This Just Isn’t LOGICAL!!

It makes no logical sense to me anymore!

Nothing does, really!

My client asked me yesterday where I get my inspiration from

A book you are reading, or what you’re experiencing perhaps?

Well, yes, kind of.

But also really not at all.

Because ‘those things’, the automatic way we try to link our brain to the rational

The way we look for something to hold on to as a reason for WHY we feel or act or think in such a way

Do not and could never! explain ‘the other’ things!

Like how all FOUR of my client calls yesterday revolved around different versions of the EXACT same question

Or how I know what the underlying question is

Before I even get on the call!

It doesn’t LOGICALLY explain how you just meet someone and instantly have that feeling you’ve known eachother your entire life

LOGIC doesn’t explain how my exact villa came to me in Cyprus in the image of a magazine and the pages of my journal first and then we end up living in pretty much that exact villa

Or how the chateau had every single feature I journaled on

Or like those times when you just know something was going to happen,like I knew very specifically who would be attending my intensive retreat in Cyprus this August!

Or like my client who has launched two retreats of her own this year, and the second one sold out in a heartbeat, the most luxurious and expensive of the two, yet the first was SUCH an uphill struggle for her to even promote, I mean, logically, how does that even happen!? Success is success, surely, and it just wouldn’t make ANY logical sense that one would sell out and not the other?

Unless of course said client also REALLY wanted a luxury vacation in an incredible villa with her husband

And said, just kind of half jokingly but not really ‘oh! this could be the backup plan!’ BEFORE she ever even started selling the thing

FUNNY THEN, of course, actually, some might say! That the retreat didn’t sell DESPITE it not being ‘logical’, despite us having planned exactly how she ‘could’ sell it, ‘funny’ then she got that dream, entirely luxurious vacation with her husband 😉

What a coincidence!

Just like the client I released around a month ago who also happened to be booked on to one of my summer retreats,

And I DID for a moment feel hesitation around it, that it would screw all the ‘plans’ and I’d be ‘losing’ somehow, because she had been a great long term client overall just the energy was shifting and expanding, for me anyway!

so it was kind of gutting to say goodbye BUT

Had to trust!

And then of course, how ‘strange’ that a few short days later in walked a client who is DEFINITELY, 100% aligned, she is already upleveling so hard and fast she has already shifted her entire brand, offers, and clients in the few short weeks we have been together AND made high end sales AND of course booked right on to my summer retreat In Cyprus!

What a coincidence that she came along right when she did

Maybe there is some logical explanation for all of these things

OR maybe

Just maybe


Has nothing to do with it.

And you know

You can sit and figure out why ‘logically’

You should fill your spots

Sell out

Be fully booked

Earn a ton of money

Or get on that podcast or summit

Go to that thing

Quit that other thing

Walk away from X

Gain inspiration from THIS or THAT place

And your brain will drive you insane as you try to rationalise and process it all LOGICALLY

How to do X

Whether to do X

What your feelings are about which then equals Y

All you like

But what if…

Just supposing


had absolutely ZERO to do with any of it?

What if

Just supposing

LOGIC was a man-made construct

An elaborate dance, if you like

Choreographed by the men laughing at the front

Because while you’re so busy figuring something out

Working out the workings! (my Mum ALWAYS had pieces of paper with ‘workings out’ scribbled all over them)!

What if instead of

Dancing the dance

Energy, time and motivation reduced to ‘working it out’

Maybe instead you just trusted entirely

In the things you cannot see?


But of course.

Too big a concept for our puny human brain to comprehend

Better go back to… well, working it out!

How can you reach a destination, without a plan?

It just wouldn’t be logical!

How dare you do something as basic as

Trusting your gut

Following your instinct

Flying by the seat of your pants, full tilt

Into the winds of exhilaration!?

Wouldn’t that be utterly careless and irresponsible?!

Says the orchestra

And you dance then

To their hypnotic tune

Convincing yourself the whole time

Surely things HAVE to be logical, to make sense, to be more, well





Don’t they play their song well, you marvel,

THEIR plan executed so perfectly well

detaching you from the wildness of you

So you perform your pretty, polished steps so neatly, giving you the merest hint of the illusion of freedom.

SURE! Choose your business

Choose your life

Choose motivational quotes!

But don’t ever dare listen to

The wild calling of your soul

Because that just wouldn’t be logical, would it?!

I mean

How could you ever build a business or life

Based on trust

Gut instinct

Moving quickly, huntress, changing so fast they can’t keep up?

To do so would be utterly reckless abandonment of their ways

Their accolades

Their likes and shares, wouldn’t it?

Of all the rules, they told you to play by?

Be careful! don’t climb too high! as if your instinct could never serve you alone –

Better go back to logic then.

Isn’t that what got you to where you are?

Unless of course

You look around and see

The anxious

Hands bunched into fists

LOGICAL version of you

Isn’t in fact, the version of you that you want

To keep descending into, after all.

And actually,




YOU starts to sound a little tempting now!

And where to begin?

Trust your gut

Move fast

Believe in the unseen and miracles daily

Release the plan and the list and the

LOGIC of it all

Because magic is simply NOT logical.

And you, are a magical, inexplicable, being.

of course –

This post was inspired by the book which I sat reading in a little sun-decked cafe this morning, Bringers of the dawn – teachings from the Pleiadians –


You’ll know now that really

It had nothing whatsoever to do with it 🙂

Dance your dance, or theirs.



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