End twin Flame Separation - and create the relationship of your dreams

Are you sick of the pain of twin flame separation? 





is for you.

twin flame relationships can be the most beautiful relationships you will ever experience, but they can also be the most painful. If you're in separation right now -

Heal, Restore, Reunite

will allow you to:

let's face it..

you often wonder if being in union with your twin is even worth it, but you can't seem to walk away, right!?

Stop The Breakup

Doing this will prevent further damage to your relationship and put you back on the path to healing and happiness, fast. It will feel like you're inside your twin's head and you'll stop the desperate search for answers!

Heal & Restore

Learn exactly what to do during separation to reattract your twin including self care, deep healing work, energy focussing, manifestation, and more.


There is definitely a right and wrong way to reunite with your twin. Learn how to reach out to your twin for the best results, understand what goes on in their head during reconnection, and ensure it never happens again. This is deep, lasting, twin flame union!

what's included:

Lesson One

Why Twin Flames REALLY Split

Understanding why your separation REALLY occurred (probably not why you think) and what to do right now to begin the process of healing and reconneting.

Lesson Two

What To Focus On During Separation

5 videos to help you understand everything from the energetic healing work required, to focussing on practical action you can take in your life during this time. From social media problems to manifesting back your energy, happiness, and life - and your twin!

Lesson Three

Reconnection With Your Twin

Reaching out in the right way is crucial to gaining the response and contact that you want. Learn the simple manifesting process AND the practical action needed to start building your relationship again.

Lesson 4

Creating The Relationship Of Your Dreams

Powerful manifesting and practical processes to continue the work you've done so far - building on your healing work, energy and communication.

Lesson 5

Manifesting The Twins Union

The REAL work needed to make this relationship unbreakable - for good this time. Watch how your twin starts to shift how they show up for you in this powerful training!


Bonus Audios

Some of the most powerful parts of the course are here! An indepth FAQ section (you can add to this here for extra support) covering questions like ' what if he has blocked me on socials? what if she never wants to speak to me again?' as well as my killer journaling technique for fast twin flame results, the secret anti-anxiety process I use with my 1:1 coaching clients, and more!

charlie kingsland-barrow freedom coach

Hi, I'm Charlie.
Aka, Priestess C.

My mission is to help you to create the love and life that you want and deserve. 

I focus on healing work, restoring your self love, and energetic practices to help you become magnetic to absolutely anybody. 


I’ve worked as a coach for the last 8 years, working with individuals and couples all over the world to help achieve gorgeous relationships, businesses, and lifestyle goals.

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Let's erase the pain of twin flame separation and make it the best relationship of your life.