❤️ What Your Heart Desires! ❤️ 

The heart desires freedom
To run rampage through the creations of your mind
Leaving full and pulsating beats
Through the trails of your morning.

It demands to be chosen
Above all else
Why else do you think anxiety stamps in your gut
Right below the place where your heart sits when you close the door on it.

It desires to run speech and words and the things left unsaid
It desires to undo that we wish we had never said
It desires to be held and yet still be desirous of everything at the same timeAnd it demands again
To be chosen.

It demands the drink of a blazing sunrise
A walk on the beach
The company of others
The solitude of oneness
So you can feel the race of it all
In your veins.

And again it demands you chose it
Over all else.
The beat grows louder daily
Marching you into the next plane

And you can dive into your fill of it all
Flow with it like rafting on rapids or
You lock it down further still
Choking the very life and creativity from it all

Denying the flow
And the life force
The very pulsating of blood and richness clenched instead in a fist
No you will not speak up, out, paint our screens or walls or skies with your message that you came here to shake this earth with
Carry on reducing it all down to numbers and
The point of the thing.

Or you can write
And speak
And dance
And shake
And love
And fall undone
Through life
Exactly as you are supposed to
Dreaming our skies a little more vividly
Ancestral calls into the heart of the thing
The connectivity of us all

Or continue to tell yourself
It cannot be. It is impossible. I cannot.
And so
It is.

Or, open eyes and bones and skin and being into
The vibration of
The earth
Cord tied to your heart
Beating as one
Earthing you into
The core of yourself.

And what the heart desires is to be chosen
Above all else.
And here you will find
Your freedom.


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