going and somehow your life will magically change one day. Yes that sounds ridiculous, but isn’t that really what we all want, the magic pill, the quick fix, the sticking plaster and the instant result and the lottery win?

Or to believe if we can just ‘stick at this one thing’ eventually, over time, we will get to where we want to be?

Yes, persistence is key. No, it alone will not bring you everything you need.

So I devoured books and courses and programs, worked with mentors and coaches, watched videos and read thousands of emails on mindset training. To know what I know now took me literally YEARS – if not over a decade- of learning.

I learned how what we learn impacts how we act and of course – how we act impacts our ability to receive what we desire. I learned how to change my energetic states, delved into healing, prayed a lot, cried a lot, aligned, re-aligned and realised that the journey of healing and recovering and re-energising is never going to be complete. Because, well, life.

So you get up and you do the same the next day. And then you get to act, based on your belief, and you get to receive, based on what you truly believe you *can* receive. And that is mindset in nutshell form.

4. Changed my MONEY mindset. 

I used to call people with money snobs, used expressions like ‘swimming in money’, I used to laugh along when people called people with the fortune of having more money than them ‘toffs’ and all sorts of other entirely ignorant myths which perpetuate middle-class poverty.

I literally cringe now when I think of how I used to be so discriminatory and so absolutely ignorant.

How on earth could I expect my financial state to change – much less change the financial state of others – when I absolutely could not bear to become the very thing I thought money stood for?

Why on earth WOULD I receive more money, when obviously, earning more money would clearly change who I was as a person?

To change how I earned money- I had to change how I viewed money!

I began to view money not as a societal differentiator – the difference between ‘me’ and ‘them’- and instead as a tool which could be used for the power of incredible GOOD in both my own life, the life for my family, and in the world at large!

I began to admire the wealthy regardless of how they had received their money. Not in the kind of envious / jealous ‘well it’s ok for them…’ type of way. But in an ‘you’re awesome! could you please teach me how?’ type of way.

And then eventually

I removed the gap between me and them

and simply decided there was no gap

No mystery

And that I too

Was able to receive in the exact same way as anybody else.

But of course this goes back to point three – in opening your mind as to what you believe you are able to receive.

5. Creating Brand You

I have been able to create a business that supports my creative and lifestyle desires, I believe, by sharing who I am. It’s not a difficult thing to do yet we bear so many blocks around ‘who am I to be interesting / have an opinion/ be an authority’  that I see so many amazingly talented women holding themselves back from stepping into their true gifts and talents and reaching more people simply because they are afraid to do this!

Simply because sometimes – we are afraid we are not enough. What a crime. What a sad and tragic waste. Because if it is not YOU, they are following, knowing, reading… then it is someone else. Someone who simply believed in themselves enough to say… yes to their desires. 

Even I sit down sometimes and think to myself who on earth wants to see yet another pretty picture of the beach / hear about life in the mediterranean and then I have to remind myself that not everybody has this life! That to most people, doing something which is entirely almost mundane for me like having my morning coffee in the sunshine by the pool this morning is not normal for most people!

But even when I didn’t have this life I was writing about the life I did have, about finding beauty and joy in the everyday.

My previous blog was called everydayhappy, and to some extent that’s exactly my philosophy behind the work less revolution and the work I do with women now to help them earn more in their businesses and work less- it’s not always about life on an island sat on the beach (and the wifi there isn’t great anyway)! 

To create your Brand You- the type of business that means you can sell anything from books about hypnobirthing to courses on business success to copywriting services-

You simply have to create and share your life – however that looks

But of course, for any change to occur

You need to find the beauty in it in the first place. And right now that beauty… so hard to find when drowning in the poor me / poor circumstance / not the right time / not enough money / well it’s ok for her type mentality.

That beauty is usually you, you know.

Your gifts

Your talents

Your calling

And your desire to follow it

Is where this all begins, and where creating your dream life evolves from.

You, finding your beauty, setting your intention for your own dream business and life, and holding on to that so tightly you’ll know they’ll never tear it away from you.

And even when they try

Even when you have the worst of days

Even when it feels like everything you know is crumbling around you

When you’re having the crappiest of crappy days

Well then –

You’ll at least be having your crappiest day on a beach, in the sunshine, tapping away on your laptop.

It’s never going to be easy. It will always be an up and down ride that you need to prepare for. And sometimes I believe it’s designed to deliberately break you first. Down down down down down and THEN the up.

But most people give up before the up.

Not you. Not I.

Because we have what it takes, don’t we? And this, above, is what it takes.



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