My Latest Feature! + It Was Really Uncomfortable

I got featured yesterday in a HUGE magazine! Fabulous magazine published a whole page article on me and the family, which went out all over the UK on Easter Sunday, AND on their website (read the full article here)!

OHHHHHHH it did NOT feel comfortable. I even hesitated sharing it on social media.

I was afraid.

I’ve always hated the spotlight. I want my client’s achievements to speak louder than me. I don’t like the notion of a personal brand. I was afraid of haters. Because I didn’t write the story and not all of it was entirely true. I was afraid people would judge me for being published in a certain place. I felt like a fraud, like why would a newspaper on the most popular weekend of the year, bar Christmas, feature ME!? and a WHOLE PAGE!? 

Yes, a whole ton of fear crept in. Never mind everything I’ve gone through and overcome to get to this place, all I could see were my flaws, fears, and failings.

What if they knew we had personal debt? What if they knew my business went down the toilet in 2017 / early 18? What if they knew all the times we had STRUGGLED!?

I think that’s maybe the thing, really. I hate people looking at me and thinking about how I have this perfect life, this privileged life, when really the whole first half of my life was so far from that it’s quite a miracle I’m even here at all to be able to write this to you.

But the story didn’t show that side, and really – I’m glad about that too, to be honest. Because like one lovely person said who commented on my social update – how lovely to read something uplifting.

And really – that’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m on a mission to get my story out to the world. Because that’s what matters.

That you can overcome and choose your outcomes, and your life, no matter what you go through. And you can always, create and find your uplifting.

And that’s why, sure, I feel sad that people who choose to live their message and stand out in the world do get hate, knocked down, and bad things happening to them – that all of my fears are not unfounded,

But I’m just choosing to let my dreams be bigger than my fears. So I will get published, even as someone who hates the limelight, maybe I’ll even learn to love it?!

Because I’m so committed to the outcome, to empowering women to see and to take ownership of their choices, and to realise that creating the life that they want IS possible –

That I will continue to choose my dreams over my fears. And how to do that then?

Realise when you’re avoiding something
Note that those butterflies in your stomach are usually linked to fear
Do whatever it takes to find some feeling of normality / rebalancing
And then do the thing, embrace the thing, do more of the thing!

Because what we want is often just sitting on the other side of the fear.

What are you choosing?



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