The *New* Marketing/Selling

I don’t want to hear about your blocks,
Or what you want to DO in the world.

I want to know simply,


I want to know
What touched your soul
How you were broken
How you fell down today
And how you danced into moonlight last night
With the sensual shapes of the dreams you still remember
in the light of a silvery morning.

I want to know how you held the hand of your daughter,
And how you taught her to see the shape of you there,
So that I know you hold me, too.

I want to know the taste of your honey in your tea
How your eyes stung as you laboured over the pages or the painting or the agony and the ecstasy of creativity, entrepreneurship,

The very pain and pleasure of being candlelight
When everything is burning-

And what you discovered today
That made you find a little part of you
That was hidden.

This is real.
This is connection.
This is what matters, now.

We are torn
Love social media
Love our work

And yet part of us wanting to switch off all together.
Hide on our own island hideaway
And make magic for nobody to see

But wouldn’t that be a tragic loss for all of us.

Simply because you didn’t know,
How to share
Your realest and truest experiences.

So that we can all see your artistry and magic?

Selling the old way is gasping for air now.

But the new way is oxygen and more.

It’s you, breathing, being, gently bequeathing the magic of your very human experience.

Gift exchanges from one to another.

I wrote this post because I realised I haven’t bought a course or program in forever.

I read the pages and see the sales copy

And I feel so far from all of it.

Can’t you see

If they cannot hear your very soul now

Stars will fade.

Seek your stories,
Share them,
Support others who share theirs.
Encourage openness and wisdom,
Cultivate high-energy.
Be real
Be brave
Be authentic
Be you.

It’s enough. It always was.


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