Primal Heart Vs Rocket Science

I think we avoided an electrical fire last night. I was awoken by the sound of our buzzing fuse box. It was that loud, and our security lights were flashing outside. We did our best to fix it until we could call for help in the morning, but I laid awake most of the night thinking about burning.

About how the world was burning, and whether it really was to make way for the new. 

When Notre Dame burned, people said it was the church itself burning. That the feminine temple Notre Dame was built upon was rising up again. That femininity was rising. That it was symbolic, about making way for the new.

I don’t know. It might be. But I do know every time I have had to make a leap in business and in life, it involved releasing everything I thought I knew, in order to make way for something better to flourish.

But it’s hard work, deciding to burn down what you know. And worse, it’s inevitable, and if you avoid it, Mother Nature tends to destroy it all for you, and does it over and over and over again until you pay attention.

Whether it’s your joy, your work, your business, your ideas, your beliefs, or something you spent years or perhaps a lifetime building – sometimes you will have to walk away from something you knew as absolute truth, in order to build something better. The new version of truth that you want.

Every time I release something – what I thought marriage was supposed to be about, what I choose to perceive in any given moment, where I ‘thought’ the money would come from, how someone is ‘supposed’ to act, what my life purpose was supposed to be about

I was released into what was beyond the burning. Growth of the new, stronger, me. What replaced what was gone was usually better, and it was usually what I wanted in the first place, but was being kept from by my own ego and need to keep everything under my control.

Fires blaze for a reason, even if most of the time we can’t understand or comprehend that reason. Our rational brains look for facts and figures to hold on to, because that is how we have been trained since childhood.

But what if what we desire to experience or know, exists beyond the rational? 

Maybe we are moving out of the age of science, theory, facts and figures. Maybe we are moving into heart-centred feeling as being enough, far from dogma and doctrine. From a numbers-centric view of the world.

Maybe what we need is more gut feeling, less ‘I’ll sleep on it’.

Maybe what we need is eyes wide open, heart wide open, and a desire to reclaim our primal sovereignty.  But that takes a willingness to break down what has gone before.

It’s a soul-based YES, when confronted with the undeniable truth of what your soul asks for.  A gentle or fierce, cleansing, rebalancing, restoring of natural greatness.

What do you know you need to walk away from, leave behind the safety of, and instead turn to openness, willingness and the new? 



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