Mini-Guide – How Using Ads Took Me To 10k Months And Gave Me Back My Time, Step By Step

Using Facebook ads took me from $600 to to $13000 in under 90 days, and completely gave me my time and freedom back. This is how, including my exact sales funnel and my special ‘ads hack’ method, in this post about how to find and grow your tribe using paid ads. 

When I first started out in business over a decade ago, the first thing I did was set up an email list. You’ll have probably heard before – ‘the money is in the list’, which means that, no matter what your business, industry, niche or specialism, whether you create software, write a blog, or photography pets,

you can make money when you send out emails with your latest promotion, offer, or announcement.

Why Email Marketing Is So Magnetic + Creates Easy Sales For You

BUT the power of the list lies in building relationships. When you send out emails with personal updates, with information you know your target client will love, with details about your life whether that’s where you traveled to at the weekend or how hard it was to leave your 9-5 or an in-depth behind the scenes look at how you create your magical works of art,

You’re letting people glimpse your world. And as we are a nosy species, that’s magnetic. And that’s what (eventually) leads people to buying from you, using nothing more than an email or series of emails. An example of how this works-

– I bought an interiors magazine this week (I use them for manifesting, and used one to manifest my exact dream home, but that’s a story for another time) and inside was an interiors feature on one of my favourite designers, Alice Temperley. I LOVED seeing inside her home, and that glimpse into her world, and of course I spent the next hour looking at her website and researching and dreaming / manifesting about owning a Temperley wardrobe –

Which should definitely highlight to you how important these glimpses into our worlds that we can give our potential clients , because I am not a typical girl who loves shopping at all.  And to be honest I’d not thought about Temperley for a long time, maybe even years, because shopping isn’t the top of my priority list.

So this feature did the exact same job as your emails do for your clients  –

Your clients are reminded that you exist. And to buy from you!

but first – you have to get the people on your mailing list in the first place.

The fact is, building a list is a catch 22: You can’t get sign ups without traffic and it’s difficult to find traffic when you have no list!

Paid Ads Make List-Building Easy

By strategically placing ads in front of your target audience, you can drive tons of traffic to your opt-in offers and enjoy conversion rates of two or three percent or more. Even better, with some tweaking and split testing of your offers, you can carefully refine your ads and copy so that you’re attracting your exact ideal client and filling your list with buyers who are ready to take action – aka buy your awesome thing.

All you need to run paid ads to your opt-in pages is:

  • A compelling offer, such as a video training series or live webinar helping your client with what they really want to know – 
  • A well-written ad, to grab the attention of your target audience, together with a stand-out image

Where To Run Your Ads?

Once you have your components in place, the only question remaining is where to run your ads. You have dozens of choices, from Twitter to Google to YouTube to solo email spots on someone else’s email list.

The key is to first determine where your market is most likely to be hanging out. If they’re super active on Pinterest, then running ads on Twitter will be a waste of time. Keep in mind the cost as well.

Ads on Facebook are generally less expensive and less competitive than a Google Adwords placement, Pinterest is ‘cheaper’ but offers less targeting options.

Choose the place where your clients are most likely to be! How do you know? Think about which social media platforms you use!

Start Small, Then Refine

Once you’ve decided where to place your ads, it’s time to set your budget and begin running a small set of ads. Consider setting a small daily budget, such as $5 or $10 at the beginning, so you can get a feel for how your ads will perform.

Watch the traffic, track your conversions, and create split tests of your landing page and ad sets to determine which performs the best. You can also refine the audience you’re targeting based on the stats you receive. At Freedom + Flourish we find boosting our posts using the FB Ads Manager app offers easy audience targeting options – you can even target the audience of another page by selecting ‘interests’ and then typing in a page or interest you know your target client follows or likes.

Note – at first,  it’s best to avoid running ads for paid products. Conversions for a free offer will far outshine those to a paid product—especially if your program is expensive. After all, those who are clicking on an ad most likely do not know you at all, so it takes a much bigger leap of faith to offer up a credit card number than it will to provide an email address.

Ad Copy Mistakes to Avoid

Imagine clicking on an ad because you saw an adorable pair of sandals that you just had to have, only to land on a page full of sneakers, with not a sandal in sight? It’s frustrating, to say the least, and that kind of ad to landing page mismatch will kill your conversions.

Your ad copy is making a promise to the reader. If your landing page doesn’t fulfill that promise, your readers will click away, and you’ll have wasted the money you spent to get them there. Before running any ads, be sure your ad headline, image, and copy all match the message on the landing page.

Paid advertising was once a tool used only by big companies or marketers with a lot of money to spare, but today they’re more cost-effective than ever, and the technology makes them easy to create and monitor.

How To Increase + Scale Your Traffic (And Sales)!

A note about testing – remember to test everything! You might think you know instantly what your clients want to see, but you might be surprised at which post they are clicking, liking and sharing. Use the app or your adverts manager to track your results –

And then increase your results by allocating more money to the adverts that are performing best. This is what is meant by ‘scaling’ your traffic – increasing your results once you know which adverts and traffic -generating methods are working best.

