You Can Stop Choosing Struggle! Like This

Have you ever had that feeling where no matter what you seem to do
Where it feels like you’ve tried everything and exhausted even every thought you seem to have about it!
You still can’t quite get that thing that you want!

So just recently, I said to a friend of mine, who also happens to be property hunting for us in our next location 😉

There just doesn’t seem to be ANYTHING available!


Have I learned NOTHING over these last years!?
Well then
Of course, there will be NOTHING AVAILABLE!

In the exact same way
that if something FEELS like a struggle to you – then it will be
if being healthy, or HOT, or desired, or successful or earning a ton of money, living location free, or even staying in flow or creatively on fire feels hard to you
in the exact same way finding that dream property was for me

Then of course
It will be a struggle!

It really does not take rocket science to figure this out. It’s not even some weird psuedo-science based thing, isn’t actually entirely logical, if you stop and think about it for one minute?

If something is difficult
If every part of you believes that it is so
Then how difficult do you think it is going to be to get the energy, joy, focus and attention required to have the opposite, that thing which you want!

it’s like your goal is at point 100 and you’re taking yourself from zero to MINUS 100 on the difficulty scale.

And so we found one place I kinda liked
Bit overpriced for the area
Kinda luxury
Ticked all the boxes
Don’t really love the location but meh, it’s 100 steps from the beach so can’t complain – kinda energy

CAN’T COMPLAIN! isn’t that part of the problem too? We put up and make the best of a bad situation instead of getting so furious! about said situation, that we can actually take at least some forward action into doing anything about it!

but no
how entirely classless it would be to dare let ourselves get furious at this frankly MINIMAL level of thing we are receiving!
As if this is all you are destined for, deserve, and was God’s plan, to let you carry on struggling.

And so instead,
I sent him the very image of the villa I ACTUALLY have my eye on
The one I found about three years ago and just KNEW I was meant to live in it!

Haven’t you ever had that feeling then, that there really IS something more there for you than this!?

And one of my new Intensive Transformation clients who joined me last week, who for almost year had been going backwards and forwards saying she literally couldn’t afford it, joined me while telling me she had tried EVERYTHING and still somehow she couldn’t MAKE it work

well, no.
You’re not going to be able to MAKE it work. There simply is NO way to MAKE it work. You have to just… know.
And believe.
And trust.
That there is something better out there for you.
That there IS something meant for you.
Even if you can’t yet describe what that is!

And she joined, paid the deposit, and instantly when I asked her how she felt she replied FREE.
Amazing. Because she’d finally made that commitment to actually
BELIEVING in and ACTING upon that thing she’d already known all along.
No to struggle, yes to something far bigger and better that actually,

is just around the corner waiting for you to choose it.

And so with the villa
He asked
Is this even available?
I have no idea, but it is 🙂
And he kind of laughed hard for a minute before saying –
Wow. You’re actually serious about this aren’t you?

Well.. are you? or aren’t you?
Aren’t you serious too, about dropping your struggle?

Money struggle
Weight struggle
Relationship struggle
Focus, procrastination and the kind of ‘next level’ struggle where ok yes you HAVE had some success actually, in fact in comparison to ‘most people’
You’re doing so well!
They even tell you so don’t they?

But for you
And me
We aren’t most people.
And while most people would probably be overjoyed with the first villa, it really is spacious, luxurious, pool + garden (kinda rare where we are going)!
To stay comfortable
To live how most people live
Well, we’ve always known the everyday, the commonplace – simply not for us!

-I even read a totally HILARIOUS comment from one of my haters on my Amazon books yesterday, someone had left it a year ago and I hadn’t even noticed lol, but yesterday I came across it while searching through for some other Amazon info and this person who CLEARLY will never get the world in this way said
‘who is she to be talking about success, she hasn’t even bought a house!’
Honestly. I nearly fell over laughing. Some people will just never get it and my core message of freedom (let alone why oh why would I want to BUY a house when I can live wherever I want in the entire world in absolute dream homes!? Sure maybe one day! Nothing WRONG with that but – very definitely NOT my dream!-

Because why on earth would I ever choose being comfortable
When really
You and I
Just not compatible with comfortable.

Which is why the struggle is there in the first place, aren’t you so painfully aware there really IS more there for you than what you’re currently allowing yourself to receive!?

Of course I was only seeing the MINIMUM available to me because that’s what I was choosing to see
But what if we allowed ourselves to see something different
What if you just could believe
That what you want is literally RIGHT in front of you
Waiting for you to choose it!?

But this is what you tell yourself instead

1. There is something more important I must be doing. Another qualification, another strategy I should be implementing, there MUST be something else in this price point, this surely is the thing I wanted!? No, and no. Because quite probably the reason you don’t have this thing is that  there is something SO MUCH better waiting for you!

2. Simply not possible for you. Well then, you’re right, it won’t be.

3. This is as good as it gets. Well then… it will be.

4. Too hard / too much work / just can’t quite BELIEVE this is possible for me because I’ve been living this way for so long!

5. Surely I can’t have all of this AND have that too!?

6. And the obvious ones no time / not enough money / too expensive / husband says no / not available. Well then


It simply will not be available to you!


You could choose something different.

Make a new choice.

Choose new beliefs and maybe

Just maybe

You could open your eyes to see, that thing you say you want?

Doesn’t have to be a struggle to get there! where you feel scared, anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, depleted, like you don’t have enough or simply can’t do enough or like doors are closing around you!

What if instead

You chose to release those restricting beliefs even though I know how very real they feel to you! Which after all is their power

Question is will you let them continue to hold that power over you


Choose to reclaim it

And declare that thing that you want

As already done, as though you already have it?

Because of course

You HAVE known, all along, haven’t you

That this is meant for you.

Better declare it and claim it as yours now then? And live as if there simply is no other choice

Declare anything ‘less than’ is now beneath you

And it will be.

Claim it then! And it will be yours…


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