When You Feel Indecisive And Uncertain

I really didn’t want to write this today.

Please not this message! 

Can’t I just write about normal stuff like how to grow your brand on Pinterest or how to grow your list? 

Instead I sit with my coconut Americano and what comes through me again is the notion of this divided world, how something huge happened – a shift in consciousness, energetic realigning, return to intuition – whatever you want to call it-

And if you’re struggling now it’s because you’re resisting the change. 

Clinging on to the old ways – because it’s more comfortable, isn’t it? More comfortable to binge on netflix, or to exist on the illusions of how things ‘used to be’ or ‘should be’

Strategy based

And now? A very strong, female energy. Return to reclamation of our time as our most precious asset.

Energy work.
Heart work.
Witchy work.
Soul work.
Returning to love.
Returning to deep, universal-God-spirit-consciousness love.

And this will be a golden time for the creators, mystics, wise, artists, dreamers. The earthed and the uprooted. Those desiring to nurture and those desiring such a reclamation for their deeper purpose they feel alive and literally almost aggressive with such creative unleashing because sometimes you don’t even quite know where to put it all, do you?

More resistance to the shift. Staying in our comfort zones, anger, frustration, overwhelm, confusion- it’s all resistance to the change that’s going on outside of us but also – deep, deep within us. 

Because where have the old ways got us?

Sure, we might be living longer.

But are we any less sick? 
Are we really any richer?
Are we happier? 
Are we more fulfilled? 
Are our children happier? 
Is our earth healthier? 
Are our communities stronger, communication better, are our lives any more joyful? 

Or are we binging on entertainment and instagram and substitutes for creativity as a way of avoiding ourselves and the real work that needs to be done> 

And so then

If you’re here and still reading then you probably are one of those who upleveled too, and right now are feeling the overwhelming desire for more purpose, more healing, greater creativity, greater connection. More time, more focus, more energy, more flow.

A ridding of the negative that has gone before and a releasing into something new. 

For a great global community of love to arise out of that great goddess frequency (and I say Goddess but this energy is for men too, to reclaim their masculine sovereignty in their own lives, an identity which for so long has been fractured and broken down and in a state of confusion)

And this upleveling you’ve experienced

This calling to a new or changed purpose
Or a refreshing of an old desire
Or a real and vibrant pull now towards your own personal strengths and greatness

Also brings along with it

Huge uncertainty.

Can I REALLY do that?
Become this?
Talk about that?
Follow this?
Live this out?
Do this?
Follow through?

And what I say is this

Look to the children and ask yourself these questions (regardless of whether you have kids or not).

How do you want the children of our world – the future – to experience life?

Being plagued by uncertainty, shadows of dogma and doctrine, never really full stepping into all that they are capable of being? 


A continuation of who they are now, easily absorbed in creation, learning, energy, flow, love?

We forgot our inner children! in the chase for money, success, fame, glory-

But these crystal kids are here as our greatest teachers and it makes me laugh to think that we are so foolish in believing we are here to teach them when they have such a strong cosmic force all of their own-

So connect with your inner child rising

Connect with the certainty of absorption, creativity, connection, flow

The indecision and the agony stops now.


And before you tell me – but I still need to market! Promote! eat!

All that I ask is that you release expectation of how you think this should look and feel 

And move into experiencing what IS, not what is NOT. 

I didn’t want to write this today. This wasn’t how I thought my post should look, or what it should be about. It’s just what came to and through me and so today

Today I receive certainty
I am grateful for purpose
I choose to step into creativity
And calling
And release self-doubt and fear. 
I am not chosen to walk along the edge 
But to dive deep, into the blue. 


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