On The Other Side Of Your Wondering

“wow, I’m not sure I’d have the patience to homeschool”

And I smile and say

“Me neither”

Except now they’re 5 and 6

And here we are

Homeschooling around the world

Except really

‘Schooling’ doesn’t come into it.

Magic does, and travel, and the people they meet, and finding wonderment along the way

And I wonder what it was I was afraid of

Even now when they’re at each others throats some days until we move into our new apartment next week and we are stuck with no outside space

We look for magic (so we can find it)

Today was a cafe themed around fairytales

And now is my sacred me-time

And I’m alone in a cafe filled with butterfly lights

Feeling like life IS a fairytale

And of course

To get there

Have to jump into the rabbit hole and the darkness first

Drink the potion

So even though most parts of me screamed that there was no way I’d be able to homeschool

Let alone homeschool around the world

Let alone run a business with ease and creativity and loving every minute at the same time

I would have told myself then it wasn’t possible for me too

Except there was that whisper

The same voice that tells you, too

Write the book
Follow your art
Jump in
Travel now
Start now
Natural birth
More for me
What if….

My whisper said


Was the way.

And as for ‘how’

There is no ‘how’ we homeschool.

Some days we wake up and go to cafes like this one

Some days the girls just play all day

Some days we will sit and fill out little workbooks

It really depends on doing whatever we feel like doing

Because it’s when we try to do thing in a particular way

Following rules
Tick boxes

That the pressure comes and the fear and the stress

But what if you simply allowed

Yourself to follow the whispers

Of the things your soul calls for?

Aren’t we given

These little ribbons of imaginings

For a reason?

Imagine what you would find
on the other side
of your wondering…


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