The Only Success Plan You Need


Everyone asks – where have you been? what are you doing? but I can’t see you online!

Honestly – you can’t believe you have to show up online 24/7 as the only way to ‘make it’, to create the path to the destination you want –

In fact, if you want to get to a particular destination, you have to create it NOW, not in the future!

But that’s a side note.

I came here to talk to you about the plan, try to make it easy for you to understand how to get to wherever it is you want to be and while YES absolutely you have to start living the life you want now, or as close as you can get to it –

I didn’t end up traveling the world, worldschooling the girls, enabling Rob to not return to work, writing Amazon bestsellers by making any sort of plan, on how to get there. No ‘ I HAVE to show up online 24/7, 365’.

I didn’t once break down how much it would all cost
How much money I needed to be able to make X happen
How many books or programs I would need to sell
How often I would need to show up online and when
Try in any way to figure out ‘how we would be able to make it work’ 
Figure out some sort of route or map as to where we would go

Even now! I don’t have any sort of ‘homeschool plan’ for the kids
Or plan for my work!

except this.

Knowing where it is I want to get to
And trusting that the work that I choose to do daily (always, always based on how I feel)!
Is going to be what gets me there.

And without fail, it always, always has.
In fact the only time when that UNplan has failed
Has been when I refused to follow it!

Instead I tried to ‘make a plan’
or ‘get organised’
or plan it all out, figure it all out somehow, exactly WHAT I’M GOING TO DO, and / or
When I’ve fallen into fear! Fear of loss, or fear of judgement, or fear of conflict, or whatever fear I chose to listen to!
That’s when my marriage took blows, that’s when my income dropped, that’s when I fell into debt – simply when I stopped listening to what got me there in the first place and instead try to make it about

Following a particular strategy
DOING a particular thing
Even when it felt restrictive, or not me, or just plain boring
I followed it because perhaps a mentor more successful than me told me it MUST be this, THEIR way, the strategy way!
Or maybe it was something I read
Fell face first into the fear
And then (and only then)! is when you will screw it all up!

When you simply don’t allow yourself to trust yourself
Believe that this can and will work simply because there is no other way!

Even as recently as a few months back I fell straight back into that fear, of the way things MUST be done, no wonder then it all felt so blocked and hard!

The only way to get to where you’re going is to get in the car and drive
simply by doing those things that feel so automatic! so NORMAL
So EASY for you to do
That, well then, of course you’ll get to your final destination! You don’t get there by standing outside of the car going
Hmm, my coach said I should probably drive a blue car, not a red one, so I’ll wait until I get a red car.

I mean, how ridiculous does that sound!

But still – it’s what we do
Tell ourselves that what comes easy is NOT the way
That somebody knows better
That there must be some complicated plan or map to follow to the place that WE created in the first place!? doesn’t it also stand to reason that if we can create the destination we can also draw the entire map!?

Which is why I follow the unplan
Get up
Do whatever I feel called to that day
Which is almost always writing and I know this because I feel not myself when I DON’T write so I write even when my body is lethargic and protesting

You just have to move!
You just have to create!
You just have to get yourself into the juice of creation and magic and TRUST,
It’s always always back to trusting

That you have got this
That you can take care of yourself
That you are enough
That you have everything you could possibly want or need
That you have all you need to make MAGIC appear in your life and in the world!

But of course that’s FAR too woolly for most people, they just can’t believe that it could be this simple, this easy!

Listen –  it’s not like it’s not work! I show up to my clients, to my mastermind, to my programs, to my sites and to the call for creating something new and then dropping it again and then creating the ACTUAL thing I was meant to be creating and selling from soul and all of it! It’s still ‘things to be done!’

Except there is no list
No ‘ways things must be done’
No restriction OTHER THAN

Restricting myself from the things that call me away from the call of soul. 

The wrong people
The social calls!
Gorging myself on junk news and newspapers and trash
Trash food
Trash surroundings

THAT’s the plan. The plan is to drown out that, by instead flooding the depths of your soul with everything it needs to burst out the life you want to create.

The destination, if you like.

That’s the root of the thing

The thing you build on

The thing they’ll all come at you for

The thing you’ll want to run from

The thing you’ll deny

The thing so big it’ll scare you sometimes, leave you breathless with the ruthless simplicity of how easy it all could be

Yet we hold to the puzzle of complexity, don’t we?

Making it all so hard simply because THEY said it has to be this way! That’s how they destroy it all of course, and you sit, tumbling down those rungs again, wondering HOW did they get there, climbing higher while you sit below staring up at them, I know I’ve been there, like I said EVEN NOW I looked at all the ‘successful startups’ and even though I KNOW better, SO easily tumbled into their way of the way it must be so!

Because, well, a ‘startup’ is different, isn’t it? And I wonder why I struggled so much to get the startup built – and yet when I decided to pivot entirely and reclaim MY way, I built the whole damn thing in 6 hours!? AN ENTIRE STARTUP, ready to go! None of this ‘well, you know, sometimes you have to research for YEARS to build what you want, to make an impact’. Maybe you do. Maybe THEY do. My soul however, does not.

It’s not your time to live in their shadows, you know.

You just have to allow it to be this simple. Follow what you’re called to create, build it, tear it down, build something else, dream, create, explore, discover.

Did you expect it to be harder? More complicated?

THAT’S WHAT THEY’LL TELL YOU. It’s up to you whether you listen

or get in the car and drive. Each and every day. One mile closer.

this is not a dress rehearsal 



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