New Houses, Pinning Things, CEO of Plants

Want to know what I’ve been working on? Here you go.

1. Building Niche Sites Of My Own

It suddenly dawned on me towards the end of last year that I’ve been writing for copy clients now for years, and that actually, I’d rather be the home owner than the cleaner.

Meaning, I realised I wanted to build my own websites that were outside of this one.


Nothing to do with ‘not following my purpose work ‘ – I am, and always will be, a coach and writer <3 with a liberal dash of creative joy running throughout it all like a silver thread (more about creativity in a minute).

But I see niche sites like owning property.

I have no desire to take on a mortgage and ‘own a house’ in the traditional sense – renting gives me freedom of movement, security that should there be a recession I can downsize, (though actually I’d probably upgrade to be honest, in accordance with the law of attraction)!

and the option to live in incredible places in amazing locations without having to live in a shoebox purely so I can ‘get on the property ladder’ as is so popular in the UK.

Noooo, to all of those things. For me. If that suits you, great, and it’s not like there aren’t times when I wish I could move a wall or plant a lawn. Not often though ๐Ÿ™‚ because I prefer moving myself to a new location instead.

HOWEVER – I do hugely see the value from a financial-perspective in putting your money into something. Building assets. Of which property is one.

I just think there are better forms of asset-building for me personally.

One of which then, is building websites, which is the kind of online-entrepreneur version of building or buying a house.ย 

After building and selling two ‘niche’ websites previously, in photography and in the vegan recipe / lifestyle area, I know that when a website is built well, and generates traffic and income, you can sell it for a lovely profit.

Much like owning a house, only I don’t have to live in my website ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’m building websites in the same way most people build houses.ย  As a future investment.

Some of the content is outsourced, I’m working with writers I’m hiring to create the content. Right now one website has around 12 x 2000 word posts on it, the other has around 3, with a few more in progress.

So over the last few months I’ve created around 30,000 words of content for my sites. Building the foundations…

I’m happy to build these slowly and steadily, with the aim of selling one next year and keeping the other as a passion project / source of income / asset appreciating in traffic and income.

So, basically, I’m building the foundations of two ‘houses’. They’ll probably cost a lot to build and to grow, but I’m happy to play with building them in the meantime and know that I have two assets that I’m building up.

How do I know building what is essentially a blog site, is valuable?

1. I built and sold two websites previously. One sold for 25 grand, the other for 15. This is peanuts in comparison to what most big sites sell for.

However these websites had barely any content, traffic or other things that most buyers want to pay for.

I know now, that had I optimised them properly, they would have sold for much more – indeed the first one was actually valued at around $280K, but I wanted a fast sale and didn’t want to wait around for the right buyer. Which was the right choice back then. Maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. I’ve just been made CEO of a site and business turning over thousands a month in just from hosting ads on their most popular pages alone.

More on this coming up! I didn’t need the evidence that websites and blogs make thousands a month in profit, but you might not know or believe how relatively easy it is to build an online asset.

Relatively being the key word. You still need to know what you’re doing, in the same way you need what you’re doing when it comes to buying and selling houses.

I haven’t got a clue really about buying and selling houses, and I’d have to rely on expert advice to do that properly.

I do know a lot about growing traffic, building websites and generating income online. So, these two sites are my houses that I’m building.

What Are The Websites?

I can’t tell you on here what the websites are.

The reason for that is my sites have been hacked for as long as I can remember, including this one. It’s a massive pain to go in and fix it. Let’s carry on with the house analogy, it’s a bit like realising on the house you built that the roof got hit by lightning and is now pouring in water all over the bedrooms.

Yep, hackers have poured spammy links on this site. You can’t see them, but they’re there in my Google analytics. Thankfully, my goal isn’t to get this site ranked by Google but to provide you with valuable content you can use to feel motivated or inspired or empowered or informed.

So I’m not sharing even a whisper of them here, because it’s quite likely the hackers will read that link and head straight there. So, no sharing! Yet ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Becoming CEO

For those of you who have been following the journey, last year I started to build a homeschooling startup company. Weirdly, (or not), I am now CEO of a company that has a major focus on homeschooling. Lol.

