STUCK In Yoga Pants!!!!

Yesterday my baby girl turned 6.

I did the typical thing of looking at my timeline from years past, showing me how much she has changed over the last year and the last six years, and I got to thinking about how most people are like

OMG they’ve changed so much. OMG they grow so fast. OMG #holdthemoment type thing. 

Like we have to hold on to how precious they are while they are small… because when they are older they are not small, and not as precious somehow!? Like somehow we should be shocked by how much they change –

Well of course it’s kind of shocking to MOST people, I suppose, because I guess then as adults we

kinda all stay the same. Barely shifting, barely changing, barely growing. 

Same job, same business, same routine, same let’s all go out at the weekend, to DIY stores and roast dinner kinda Sunday while dreading our lives on the Monday type of SAME.

Even writing that out makes me feel this weird sense of horror and repulsion because I know – those of us know – YOU know!

That freedom is one of our highest values, if not THE highest!

And to live in such a sense of mundane, NEVER-changing scenery except perhaps the odd grammable trip away,

Would kill us daily on the inside. And yet still..

Don’t we find ourselves there on occasion!? Joining the rest of them in their never ending quest to be more NORMAL! 

I looked at my wardrobe and even the never-ending #hairdramas the other day, and realised OMG –

I got stuck at MOM level.

Somewhere along the lines of traveling around the world, ditching everything we own at each destination, and in between hating shopping and as somebody who would much rather be waterfall chasing or writing messages like this right here to you I came to the realisation that

Ohhh. I’ve become Yoga Pants Parent.

Not that there’s much wrong with that. I love yoga pants. I just don’t see me living in them daily as part of my dream life. I want to be wafting around in breezy jewel bright kaftans, walking the dogs in cute cute cutoffs, and looking down at my fingers to you typing now and seeing them adorned with healing, energising crystals.

Because those things… this physical representation… is who I AM on the inside! Breezy, bright, energised. 

But I’m not, because I got STUCK at travel mama level!! Don’t get me wrong, of course I value the trade-off but the point is why should there even be a trade-off!?  

Why do I have to be yoga mama if I travel, or even just as a parent? Why do I have to be stuck in that same expectation and level that I seem so STUCK in!?

And of course

To not be stuck
To keep on changing
To keep on growing

To keep finding new levels of joy for yourself
To NOT slip back into the standards of which society told you SHOULD be – I mean, MILF, YOGA MAMA, HIPPY MAMA, COOL MAMA, WORKING MAMA!?!?! all labels of which we exist in and place others in! and business is the same by the way –

If you want to keep on finding new levels of fun, freedom, play and joy and expansion

Then NO you cannot get stuck. In ANY area! 

So that means, actually

You make the damn tough decisions.
You make the choice to say YES to the things which feel overwhelming and big and scary.
You recommit to your new normals.
You DO the hard work of growth and CHANGE which nobody else WILL do! –

Do you know in 2017 I spent a hardcore six months learning all about cryptocurrency!? Literally every spare minute was spent learning – and what it gave me alongside crypto knowledge was a whole ton of empowerment and knowledge about the financial industry

as well as how disempowered women REALLY are when it comes to money! (like, only 3% of startups are female owned. In any crypto OR financial services seminar or retreat weekend, only that percentage of the audience are female. The ‘entertainment’ for such weekends include, shock, strip clubs. Women are STILL being disempowered and discouraged to take control and ownership of their finances)! 

Of course, what this actually gave me was a whole new passion and dimension to my work

To my knowledge

To my skills

To my current and future empowerment and creation.

Simply because I refuse

To stay stagnant

To stop growing

To stop changing.

And the thing is, when you change

Even as something as seemingly insignificant as your hair color

– The amount of times I got ‘well I prefer you blonde’ when I dyed my hair dark!!!! – well thank YOU!!!! I preferred you when you had some self awareness –

When you change,

People will ALWAYS have something to say about it. Yes, even the people who genuinely do love us. 

Because it upsets their own awareness and challenges their own perception of what’s normal.

Of course, we’ve become conditioned into avoiding change and to seek the #myeverydaymoments as a pleasure! and as a result! –

Go to work, come home, go to bed, reproduce, get up, repeat day, forever and ever and live with the illusion of choice we all live in. Enjoy your deliberating in the supermarket about what to have for dinner-

while in the meantime

someone who decided to follow their soul


to change
to shift
to transform


To not only capture their interest (and change always does! Try dying your hair and seeing what happens on socials as a result)! 

But it is
What keeps
The spark inside of you


We are meant to change, just like they are.

This is what the little ones of the world are showing us every single day, and every single day most of us become even more resolute in our belief to stay exactly as we are.

Make the tough choice that your soul already knows the answer to.
Say yes to the overwhelming
Commit every day to the things that call you in EVERY way
Let the inside of you and the absolute BEAUTY that is inside you pour into the outside and reflect all of who you are
Do the scary thing – even when the whole world tells you no.
and above all 

KEEP COMMITTING EVERY SINGLE DAY TO EXPANSION AND GROWTH and you know that thing they say to you sometimes?

About never change, because you’re perfect as you are? 

Yeaaaaah… I kind of have come to realise what that means is…

Stay as you are because how you are keeps me feeling safe. 

So stay overweight / underearning / underfulfilled / in your Mcjob…

Because you being this way…  makes ME feel a certain way.

The world wants you to stay stagnant, and part of the status quo.

But people like you and I…

We’re meant to shift, change, and live many daring, glorious lives. Your job is not to make people who live in fear to feel safe in staying that way.

Go deeper

Make the change

Commit to expansion


in all ways. 

Because in a year’s time from now

I would hate to know

That you became one of those who blindly accepted that normal was the way forward for you

That their ways and their talk ultimately buried you

That you became the bloated, yoga-pants, minimally accepting, dull workhorse version of you

Instead of all of the ever-changing, demanding more, shifting and colourful, rainbow of you, living life in full spectrum.

Make the change, today.



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