Check out the podcast episodes here! – I’m sharing everything I’ve learned in business right back from when I started out as an accessory designer, through to photographer then Amazon bestselling author and coach, to selling my teaching platform, founding a copywriting agency, and everything else I’ve learned so far to date – expect, of course, a whole ton of sharing on manifesting, digital nomading and worldschooling, and being a Mama who does it all AND stays inspired, motivated and uplifted most of the time.


Episode 1 – Welcome To The Charlie KB Show!



Episode 2 – Why You’re Feeling Pulled In All Directions And A Million Miles From Your Dream



Episode 3 – How To Get Unstuck



Episode 4 – On Comparison And Feeling Not Good Enough



Episode 5 – When Sharing On Social Media Feels Uncomfortable



Episode 6 – Emotional + Unsettled ! Abundance Isn’t Linear!!



Episode 7 – How To Do Biz + Life When Going Through Sh T – How I Coped With PTSD!



Episode 8 – More Energy + Ability To Take Action One Easy Way!



Episode 9 – How To Get Your Clients To Say Yes + Buy Immediately!



Episode 10 – You Are Not Available For Mundanity Or Chaos As A Creator!!!



Episode 11 – On Abundance!!!



Episode 12 – When Your Family Don’t Get It Or Your Vibe!



Episode 13 – Your Duty As A Creator If You Want The Money To Flow!!!



Episode 14 – When Your Intention Isn’t Manifesting Fast Enough



Episode 15 – The Mistakes, Perfectionism + The Crazy!



Episode 16 – Sales + Client SLOWDOWN!!! What To Do, ASAP!



Episode 17 – Magical Ideas + Where To Find Them



Episode 18 РBrain Bursting With Ideas! Coping With Business As A Multipassionate Entrepreneur  Whose Brain Never Sleeps



Episode 19 – Why You Avoid The Work + Feel Anxious About It!



Episode 20 – Pricing And Profit Is A Soul Matter! Stop Killing It Off!



Episode 21 – The Quickest Way Out Of Feeling Crap Or Confused Or Chaotic



Episode 22 –¬†Decision Queen! Make Quick Fast Easy Decisions!



Episode 23 –¬†Want More Time Freedom Start Here!



Episode 24 –¬†Money + Joy ALWAYS Follows This!

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