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Ever felt like you just don’t know what to DO any more? A LONG time ago, I was at rock bottom in my life. Yes, this is totally one of those ‘transformational’ stories, but hold the cynicism for one minute – It’s not quite the normal one.

Because I hadn’t just lost money, or was broke, or divorced, or any of that.

I was literally at a point where I was HOMELESS. I had nowhere to live, was experiencing a miscarriage, I’d given up my business a few weeks earlier, and I’d even lost my dog 🙁

What a mess. I had literally nothing bar a job where I counted pieces of paper for a living, and the kindness of strangers who put a roof over my head and gave me this room. It was a small, blue room, and it was my solace.

And in that tiny room

I sat and began to write. 

I poured hope into each one of those pages.

But not just hope. I prayed in those pages. I visualised. And probably most importantly – I questioned. Every single day, I asked the really tough questions of myself and my life and allowed whatever came out to flow.

And it was tough, heartbreaking, and entirely necessary to do so.

The thing is

We’ve been taught to see the answers for what we need are OUTSIDE of us.

The courses we buy, the partner we trust to BRING happiness, the kids who MUST behave within certain boundaries and act in certain ways, the money that brings happiness (Yes it totally does, but I’ll save that for later).

The point is we are taught to look for EXTERNAL SOLUTIONS TO THE STRUGGLES WE FACE!

For so long, I had been looking for love, for fulfillment, in my businesses, in my relationship, in all the wrong places – and I began to realise this like a long, slow agonizingly painful realisation and questioning, where I asked

– what if the solution isn’t OUTSIDE of us, but WITHIN US!?!

If You Want More MONEY, Abundance, Love, Joy!?

What if every single thing we needed or wanted to experience or manifest in our lives

is accessed not just by completing tick lists of the work someone else gives us to do

Be a better parent, employee, follow this course and you too can have a million dollar launch!

But in a way that is SO much simpler than you imagine!?

What if – there is a much, much easier way to create and step into exactly what we wanted!?

And the reason I shared my rags to freedom story, is because these are the exact questions I began to ask in my journal because

Surely life shouldn’t be this difficult!?

Surely life is not meant to always be this borderline struggle, this kind of just out of reach existence beyond our dreams, meant for only the few ‘special’ or privileged ones!?

For so long, I thought life was meant to be hard. It’s a belief I see SO many people holding on to! And if you always feel like you’re on this borderline struggle, where nothing ever really FLOWS and everything always feels in kinda short supply – money, deep love, time maybe –

You probably have that struggle mindset too!

I didn’t grow up rich, wealthy, or ever had access to that kind of upbringing where you are told you can have or be anything.

What I saw, everywhere I looked, was struggle.  No wonder I learned struggle!

You might not have learned struggle, but you might have learned the opposite – that COMFORT is the best that you can desire and you must protect it at all costs, maybe!

Keep the peace, don’t rock the boat!? Let alone dare ever dream of stepping into your wildest dreams!

And that in itself is a struggle because comfort is a prison of its own, so far from your true legacy of full abundance you are born to inherit!

And back to my story then –

I began this process of intentional journaling, although I didn’t call it that back then. It was more like those tiny pages, and writing in them daily, was what was holding me together, keeping me from falling apart.

And it became this challenging of who I was and everything I had come to know as Truth.

Why are you committed to this endless struggle?!

Why does everything always seem so hard!?

What would life/business/work be like instead, if only I could TRUST and ALLOW it to be so?!

I wrote every single day – and still do now, almost a decade later.

And what happened, as a result of this process? This daily habit, hard as it was to keep but I did it everywhere I went!

well, EVERYTHING I wrote in my journals back then

Dreams of success, of travel, of freedom, of living in castles even, of having bestselling books, of having impact on the lives of others! have all come to pass.

To be honest, I didn’t understand HOW for the longest time. How could I write something, and then it happen?

But the thing with journaling is

*It clears your mind of doubt – no longer can the trains of your negative thoughts run over your hope + optimism
*It enables you to connect to your highest power without distraction
*It enables you to gain absolute clarity as you focus
*It connects you with universal energy, (GOD, if you like), and all you were born for
*It confronts you with the reality that you are responsible for your life
*It shows you the path forward and through when everything else in your world seems confusing 

And from those places – struggle simply no longer has room to exist!

Journaling simply is the number one, most powerful tool for manifestation and transformation I have used, EVER.

It’s not that big train of thought kind of process, morning pages where you write anything and everything that comes to mind. That’s good for releasing, not so good for getting you clear and focussed on the change you want to see.

