What To Do When You Feel Too Old, Tired, & Secretly Terrified In Business

I know you feel it now
fine laces of fear running through your soul like thread
It began when you saw her start losing likes, follows,
and then she began to talk about the things you wonder whether she even believes in

But where did that leave you then, and the rest of us, if even she isn’t making it, anymore?
of course the channels dried up
of course the rules of the game changed
Did you expect it to stay like it was 2017 forever?

The good life, the easy life, the sweet life, show up, post, sell, repeat.
Get booked, sell out, get found, wasn’t it all so easy back then
And everyone now so scattered, everywhere, those cozy communities you used to love
Reduced to the remains of the day
Almost like it was all planned this way

And you buffeted this way and that way by the winds of change and then suddenly,
You’re wondering where they all went, oh sure you still get the comments, not like you’re disliked!
But the growth, the fire, where did it all go?
The wind put it out, didn’t it, and now you’re left wondering what to do with yourself on TikTok,
And what will become of Tomorrow…

Didn’t you know, then, didn’t I tell you!?
You have to transform, to shift, to BE the wind, I told you years ago, but you insisted-
Instagram! Webinars! Influencers! Whatever was the channel they told you to find
While you were so insistent on ignoring the call of your soul to be so much more
Than a social media mouthpiece
And now you wonder why that’s all that’s left, and even that, fading like the algo.

Too old now for Tik Tok, game’s over, you’re wondering what’s working now,
who is outselling who, you knew it worked then because you were early
Light on your feet, featherweight and now it’s like you’re waiting out and drying out
To see what will become of you

The stars you once looked to vanishing now, the technique they used, the method they promoted
So fresh back then, a 12 year old raps about now
On youtube with his bazillion followers and you’re still prettying up for your feed
But it’s not enough

It’s not about being fresh and new now you’re washed up and bruised
It’s so much simpler than that –
What worked for you back then was never your strategy, your attitude, your this way or that way,
But just your determination to do what everyone refused-
And there’s still plenty of that

Anyone’s going to rock on TikTok when it only takes a second to put up a post
But the winner the one who takes it all the most
Is only ever going to be the one who invests at a different level

She creates more
She wins more
She invests more
She wins more
She spends more
She wins more
She finds more problems to solve
She wins more

You don’t need to look to the future to create it
You create it by creating NOW
Not the regurgitation of what’s gone before, the safety, the strategy, the step by step and more

but by remembering every single day
WHO you serve NOW
You’re not here to serve the next generation you’re here to serve the clients who need you now
They too need something fresh, beyond, because they’re as lost as you are
Too old for Tik Tok, too late for the gram
You’ve got another chance to to make your grand slam

And to do it you know you have to pull out what’s inside, all the stuff you keep bottled up, the stuff you’d rather bury alive
Remembering them, remembering who
That you came here for, and for me that’s you xo

Keep creating
Keep leaping
Keep doing what they wouldn’t while they’re playing in the playground
Keep holding on
Keep saying no to the distractions

You can either play the game of Keep Up, or you can remember that you came here to LEAD.




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