My Business Confession

I have a confession today,

For so long, I held this kind of secret fear

And belief

That my message was pointless.

That nobody would really understand or get my emails or messages,

That nobody really understands my life, or me, really!

And it’s not like it ever bothered me particularly

Except when

I would fall into the scroll

See other prettyprenerus with their perfect branding and on point marketing message about X Y Z strategy

And I would wonder in my head why on earth I couldn’t just shrink my message down

Put it into the box labelled OBVIOUS and make it easy for everyone to understand

Not have all of these ideas and domain names and mad programs and courses which were based on whatever came into my head at the time (obviously based on what I was amazing at, or they wouldn’t have arrived at all)!

Couldn’t I just be ‘the branding person’ or ‘the content person’

And for a time I was ‘the photographer coach’ I guess, I was certainly one of those early into the online marketing world with a program specifically for photographers

But after a while

I couldn’t do it anymore

I couldn’t JUST be one thing.

Because how on earth can you be just ONE THING when you are so beautifully multipassionate and multifaceted!? To sell the thing that everyone tells you to sell,


Just like being at school really, when you’re told you have to specialise

Go study just ONE thing

Like all our measly little brains can cope with is going deep into ONE thing

(Anyone who is a working parent will tell you very clearly otherwise as they fly out of the door juggling coffee, phones, a shoe, food, three bags, water, with your brain on fastening their seat belt at the same time as planning a launch or a call or whatever it is in your head at the same time)

I guess what it really means to specialise

To be an expert in just one thing

Is that the world can see you

And know you

As just one thing

We make it easy for them to categorize us.

Or, some of us do anyway!

But last night, just as I was having a little wobble again

Like I do so often about who am I and what the funk am I doing here

(for a milisecond people, don’t panic)!

And fell into that one thing you should almost NEVER do when you feel like that, aka scrolling

And I see another coach come up in my feed.

Powerful quotes
Business brand sorted in that strong and kickass kind of way
Perfect step by step programs, membership site, publication credits, branding all neat and tidy.

And I looked at it for a few minutes

And once, where I would have been in that place where I would have been wishing I was *MORE* something else

Easier to understand, maybe
Got it all sorted and figured out

This time around

I was a bit more


Because as an artist, writer, creative, free spirit,

whose worst nightmare is staying in one place, schmoozing with a ton of people in order to ‘network’, or creating something that is prescriptive, everyday, and repetitive – NOT that this is to bash anyone else doing this because for SOME people, that clearly works and is valuable! (just not my people)!

But for me

I couldn’t have felt less lit up
Less inspired to be creative
Less inclined to wake up and devour my day with passion and energy!

And so I KNOW, and this was just another confirmation for me but really, I knew all along – that my work has power and magic in it –

And funny then, that I had a conversation with someone today, and they asked how my work is going, and instead of talking about me I told them about my client’s results

*Like the 32K day client last week (another 8k banked this week by the way)!

*Like the client who moved her and her husband to Italy

*Like the client who is now living on passive income alone

*Like the client who THIS WEEK for the first time decided to ‘work’ less than 4 hours per day simply because that’s what she wants to do which then gives her time for endless creativity which we all know is the real work anyway!

*Like the client who made extra sales last week thanks to my sales trainings

And so on!

And this is all possible,  simply because I decided that

My message IS valuable!

And sure, if you don’t like the fact that sometimes my trainings have background noise of the neighbours lawnmower sometimes I totally forget what I’m talking about and sometimes I ramble to make my point and if you can’t keep up with those kind of trainings then SURE

Of course I’m not going to be for you.

And you –

if you wonder why you get complaint clients
Or why you feel dissatisfied
Or why you can’t quite meet your goals yet
Or why you felt for so long like walking away from essentially, who you are-

Why you disconnected from social media
Why you still aren’t yet where you REALLY want to be –

STILL so far from that life you said you wanted

Isn’t it obvious? How many signs from the universe do you really need!?

Isn’t it obvious
That you, simply, for most people,
Have always been too much?
Have always been the untamed one?
Have always been the one who gets talked about behind their back?

In which case – when did you decide it would stop being this way!?

Did it become too difficult, somehow?! To be that person!?


Did you just end up giving in – momentarily! –
To what they said you should be doing?

Follow the steps, make the money, dampen your creativity and spirit and fire and the essence of who you are

Go follow the predictable path instead!

Join the membership sites of prettypreneurs following the steps

The ONLY step you need to take (apart from unleashing your art, like I talked about yesterday)

Is simply believing
ALL of who you are is valuable (note – I said who you are, not what you do)

And so for me and for you
What’s needed isn’t a program where you learn how to run ads! Or a pricing workshop! Or whatever it is because sure those things are useful (mildly)

But boxes have WALLS,


When really

To get past my fear
All I had to know
And to believe
Was that it was ALL possible

And not even possible but way beyond that because

If you’re in a ‘competitive’ space what you need to know is this>

People in your industry will fight you tooth and nail
For every reader, every follower, every cent.
They’ll outspend you, they’ll outpublish you, they’ll outcreate you even, they’ll deliberately ostracise you when you get SO close to what it is you really want

But here’s what I learned

And in this learning came the wild appreciation for who I am, for these emails I create, to pour the energy of devotion itself INTO my work

I learned –

In all of my writerly, creative, romanticist crazy person who goes and lives in a castle, passive income course creating accessory designing photographing MADNESS + GENIUS

Nobody can BE you.

They simply can’t BEAT that,

And that’s how you become a leader
When you lead with

And that’s why I write these emails, create my programs, write my books and carry on creating WITH zero fear or funks whatsoever because I know now how valuable that really is.

And you too, except –

There’s just one teeny tiny problem >

They can’t follow you, if they can’t see you.

And so,

Better get out there and show ‘em.


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