The difference being that while running my own startup meant that I would need to work 24/7 successfully for years to get it off the ground, being appointed CEO for somebody else’s company means that I can define when and how I work,

and currently we have reached an agreement that I have a one day a week CEO day, while being on call as CEO the rest of the time.

Which means, I still get to devote myself to coaching, writing, and the other things that make me happy.

How Did I Get To Be CEO??

Well, honestly, I just gave generously of my time and energy to someone I know needed support! It started out like this.

As I started to build my niche sites, I knew that to grow them quickly I’d need to generate traffic using search engines. Pinterest is one of the quickest ways to get visitors to your site – plus, I LOVE Pinterest. Who doesn’t! ๐Ÿ™‚

So I decided to focus on Pinterest as a major driver of traffic to my sites. Don’t fall asleep yet at all the marketing terminology ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, I’ve hired Pinterest managers before, but I never really knew what they were doing, because I didn’t really understand how Pinterest worked.

I wanted to hire someone again to run my accounts for me, but first I needed to know how Pinterest worked in order to be able to be a better guide for my hire / team member.

Sure, I can trust people to get on with their work, but I felt it was important to actually know how Pinterest ‘thinks’ so that I can maximise our opportunities.

So, I took a course on Pinterest. And OMG I REALISED EVERYTHING!!! and so much more since then. Now, I totally get how to use Pinterest to get clients, hence why you’ll see a ton of Pinterest articles all over this site (use them, that’s powerful info in if you apply it – Pinterest is WAY more powerful than any other social platform)

In a matter of weeks I was gaining thousands of views on Pinterest, and hundreds of visitors to this site, and my email list which had previously stalled, was growing daily. Woo!

Then came the idea – well, why don’t I share this? I knew from my copywriting experience people desperately needed website visitors, so I decided to add Pinterest Management to my copywriting services, and very quickly found my first client.

How Did Pinterest Management Lead To CEO?

I was hired to manage two accounts. One account with hundreds of thousands of viewers, was in fairly rapid decline. It was using outdated practices and had droppped from 4 million views at its height to 750,000 per month. Still high, but dropping daily.

I managed to stall the decline and get it growing again! We still have a way to go until we hit the previous highs, but I’m confident we will.

However in doing this, I also began to talk with the site and company owner frequently. He would ask my opinion in certain areas, and I would discuss copywriting, sales, traffic etc. Basically I was just sharing knowledge because I LOVE the company, and the guy was lovely with a gorgeous family of 6 kids that I felt called to support, so I was just checking in with regular updates and ideas.

In case you’re wondering, the business is in the homesteading niche. It’s hugely popular for it’s recipes, garden, and country style big family living content.ย 

The one day out of the blue they announced they had written an advert for a CEO. I was like, oh, cool.

Unless you want the role?ย 


Previously it would have been a UM YES instantly, but I know much more now about how to honour my energy and other commitments. I had to make sure this would not take over my life, and that I could keep my freedom!

Freedom is my core value ๐Ÿ™‚

After a little negotiation, we quickly came to an agreement that worked for both of us, and that was it!

I’m now CEO of a beautiful, healthy-living and country inspired company. I have such big plans for this company and I can’t wait to see where the journey leads!

3. Diving Into Plants, Flowers, Creativity

In Thailand, living in the air of a sixth floor condo, I felt such a strong urge to reconnect with nature. I read something on how although we are more comfortable than ever before, we are also more disconnected from our natural states than ever before – surrounded by screens and enveloped in concrete blocks – that’s exactly how I felt in Thailand.

I needed to reconnect with nature. Except not in the jungles of Thailand, where weird insects flew into my face and I saw the biggest and most terrifyingย spiders ever scuttle around my feet in coffee shops (a wolf spider) and on our ceiling (a huntsman. Which we never found after it hid in the rafters and it used to come out at night. Aaarrrgh the memory still pains me).ย 

So I loved being out in Nature in New Zealand, and again when we returned to Cyprus. I started buying plants like a crazy plant lady and yep – that’s what I’ve become. Crazy plant lady.

