This Is Why You’re Procrastinating

Here’s what my morning looked like today. Ok so first, I had coffee in bed with hubs and the girls and we discussed EVERY SINGLE SCENARIO POSSIBLE regarding the great internet mystery that is the Frozen II trailer.

So far, so normal.

Then we got up, had more coffee, and I sat and watched some Great Gatsby clips with the girls

(it’s Art Deco weekend here in Napier, and we’re planning for a whole party weekend, so I thought I’d squeeze in some homeschoolish type stuff about the roaring 20s / aka gave myself an excuse to watch some Gatsby first thing in the morning). 


Then my first client missed her appointment.

Then I was hungry. I made breakfast, feta + honey (still, Cyprus in my heart)! and eat sat with the family. Fine, ok.

And then…

And then…


Because this is what usually happens >

I get up, have coffee / breakfast with the fam, and get straight to work. 

By work I mean

First reading

And then journaling

And then

Writing to you here, like this, which IS my work…

And then writing my book

And THEN doing my trainings

AND THEN talking to my assistant or doing whatever else comes up!

And of course

Where we mess it up?

Is when we don’t do the things that matter first.

Yes, you might have to walk the dog / get the girls to school / food shop / the same as I ‘had to’ eat / homeschool / watch Gatsby


There is NOTHING more important than your purpose work that really needs to be done first. Nothing, ever.

And maybe you know this but you ‘forget’ sometimes,

And the thing is what you ALSO are forgetting when this happens is >

The outcome you say you want.

Because if you say you want things to change, and yet you are not prepared to change – well, I guess you’d better be happy with everything you currently have –

No Gatsby for you beyond the movie!

And maybe that’s enough for you

But the very reason we are here in New Zealand this weekend, in the beautiful sunshine getting ready to party all weekend with the kids (prohibition party tonight! My sister in law + brother surprised us with tickets)!

The very reason we were able to travel and LIVE in Thailand
Which then led to this leg of our family adventure in New Zealand
The round the world travel, running our businesses online,

Even ROB who right now is working on his own top secret super creative project that is literally making him happy every single day

The reason we are able to do this?

Is because I DO WHAT MATTERS FIRST. Even Rob is getting up at the crack of dawn to work on what matters to him, because he knows that when us three girls wake he is King Breakfast + Coffee Maker 😉

And this isn’t about some punishing crack of dawn regime – but simply if you know your mornings leave you so chaotic and unraveled that it’s ‘hard’ for you to concentrate on anything else

Well then

Find another way.

There is always another way!

Or, keep putting on pause the life you say you want.

And this isn’t about not being happy with what you have! You won’t be able to create anything of any true significance without gratitude and being happy with where you’re at!

Well I guess you could
Like those tortured artist types who create thanks to their pain and then ONLY after they die do they become recognised for their madness + genius

I guess you could become like that

Discovered for your work after you’re dead

Except now, when it’s pretty tough for any creative, really, to be discovered – isn’t the whole world a creative / photographer / coach / writer / author now?! feels that way anyway!

You probably aren’t likely to make it even then.


While on the subject of living life like it actually matters

Better start acting like it then?

And do what truly matters

To you first.

Which is never Gatsby, idle morning conversation, business or ALLOWING IN everything EXCEPT the things you say you want to create!

And more than that

To become that person, who does the work – the true work, the calling of your soul work?!

You might want to journal on why you’re not being her yet.

Now, this morning, no matter what.

Because, no matter what, becoming the person you want to be

The writer, artist, recognised, successful, traveller, whatever –

Starts with realising that NO MATTER WHAT

You ARE that person

And so then

Acting accordingly.

What would change in how you act, think, feel + believe, if you already WERE that person?


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