Tune Into Your Highest Self!

Because she knows, you know.

She knows when you’re following the rules
She knows when you’re playing the game called Avoiding What You Came For
She knows when your ego is seeking validation, and approval.

She knows when you’re dancing with the sparks of your heart
And when you’re running from them
And she knows when you’ve ground them so far into the ground in an attempt to snuff them out that they will continue to burn regardless.

She knows when you’re desperately seeking and crying out for the money
She knows when you’re burying yourself in busyness and self-importance
She knows when your heart begs to be seen as you cry out ‘look what I made! Look what I’m doing!’ your begging, please see ME attempts to the world and she knows when
You’re wearing yourself dog-thin from doing so.

She knows when you hold on to the patterns of the past like scorpions do
Stinging yourself to death first rather than letting go
She knows when you hold on to nostalgia, guilt, drama, and self-loathing in the corners where you think nobody else is watching

She knows when your creativity is whispering in your ear

A siren call before you suffocate it under the waves.

She knows what you crave
She knows what you want the world to know
She feels that drumming longing in your heart carrying you on
And she knows every moment that you scream out to walk away, cry won’t a JOB be easier!? Won’t following the OLD WAY be easier!? Won’t this ALL BE EASIER, if you just follow THAT way!? Or this thing, or that thing, or down the rabbit hole

And she knows
The thing that keeps you there
Is your choice to believe regardless
Of the ‘easiest’ route
Of the route they TELL you is the best
The way they pat you on the head in their heads, ‘poor deluded soul’
If only she could just
Be normal
Sit down
Why, then she would have all she needs!

That ease? has nothing to do with anything.

Because SHE
The one who knows it all
THEIR way, the old way, the easy way, the way they will all tell you it must be so!

Like last week the way they told me, you cannot do it THIS way! You must STOP being so random! You need more STRATEGY!

Like the callings of our soul
The poetry in our minds
The LIFE in our eyes
Could ever be so PLANNED
Like REAL success in ALL areas!!!!
Could EVER come as a result of PUSHING and PLANNING and STRATEGY!?

Like a wildfire,
Could ever burn in a straight line!?

Sure burn it up in one area
Set alight in the way they tell you to
And watch yourself melt down the OTHER areas
That you always swore true to, that you always swore abundance for

Simply because you killed yourself trying to be the thing that they told you to.



You were to trust in the randomness of it all
In believing that
All you had to do
Was believe it was so
And it would, actually, be so!?

What if –
She –
Was right, all along?

Wouldn’t it be a shame then
To live your life
As if the calling of your soul knew nothing
And THEY, everything, that was right, for you.

And should you choose otherwise
Then I will meet you there
Dancing on the whispers of the wind
Dancing with the shadows and the lightness of our soul
Dancing in the miracles of US and it all

As we receive
Everything we were gifted, for listening to the one who knows.

And of course
THAT is the work of the soul
Because did you read all that and shout yes! it’s the ego that gets me! it’s the approval I’m seeking! It’s the social media I’ve been foolishly following!
ALL the YES YES YESing nodding your head so hard you might lose it

And you will, you know
Because that’s their game too
Confuse you with all of the things you could and SHOULD do because well,
Isn’t following Her, into the woods, just so HARD, actually!? SO SCARY
Being out there, all alone

Isn’t that why you run from her every day?
Not because she knows!
But because you know that actually
She will work you like a dog
Work you until you bleed
Work you until you cry
Because the work of the soul was never supposed to be easy, you know.

But you get to choose! You get to choose what is the ‘hard’ work that you do!

YOUR doorway

The door that is hardest to open
The old rusty key they told you never to use

You want what’s on the other side of the wall? You want your beloved secret garden of abundance and joy and all the good things? !

Then choose her!
Over and over and over again
Whatever it takes

For as long as it takes

And ask her! Right now!

Are you choosing her way –
Or theirs?

She knows, you know.
And you, always, know.



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