From $600 To $13000 In 90 Days – My Sales Funnel

Scaling my traffic using paid facebook ads took one of my businesses to $600 revenue to $13000 in under 90 days – so it’s well worth using them to grow your traffic and sales!

This was done using a sales funnel , which looked a bit like this –

  • my clients would opt in to receive a training from me, and so would enter their email to receive the training
  • I would mention one of my low-end price point offers on the training
  • A percentage of those watching the training would want to access the premium (paid for) version of the training.
  • While at the purchase + checkout stage they would then be offered an up-sell product. (This one simple upgrade transformed my income by 25%)!
  • Once my client  had been using the products and services and we had built a know, like and trust relationship together, I would then offer further products and services that I knew would be of interest and support to them.

The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Paid Ads

The most important part of making paid ads for you is understanding your clients needs in the first place, so that you can genuinely work from a place of service in your business – creating things that you fully believe your client will love or that they want or need in some way.

The whole of Freedom and Flourish is built on servicing women in business, and after a decade in business we have a key understanding of what our clients need to be able to support them best.

Ask yourself – what does your client need from you? What do they want to see, hear, feel, experience, from you?

Knowing these things will help them want to land on your list in the first place, and ultimately makes selling products and services easy for you.

The Step By Step Ads Plan

  1. Plan out and create an opt-in offer. This should be designed to suit your client’s biggest need – have a look at what others in your industry are offering but also look at outside your industry too – particularly at online marketers. Can you combine the two to create something new and innovative for your industry?What are your client’s biggest pain points, what do they really struggle with? What keeps them up at night, or frustrated? What do they argue with their spouse about, feel guilty around, or get confused about?ORWhat are their biggest desires? What do they really want, more than anything?! TIP – your client rarely wants what they think they want! It’s your job to play detective and to figure out what they do really want – eg a bride rarely wants ‘a beautiful loosely tied wildflower bouquet’-  what they really want is to represent their bohemian spirit and lifestyle, for example.2. Set up your optin with a landing page – this is where people will go to when they click on your facebook ad. Use leadpages or clickfunnels to create landing pages that effectively integrate with your email list provider.

    3. Write your facebook ad. Right now, there are two forms of facebook ad that are converting really highly – that is, getting your potential clients on to an email list and / or making a sale – an ad that leads to a blog post, and a short video (no longer than three minutes). You can create one of these which address one of your clients major issues, struggles or desires, and / or you can test traditional ad types – a post telling people why they should download your awesome free thing (tell them the three main BENEFITS to their life that they’ll get when they receive your awesome free thing)!

    4. In your ad, include your call to action – either add a link, which will take your clients to your optin page, or use the facebook ad button.

    5. Add your image – whatever you do, make sure it is professional image that represents what you are giving your clients and / or, you

    6. TARGET CAREFULLY. Facebook has incredible targeting options even in the basic ads manager app. Think about your clients income, interests, lifestyle, location. For example with my photography training business I targeted female photographers in the USA, Germany, and the UK, because this is where many of the photographers I had connected with previously worked / lived in. I targeted a particular age bracket, and especially pages that they already followed and liked, such as clickin moms and Sue Bryce.

    7. I always remove instagram ads and desktop ads options, because my clients generally tend to be on their mobiles and IG ads don’t convert particularly well for me. You would need to test what works for you, by creating two versions of your ad, and testing to see which one works best at getting people on to your mailing list. The ads app makes creating a duplicate add and adjusting the targeting and presentation options easy.

    8. Use a low budget to begin with, until you see how much a ‘lead’ (click to your optin page) is costing you. If it feels too high for what you can afford to spend, consider creating a duplicate add and testing different options, or tweaking the ad itself –  you could try a new image or new ad copy, or perhaps a new optin offer altogether.

    9. Ideally you will want to provide some sort of purchase offer once your new follower has landed on your email list – this covers the cost of your ads spend, so you aren’t continually spending money on ads with little financial return (this would deplete your business income pretty fast). What are you selling to your client? How can you incentivise them to buy? Time limited offers often work well, or an offer they won’t receive once they have landed on your ‘main’ mailing list (after the offer period expires).

    What you don’t want to do – although this used to work well for people – is sell via email as soon as a person lands on your list. Send them a few welcome emails first – perhaps with your favourite piece of content you’ve created, one of your videos, or simply share some of your favourite resources and ideas – keep it personal and you’ll start creating a great relationship so that when your client is ready to buy, you’ll be who they choose to purchase from or hire.

    10. Make sure you do have have emails set up to be sent once a client lands on your email list. You’ll want your new client to feel welcomed in from the start.

    There is so much more we could cover on facebook ads alone, as well as share our Pinterest strategies, etc, but what matters most is that you understand how to get started. We’ll be sharing the following posts soon >

    – How To Write The Opt-In Page Your Dream Clients Can’t Resist,
    – Making Split Testing Easy

    Has this guide been useful for you? Have you tried ads, what is / isn’t working for you right now? Let us know in the comments below!


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