Your ONLY Mission!

Your ONLY mission, is to focus on what you came here for.

So why oh why

Is it

that we allow ourselves to become absorbed in

anything BUT that?

The amount of times my private clients message me per day with nothing less than absolute DISTRACTIONS from their purpose

And my response is always the same!

Stay on course
Get back to work
The work of course being
answering these questions
and ONLY these questions –

How can I BE more – OR, if you really want to simplify it –
How can I get better at this THING that I do… except of course
That thing is simply a representation, a mere slice of you –
So the way that you ‘get better at it’ is of course
By being a deeper, braver, bolder you – so that, of course, is what you ask!

HOW can I go deeper into this
How can I be braver, what giant leaps would I be taking
What bold moves can I take in business / life / this area / this thing!

And the second one then –

How can I get more of this, out to the world today.
How can I make sure more people know about this
And not just ‘the work’ in fact the work is the LAST thing people actually WANT to know about –
But the message behind it. The reason, behind it. YOU, behind it all!

How can I give more people, more of that?

So for the past few years or so, ever since I really understood that concept
My journaling has only ever revolved around those questions!

There lies the gold, you know.

There lies the place where you drop entirely the lies of social media, the ways of the world, nonsense about cultural capital and the way you think they see you –

It’s the place where you sit by yourself for a while and see the truth of it all.

Here in your pages is where you DROP the stuff that does not matter.

Which includes the questions like

What should I charge for X
How can I get more followers
How can I raise my prices
What should I do next
How can I get more engagement / interaction

How can I get more traffic
What should I concentrate on
And my current pet hate, how can I be more niche

And even more importantly what happens when you drop the questions like that, is that your pace becomes

The magical place where your self-doubt, hesitation, and LACK
Melts away.

And I know, the self-doubt that creeps in now
But Charlie!

I have children / work / don’t you know I need to WORK!? I can’t really take all this time out away from my business to sit and journal something as menial as my THOUGHTS!

That might be so.

But what is definitely so

Is that if you want to discover different results
You’re going to need discover different ways to think, act, be.

How do you think those things, the bolder braver more beautiful you
Come into existence?

I know you feel it all, the weight of the world, the FEELINGS so deep running through you daily, wind blowing and buffeting you this way, that way

Don’t you see? The pages are your safe place in the storm of it all

Where you come back to you
Where you strip down your thoughts
To see the ‘good wood’ if you like, and discard the rest
Purchase new pieces.
The capital of you,
Depends on you doing so!

And as for creating new ways to be
It’s as simple as finding new ways to think, feel, breathe in the new version of you lying beneath the surface

And it’s not like there was anything wrong with the old you! The you that you see in the mirror

But didn’t she get rougher, tougher, more fighty from the daily battles, the struggle of how it’s all just so hard sometimes?

And sometimes rougher, tougher is needed

But not when it’s taken the very essence of all the things that made you beautiful

And so


You take it back to the page

And back again!

To the questions

To the never ending work

Of you –

How can I be more
How can I be braver
How can I be bolder
How can I be more, well, ME?

And know – this is never about what you DO

But always who you are

And bringing more, the deepest version of that, to the world.

For me that’s allowing my gypsy soul to shine through

It’s writing like this in a world that tells you to be more poetic, less long, more IG populist.

It’s writing MORE like this, that comes from my soul, in a marketing world which tells you to write less.

It’s writing personally in a world where I was once told personal is unprofessional (GOD the amount of times the wedding industry told me so, guess they didn’t see Instagram coming)!

It’s more floaty dresses, more mediation, more yoga, more early starts, more coffee with my husband, more entrepreneurship and books and business in a world where I get told

Go to work, do the ONE thing, dominate it, and be the best

It’s allowing myself to simply be the best at being, well, all of me.

And that’s all it is

your mission

Here on earth

Is to not allow the matters of this earthly life

To detract you from being

ALL of who you really are

But to counter it all

By being MORE of it.

Charlie xo


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