The Magic Money Follows YOU

You’re still waiting, for the money to flow
The money they promised you
The life they promised you!

Just to go school they said
Just get the qualification
Just get the work experience
Just get paid experience
Just work in this place
Just work with this person

Just get this job
Just network a bit more
Just post a bit more
Just create more
Just sell more
Just DO more
Just relax a bit more!

Just get a bit more qualified
Just keep going now, might as well now you’ve spent all this money and time

And you, falling between a rock and a hard place, really
Except you made the rock feel so comfortable didn’t you, as you began to give up on it all, with no end in sight

And you made the hard place all about the things you HAD to do
In order to make it as they told you to

So you, caught in between the lies of comfort and the lists of things you must do

You know, when we were in Perth, a few weeks back
My very awesome tattoo guy and friend sat up talking late into the night about one of his closest friends
Who is so insanely feted by the fashion industry
He is flown all over the world, and mentored by someone riiiight at the top of Vuitton or some other incredibly successful fashion House
Who has told him to make more money
He needs to
Do all the things!
Don’t go low end
Stay high end
Don’t give up
Network and hustle your ass off

And he has dressed some seriously A list clients
His furniture line sits in exclusive boutiques and IS how he made his name

And yet
And yet!


to the point where he is seriously giving up and walking away because it’s so stressful in terms of the money NOT coming in –

Wait what – you mean life as a starving artist EVEN an internationally renowned one! – isn’t quite so fun after all!?

But… he is doing everything right! He is doing what BIG COUTURE FASHION HOUSE TOLD HIM TO DO!

What, big couture fashion house that made its name and money DINOSAUR DECADES ago when the way of the world was SLIGHTLY different!?


That’s not even the point
The point is
The reason!
The dreamers, of this world

End up so broke is because
They also
end up





The way set out for them
The way they told you it must be!
The way they said was the only way

The list! you received
Of all the things you must do
(a bit like the one I wrote, above)

But you know, Charlie. THEY TOLD HIM THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT AND THEY ARE EARNING BILLIONS SO THEREFORE IT MUST BE THIS WAY- because your way, well, silly you, how could anything you ever say be the truth, when BIG FASHION HOUSE TOLD HIM THE WAY IT MUST BE?

Ok then.

And is it working then, doing what they say?

And not even working in that monetary sense!
But is it even
Filling the creative dreams
Nurturing ideas
ALLOWING fullness of you, to flow

Or is it all
Just a game
You are following
Rat to the pied piper.


And you do it
In their exhausting, breathless, way
Always wondering when you’re going to stop the running on empty

And the thing is
The truth of the thing
You will NEVER stop running

Like you could ever run
From your creativity
Your daydreams
The scarlet and the violet and the wild burning of you


do you let them paint you
Into their feted sock puppet holes
Make you perform for them
Give them all you’ve got

And keep running for them!!?

They’ll toss you when the younger, newer you comes up behind you, you know. The whole industry will just disregard you like you never existed because of course…

maybe you never really have.

And isn’t that the truth of the thing?
In all your gloss
In all your comfortability
I mean SURE not like you haven’t known struggle!
But really – that’s your particular kind of comfortability!

You never really gave what it really takes, did you?

You gave away your power
To everyone who said the way of the world is this way, and so it has to be so
Followed their pretty little song
To the edge of the cliff
And jumped right over along with them

Convincing yourself the entire time
You were doing something different, unique, rare and special

But if you really BELIEVED that was so

Then you would LIVE as if it were so!

Then wouldn’t you dare to tell the world about it
Wouldn’t you dare go your own way in how you made it so
Wouldn’t you do anything, EVERYTHING, that YOU felt was right,
For as long as it took, for them – those who REALLY mattered – to notice you, support you, rise to meet you as you fell right at the last minute and THEN

You would receive all you desired?

But maybe that’s the problem then
You never really believed
In all that was meant for you, did you?

Never believed it was quite possible
And so of course then
Easier to just follow the dance
March in time
Do whatever they hell they say
Dance puppet dance
Sing puppet sing
Perform like we damn well told you to.

And you do
Little factory all of your own
Fingers bleeding
Like the little match girl
Burning for everyone except herself
Until –

The End.

Unless of course
One day
You chose to

Wake up

And LEAD then –
The whole damn thing.

Love xo


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