This Is How You LIMIT Money!

I’m sat here in this beautiful hotel in Sydney, having an unbelievable amount of fun creating content. I know, what! BORE OFF! How can you be sat in a beautiful luxury hotel in one of the most amazing cities in the world, having fun… creating content!?

Well. Apart from the fact my content gets me to this amazing hotel 😉 it’s also something I LOVE doing simply because for me writing is something I feel lost without.

And today is one of those days when everything is just FLOWY and really I can’t create enough!

I’ve even done VIDEO! Complete with ridiculously curly hair (seriously if you missed out on that story over on fb, then you missed out, maybe)! AND got back to podcasting!

The thing is… when I thought about this yesterday, about how easily everything was flowing –

I kinda felt a bit, well, guilty.

And not only that I felt a bit, well… lost.

The thing is in my life I’d set up these weird kind of personal governance systems by which to know myself – yes I KNOW that makes no sense whatsoever and definitely not grammatically, but wait.

What I mean is

For so long

I had referred to myself in various ways.

Oh god this is even feeling uncomfortable writing this, whereas on the grand scale of things it’s not actually THAT big a deal but –


This referral of thine self (WHO AM I)

Went a bit like this

Libra woman
With Aries rising
Born in the year of the Rooster
INTP-A (though how 16 personalities missed out on the frequent emosh rainbow, I have zero idea)
Even writer, coach, photographer, creative, mother, wife, christian, vegetarian, waldorf homeschooler, nomad, female, art lover, hypnobirther, PTSD hero, speaker, and so on!

So many ways in which to understand myself! So many ways we can describe ourselves.
Ways in which I have LOVED describing as myself and relating to. Seeing myself as if in a mirror.


We were leaving New Zealand a few days ago, and we drove past the salt lakes with the black swans, and it’s kinda obvious to spot the ones with mates – it got me thinking about the dance we play with the feminine and masculine, and how balanced that has to be in order to step into full abundance – whether that’s overflowing love, or income, or joy, or peace, or whatever it is –

And it hit me!

I started this weird thought train and here’s a glimpse into the weirdness of my brain, by wondering HOW energy ‘decided’ to be male or female in the first place, and from there realised – of course then! Logically it can ONLY be this way, that before energy becomes male or female, it must be… just energy!


AND – therefore, true, full abundance can only be reached when we exist OUTSIDE OF definition!

So that label you’ve been holding on to for so long – creative, academic, even emotional labels like well, emotional! Or introvert, or camera-shy, or technology averse, or whatever it is –

AND EVEN the labels we’ve been creating to uplevel and reflect our energies like



In it’s easiest format to understand –

Had I stayed as a photographer and not written a book and called myself an author, I would have always been ‘just another photographer’. However, I escaped that single definition when I wrote the book, and as a result began to receive more expansion.

This expansion led to increase in income, clients, recognition, and joy as well as new channels for creativity – all because I chose to reject a single label and see myself as limitless!

Of course at the time I didn’t think that – I was just writing a book!

But why this is important is

Because I think it’s so easy to categorise ourselves as just one thing
One subject
One type of person
One specialism

When actually not only are we restricting ourselves and ALL of our incredible gifts from impacting the world when we do that,

But we are actually LIMITING our own EXPANSION as a result!

Of course, labels are useful, to a point. Maybe they help others understand what we ‘do’, like for example I think being able to be labeled a neurosurgeon is pretty useful! Wouldn’t want to mess up those labels at the hospital!
But when you are ready for deeper expansion
I’m starting to understand – and this is where it feels scary for me –
That labels can actually trigger restriction instead.

Me, who spent a whole life pouring over constellations at night
Reading amazing astrology books which still are, unbelievably true for me
Reading energy in cards
Calling myself and knowing myself by those names, knowing myself THROUGH the identities that other people! Had bestowed upon me
Whether that was through my birth, or the way I answered questions in an online test, or my uni results, or the work that I do!

And when we come to trust in the power of those labels
Build them into dangerous towers (of which I think ‘academic’ is possibly the most dangerous as it’s the one schools still teach as aspirational)
We are actually giving away our power and potential for greater abundance.

Now, I’m still unpacking this! Breaking down decades of identity does not happen in one email or journaling session

But what I’m starting to see is that

True abundance is actually what sits BEYOND gender
Beyond nature even – of course nature is energy is abundant! But the very force of CREATION ITSELF
BEYOND nature
Creative energy

IS undoubtedly beyond definition.

And what all this theorising means then for you,
Is that actually where we have been taught to seek the label!
The very label we desire and the awards and the role and the job

Is, actually

The very thing limiting our growth
The place where we are giving away our power
The label where here on earth we might be understood 😉
But to step into that metaphysical world where everything IS seamless and overflowing and easy!? That combination of mind + energy + magic + creatrix power!?

We are going to need to move so far beyond labels, in fact the labels we keep giving ourselves now I’ve come to see this

As struggling, broke, tired, even
Are actually faintly laughable!

Don’t believe me? Try this >>
When you next feel exhausted, find a quiet headspace – not literally quiet but not interrupted every second –
And tell yourself you are revitalised now, your energy is endless, and you are DONE with the tiredness. That’s it, no more, only energy from here on.

And see if you don’t feel suddenly
More energised!

I did this on the plane to Sydney, sat next to both the girls they were absorbed in their little sparkle magazines for a whole five minutes and I remember just feeling WIPED! Business is flying but even that brings growth challenges to overcome, I’d been up since 4am, and the adrenalin and anxiety I always get before traveling was running riot – I was WIPED!

So I did this.
And I couldn’t literally believe the shift!! Sat on a plane and for the first time EVER, I think, I stayed awake on an entire plane journey! Note – I’ve never done this before.

And so then the way we keep describing ourselves as this very base level
Of broke, failing, tired, struggling, sad, overwhelmed, ill, whatever you choose today –

Really IS keeping us locked in to that place because to move outside of it?
Would be like choosing a whole new identity
And you know 😉 we humans aren’t that great at change on the whole!

But let’s for a second explore
If we WERE to let go of labels
Business Owner
Smart One
Bad With Money
Wasted Potential
Heavy energy

All the labels we have come to know – introvert, multi-passionate, creative, etc

What would you RECEIVE, instead/

And how then –

Well. It’s not really a question of ‘how’ so much. Not like you can change the stars you were born under, and besides, I love the beauty of night skies!

But instead, this is about KNOWING
Of DECIDING, that those labels are simply no more than a way for the world to attempt to describe the full and abundant being that is you.

The question is more about belief, actually.
Are you going to choose to believe in the power of the labels
Can you begin to believe that there just might be a whole world of abundance RIGHT there waiting for you!?
Like you stepping into energy from exhaustion simply because you expect and demand nothing less?!

Because if you did believe that
You’d stop looking outside yourself for the answers or way to categorise all of who you are
And see instead that the question is
How can I be available for more abundance today?

And –
How can I open into abundance today?
How can I receive more today?

AND one more thing –  I have a sneaky suspicion that even the very word abundance
Is simply code for love.

Because in the bible… it says something along the lines of… by this people will come to know you as my followers, if you show love for each other.

So of course then what you need to release is anything that stands in the way of you and love
So that you are released into universal energy, God, the Universe, and into
The abundance, the absolute RICHES
That are right there waiting for you.


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