I decided to honour it and now have stackfuls of books on growing things, plants, and pots of plants dotted around the house and outside. I’m not a gardener at all, even though my ancestors were the gardeners at Versailles! I actually kill most plants I touch ๐Ÿ˜€

But I’m learning. My ultimate goal is to breed a rose, but I think that’s a way off yet ๐Ÿ™‚

Plants were really helping me with the grief I still carry from losing my amazing Gramps – it was his birthday this weekend, and through nature and growing things I feel closer to him <3 I still remember him showing me around his greenhouse and his tomato plants when I was little <3 I bought a bunch of tomato plants yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also been playing with plants creatively – and may even have a secret Instagram account all for me, about my adventures into plants! <3

It really feels so lovely to have something that is fresh, and new, and playful. And all mine. Not belonging to the world, or the internet. Just me and the leaves. Crazy plant lady loco style.

What About Coaching, And Writing?

Funnily enough, expanding into other things has given me more coaching clients, not less.

Expansion and growth is contagious! And I took on two new clients, regained one who had left to try another program but it wasn’t right and so she returned Home with me ๐Ÿ™‚ as well as gaining the CEO position which was really as a result of me ‘coaching’, albeit in an informal capacity!

I also made the mildly uncomfortable decision to raise my rates at the start of January this year, as they’ve been the same for about three years now! But it wasn’t just for me – I could feel some of my clients were starting to stagnate a little and they needed an energetic surge too – and now things are falling into place for them as a result!

It’s ALWAYS ok to raise your rates when you feel you want to!

I guess that’s really what this whole post is about, actually.

It’s not about ‘here’s what I’ve been doing, a list of my achievements, woo go me!’ it’s more this –

When you allow yourself permission to expand, in ALL ways

– being open to opportunity
– saying yes to challenges
– saying yes to things that feel uncomfortable- shedding resistance
– being open and sharing with full-heart, all that you know and have learned, with no expectation
– when you release fear of judgement (I actually felt I would be super judged for offering Pinterest services, what high end coach offers Pinterest management?! Except – it felt good and fun to do it! and ultimately you have to honour that)
– Prioritising the journey into creativity and joy and exploration, OVER process
– challenging your own long held-belief systems and replacing them with ones of choice

Well then, you get what you ask for.ย 

your only job is to keep expanding… oh, and one other thing.

If you want to monetise the the things you love, even the experiments and especially the journey… the ONLY way to do this, unless you subscribe to someone else’s prescriptive formula, which I suspect is soul-killingly BORING for most of us… the ONLY way to do it… is to follow the call to fun and to play,

and to trust in THAT, over process, every single time. Because sometimes the play will look like process, and other times it will just be you, dancing in the wild joy of having freedom to create the life and business that you want, any which way you like it.

And I sure do like it.



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Ready To Receive What You Deserve?!

I don’t believe it’s an accident you ended up here on my site.ย 

You believe in the same things that I do – unlimited income, following a purpose, making a difference in the world, and being free to travel or live life however you please.ย 

You’re probably some sort of free spirit, you want to break free of systems and programs that leave you feeling restricted and with limited results,

and you want to know how to show up with nothing less than blissful confidence every single day, in every situation.

But for some reason, instead

*you find yourself frequently procrastinating,
*your results are slowly growing but nothing really extraordinary,
*and you wish you had more direction and courage in really following through on the things you want to make happen.

That’s where I step in. I’m an amazon bestselling author, successful blogger, coach, and business owner (yep, multipassionate enterpreneur over here) and I’m also a big introvert. I’m also a mama of 2 who homeschools her kids all over the world on our global family adventures, horse lover and an ex-feminist turned deep feminine. I ditched my teaching job and since then we’ve travelled all over the world, spoken on stages from the US to the UK to NZ, and coached thousands of women to help them meet their income and lifestyle goals.

If any of that vibes with you, and you’re truly ready to create a massive transformation in your life, you’re going to want to jump on a call with me. Don’t worry – I don’t do pushy sales pitches. (In fact, they make me a bit sick). I do listen while you tell me about your business or business idea, give you as much support as I can on the call, and then you’re free to do what you want with that info – which just could change your entire life.

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