You’re Repelling Money Doing This!

It’s so not cool to admit this!

Not in any way cool, or cultured, or sophisticated in any way and certainly doesn’t seem to fit into today’s ‘spiritual entrepreneur raising the conscious collective’ kinda vibeme


it’s something that has taken me a while to be able to say –

I LOVE money. I really do!

And had I known or realised this earlier, that as soon you start talking differently about money, and FEELING differently around money,

I would have saved myself SO much struggle over bills, or payments, or fear or pushing away creativity and joy and ease (ironically the thing that ‘makes’ the money!)

in fact even this morning I had a moment where I could FEEL that old FEAR creeping in, a MOMENT of reacting from that place of pain and the mindset of OH why is this SO HARD and COMPLICATED!

Because I said it was so! 

And here’s something that is being missed,
When you say you don’t care about money
What, actually, that really means is –
You don’t care about a particular type of energy flowing into your reality. 

The type of energy that enables you to do amazing things in the world and elevate who you are, and the level of impact you came here to create. 

When you refuse MONEY, whether it’s with your words and how you talk about it, the way you proudly announce to the world you don’t need it!

Or in your action, refusing to do said things that DO require money in your business – paying for advertising or PR to get your message out there in a MUCH bigger way, using your business as a vehicle for social impact, paying for coaching or programs so you can learn and grow and shift accordingly, basically refusing to invest in yourself in EVERY way –

You forget that money naturally will follow the energy of YOU!

However –
And if you are saying and believing even! that you do not care about money
That you do not love money
That actually, meh useful for a few things but not needed in any way or necessary
Then don’t be surprised when you don’t have any AND that your energy across ALL areas starts to follow suit! 

It’s the same with love! You want love, deep, heartfelt, sincere, LOVE? Then be in love and in love with love and wrap yourself IN love for yourself and the entire world and watch how the world follows suit and love somehow, magically, finds you!


Were you to block off love
And say no, love is ok but meh take it or leave it, and who needs romance, or Valentine’s, NAH, we don’t need that!
And you don’t NEED any of it, just like you certainly don’t need MORE money, really!

But then don’t be surprised if you end up feeling a bit crap about yourself
Not because you have to be in a relationship to be happy, that’s a pretty basic way of thinking!

But because Love is love, a type of energy you can feel, and if you are to deny it in any way then of courseit impacts the whole of you,

including your self love, friend love, mother-love, and anything else you tell yourself you are unavailable for when you say meh, love, take it or leave it. 

And thinking about that-

Can you not see that MONEY is the same!?

When you say
Money, meh, not everything
Money, just not needed
Money, I don’t need money

Then what you’re actually doing is restricting your receiving in all areas of your life.

Money is something somebody created one day,

a system of energy that we gave the label money to,

to represent creations we have made, grown, formed, and swapped to have other things that people have made, grown, formed

By saying you don’t care about money
You are rejecting a segment of CREATION itself

Of course, we have come to reject money as it’s become a SYMBOL for capitalism and corporate greed

And we ‘somehow’ forget the power that money can give YOU to shift and elevate the collective consciousness!

My absolute VISION is to have conscious women (and men)! with money showing up and sharing their message in such a big way,

because I know that when said women do show up, our resources and allocation of our energy including money! –

will shift the entire world in a vastly different way to how we as a collective currently experience it!

So I still can’t quite believe that in such a time of understanding, wisdom and progression people can still declare I don’t care about money

And yet expect abundance to flood in in all other areas, as if they are somehow unrelated? 

Abundance is abundance and true abundance is WHOLE.

And so sure you can continue to say you don’t care about money, money is irrelevant, money isn’t important, and carry on living quite happily without it (because of course, it’s almost definitely not going to just land on you one day like that is it)

Or you can see it as the energetic tool it is, how you can use it to elevate your reach and impact and knowledge and growth, as a tool for impacting and changing the world as a force for the greater good,

LET ALONE for the good of your own life

And actually, I think it’s kinda western privilege-y to give that shoulder shrug of

‘meh, I don’t care about the money’

when there are so many out there who need somebody just like you with views like yours about non-violence, new education, health, growth, awareness, even birth etc –

to help shift the dominant view elsewhere!

When I was in Thailand we drove past huge billboards along the side of the road which said something along the lines of Stop Violence Against Women And Children.

Do you know what enabled those signs to be put there!? MONEY. Money for the designer, money for the boards, money for the photos used, money to rent the space used to put them, a WHOLE TON OF MONEY to help aim to shift perspective. 

So like I said
You can carry on saying that money doesn’t matter
But to some people it damn well does, actually.
It might not be YOUR mission

But by sharing that in the world the message you are putting out there is
Quite possibly DAMAGING not just those in your local community who

Go home and argue with their partner they can’t pay the bills
Experience feelings of failure that they can’t seem to make their business work
Have no choice where to send their kids to school, and so on
LET ALONE create powerful impact across the world about things that matter! 

Simply because the collective message ‘somehow’ became ‘we don’t care about money’.

I guess what I’m saying is this-
Keep your poverty vibe to yourself. 

Because we are unbelievably privileged to be able to even have the choice whether or not to say money matters or doesn’t matter,

So then, actually don’t you think it’s just the tiniest bit selfish to act like money doesn’t matter?

To act, actually, like you, only the greatest and most abundant version of you, doesn’t matter? 

Because when you deny money

Through your words, actions, beliefs around it ‘not mattering’

What you’re really saying is the greatest and most abundant version of you would also therefore not matter.

Because if you were you, just with a ton more money, would you not be using that money for the greater collective good, as well as perhaps your own life, as well as using it to share your message of growth, empowerment, and change?

If not – then good, stay not caring about money and leave it for the rest of us who WOULD and ARE using money in that way –

as well as creating the most impactful and spectacular versions of our own lives with said money –

Because we know WEALTH is oh so frequently a direct representation of our impact that we are having on the lives of others

(not MONEY, anyone can win the lottery, but it takes somebody WEALTHY to continue being abundant)! 

And maybe that’s then really what you don’t care about?!

Which, actually, I know you do, because I know the reason you are right here reading this is that your heart bleeds for the state of the world, and you DO desire impact, you DO wish to be to be the change you wish to see in the world, you DO want to create a better world –

which then therefore makes your message about not caring about money entirely non-sensical.

I believe, actually, that you DO care about money, very much, for precisely those reasons

But we have become conditioned by the counter-cultural, art and spiritual collective that not having money is somehow cool or not required.

So carry on believing that and living an ordinary life and having minimal impact,

Or step up and claim what is rightfully yours.

And for that reason I will always quite happily declare I LOVE MONEY

Not just because it’s enabled us to live in castles and travel the world and buy good food and support artists and being able to send the girls to private steiner schools and provide alternative education, allll of the other stuff BUT

ALSO YES definitely that


It’s like this big cycle of energy which spirals up, or down, whichever you choose.

And I choose to say

I love money. I absolutely LOVE money.

What do you choose?

Because you know, when you choose to love and honour money by seeing it as the incredible tool for transformation

And you choose to declare it

You’re mentally opening the door for more of it!

And more of it

In the hands of conscious creators like you

Will shift the world, but first – it will shift your own life, if you allow it.



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