They Took Your Money! Now Take Back The Power

I wanted to show you it all. I wanted to show you the money, and how it arrived, so perfectly.

I wanted to show you step by step because that’s what everyone clamours for, isn’t it?

Easy membership sites, pretty little programs, everything and all that whispers to your soul – we’ll make it easy, just stuff your creative bleeding little heart into this label and this thing and we will give you the MILLIONS and the secrets and you’ll have it ALL!

And so I wrote it out for you. Give them the money! I even made a video for you, over on Instagram, and a full-length video too, coming soon on Youtube. Isn’t it so EASY, to just sell people on the OBVIOUS?

Look hot in your photographs, create everlasting memories, change lives, transform your home. All of the promises, the end result.



It’s not about THAT, is it?!

Because I wrote that down for you! I wrote it down in that way good copywriters should, the way they tell us too, starting with the end result, coming up with a program name around that!

And what I journaled, what came out from that place

The words!


(this was my journal remember lol, I wasn’t actually going to call my program Skyscraper Wealth! but these were the starting points, the words that leaped out at me)


(God doesn’t that sound like a tacky 1995 internet sales page itself!? ‘Endless Wealth Building Machine! Accompanied by a pixelated video of a man in a suit delivering his ‘sales letter’)

NONE of it was sitting right with me.

And you know – when you force something, or when you’re sat in the wrong energy that is very definitely not in alignment with your highest self – your highest self always knows! YOU know.

And I knew – this was not enough! So I asked the question, yesterday, in my journal then

In my highest self
If I was standing in my highest truth, right now
HOW would I be delivering this message about MONEY!?

And what came out! Kinda surprised even me!

Bubbling over

And words like Journey and Experience – NOT fking MASTERmind! I’m actually BANISHING that word from my online business, there is no MASTER and I am definitely not one! Mistress maybe 😉 But mistressmind sounds ridiculous.


And that kind of makes me sad, actually, how quickly we shut down the feminine, how long the energy of MONEY (which is not male or female by the way, how can an act of exchange ever be one or the other)

has been in the hands of patriarchy, how long money and success have existed primarily as a MALE thing-

(And even the word mistress – something owned by a man, I suppose so even then mistressmind LOL would not fit)

Think about it –  not only the words above and how they shifted for me when I asked my soul about the truth of the thing to the point where even I was like – creamy cash? Sensual wealth?

Entirely almost disregarded the words my soul spoke entirely (after all, it does sound like an entirely 80s dodgy film).


What if we could think outside words like

Hard cash
Fat wallet
Big packet
Hole in the wall (ATM for those of you stateside)

What if the masculine dominant, PUSHING view of money

Did not require US to step into OUR pushing, masculine energy

in order to receive it?!

Because that is of course what this is about isn’t it!

We have for so long been conditioned into the PUSH
Because money, synonymous with success, has for so long been controlled, created, and fenced off by MEN as seen so clearly even in the words we use or do not use!

That we believe that the only way to receive the money we truly want

Is to


In that stereotypical MASCULINE kinda way! (masculinity has nothing to do with those things by the way. Hollywood gave them to us).

Because surely, to get what ‘they’ have, we have to act like ‘they’ do!

It’s the only way to success, isn’t it!

I mean how on earth could money and receiving money EVER leave behind its patriarchal, oppressive legacy

The legacy of oppression and hate that has us all pitted against one another

And instead, become something

belonging to


That could be experienced and journeyed into

SIMPLY and ONLY as a result of

rainbow of abundance



Would we then use words and terms like ‘stick in in the bank’ or ‘love nor money’ and phrases that stem from biblical times about loving money being evil, or money itself being the root of all evil, interestingly from times when of course, WOMEN were evil, witches, temptresses, EVE!? (Ev-il)

Or would the way we even talk about money

Without fear
Without hesitation
Without confusion
Without it being a far off dream
Without it feeling foreign or alien
Without it feeling exhausting or draining
Without it being negatively emotional
Without judging others for how they hold or create it

Change as a result of our experience with money? And… dare we believe… as a result of THIS… our very reality, in how women do or do not have money, would change and shift entirely!?

And would of course! Our current experience as a result of the way we handle, view, treat, and regard money CHANGE? Which would, of course, lead us to the natural claiming of the money that IS ours!

but of course for that to happen
For the world to change as a result of the empowered feminine

Would require you
to realise
how much has been withheld from you all along
Right even down to the very words used in our everyday language.

And then it would require you NOT necessarily choosing anger, or laying blame at the doorstep of men

But instead
To choose to own our power
To own our choices
And to start to take the responsibility to enter and explore the possibilities
Around wealth creation and expansion
In a way, you would never dream possible.

Because of course how could you?
The sad thing about Dorothy was that
She didn’t realise she wore the ruby slippers all along.

But then maybe it was the journey that was more important –
And that’s why then

I’m opening up a journey, for me and the women who feel called to explore this.

NOT a program, NOT a course,
A journey. A journey deep into the heart and soul of money

A journey into all that has kept the wealth from you, that by divine right IS yours and IS sitting there waiting for you to claim it.

Because it is you know.

And it always has been there, but for so long we have been kept from claiming our power, the things that were the divine right of ALL was divided and kept from us, we were rendered powerless by our gender, we were kept away from that which could make us powerful, and even though we say equality exists this isn’t even about equality!

This is about making more of the delicious experience of the feminine
Drinking from the deep pools of pleasure, ecstasy, joy, freedom, creativity, and flow
Stepping FAR away from TOXIC masculinity that has caused us for so long to become ‘ballsy’ women

(YOU SEE HOW FAR THIS LANGUAGE CONTROL GOES!? – the only way to gain MONEY is to become a match for it which we have interpreted to mean we must become like them! BALLS n all!)

And instead
When you step into deep femininity
Far also beyond the exterior eye candy version of what femininity has come to mean
You of course step into empowerment
Reclaiming what is yours
Replacing the hustle with ease
The daily grind with flow
The struggle, the chase, with the natural expansion
And of course when you start to embody those energies

How can you not then, call in the energy of money also!? And receive more of it!?

Money is NEVER a male thing. It has become so,

But it will take YOU – the empowered woman – in all her receiving, witnessing, holding, open, strong, heartfelt surrender and courage and confidence – To reclaim and receive so much MORE of it.

And again –

It begins with starting to open into the very way we even speak about it first.

You can get more of it by hustling, by ‘busting your balls’ to get what it is you want, an energetic exchange for all of your creativity, and flow, and focus, and giftings.


You can maybe begin to entertain the idea
The very notion
That is rightfully yours HAS been kept from you for all these years,
From your ancestors, from you –

And why would that be?

Because a woman like you is somebody with power, and women like us, with money, will change the world.

Watch the words they’re using. Listen out.

Change always begins first, with awareness.



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