When you learn the power of journaling with intention you’ll understand how to use it

*to defeat procrastination

*to understand how and why you’re sticking to destructive behavioural habits

*to connect with deeper creativity that you can turn into income generating ideas for your business / life

*to create soulful goals with meaning and uncover the personal process + actions you need to take to make them happen

*as a powerful manifestation tool

*to get unblocked and unstuck with your work, writing, and life!

*as probably THE most powerful tool for income generation you can use.

And this is EXACTLY what I’m sharing with you in my Write Her Heart program.

Journaling with intention is NOT about making lists or writing plans.

I’ve used my years of journaling to help me manifest my dream house (three times)!, to generate my dream income, to strengthening my marriage and my relationship with my kids, to generating ideas for my books. It’s helped us to quit the ‘normal’ life and begin to travel together as a full time traveling family!

It’s helped me to heal PTSD, overcome online haters and business struggles, and create a thriving, flourishing life filled with purpose and joy.

Not only that – journaling is so simple and free that anyone can learn this process.

You will need to be prepared to make this a daily habit so it’s not for you if you’re looking for an easy fix- habit takes consistency to maintain – but it’s truly as easy as easy gets.

Here’s what I’m sharing with you in this unforgettable workshop.

*how to journal specifically to change your focus and your reality – I’m sharing the exact process I use to do this – to connect deeply with your goals and to know what forward action you SHOULD be taking as a result (goodbye, guesswork)

*the three core practices I use in my journal every single day to change my income, relationships and life

*how to use your journal to regain and ignite creativity and flow

*why journaling ISN’T about planning or writing lists, and what you should be doing instead if you want to tap into this beautiful and uplifting tool

*How to make journaling a daily habit

*How journaling has changed my reality – from my business to my marriage, I’ll be sharing specific case studies and example pages from my own journals to show you exactly what to do as well as how to use your journal as an incredible tool for affirmation AND manifestation

*know what to do when you feel stuck and blocked and don’t know what to write about in your journal (let alone on social media)

Ready to join the movement of thousands of people all over the world who are taking up intentional journaling as part of their spiritual, financial, creative and self-empowerment journeys!?

WRITE HER HEART – $197  $97

I’m making this even easier for you with these bonuses designed to get you keeping the journaling habit!

BONUS 1 –  180 journaling prompts list download so whenever you feel stuck you can reach for one of these ‘secret ingredients’ and immediately start moving forward! (This alone is worth the investment into this program)!

BONUS 2 – #alineaday 2019 BRAND NEW MATERIAL! I’m giving you TWO Bonus audio recordings that WILL inspire, uplift and motivate you!

FIRST – Write Into Rich! Bonus audio number one, I’m sharing the exact process I use daily to write my way into financial abundance, including brand-new never shared before details on why my income DROPPED recently and how I wrote my way back into abundance! This is going to show you how to use your journal to identify mindset blocks, reconnect to your goals and the exact process I’ve used for advanced manifestation – think dream homes, our dream car, full time travel + more!

SECOND – Write Into Love. This is SUCH a big training for me, you’ll see why on the training!! But I’m talking about how to receive more love into your life and deepen your relationships not just with those around you but also the most important one 😉 and why this matters? Because opening up into deeper love, being available to that, means you open up in all areas. This is a seriously deep + unbelievably powerful recording, definitely for you if you know and believe there is more for you, but you aren’t yet receiving it!


If that’s not enough – I’m also going to be donating 10% of sales to pencils of promise 

which provides educational opportunities for children in need around the world. Because I believe that everyone deserves how to learn to write a new future for themselves, and what we learn really does begin in childhood.

And because I believe that women benefit most from educational opportunity.

And because I believe in using my business for good (my business has given away coaching opportunities, donated to trafficking charities and provided free places for women in need on my programs over the last few years, but I want 2019 to go to another level).

Your journal is the most incredible, soulful, encouraging mirror you could have and when you create the daily habit, it will transform your wellbeing, relationships, confidence, income + so much more.

Join the workshop and learn how to use it, here.

WRITE HER HEART – $197  $97


Who Is This Workshop Right For?

* You if you want to learn how to use this daily habit to overcome the mindset of struggle
* You if your business / life / relationship seems stuck or stagnant
* You if you’re exhausted trying to seek answers from all the gurus and to-do lists and the result is you’re frustrated that whatever you seems to do, nothing seems to TRULY work
*You if you want to connect deeper with your gifts and learn how to create deeper + greater impact in the world
*You, if you want to experience ultimate freedom, abundance, and joy in your life with one simple daily habit
*You, if you’re ready to try something different
*You if personal development is your jam because you KNOW it gets results (NOT you if you want a tick list of ‘what to do to get specific results)
*You if you want to learn probably THE most simple, wildly useful + PRACTICAL tool for success you could ever hold in your hands

Ready to join us??

WRITE HER HEART – $197  $97


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